11 Unique Kansas Residential Lease Agreement form | Agreement Ideas
11 Unique Kansas Residential Lease Agreement form | Agreement Ideas | kansas residential lease agreement form

11 Ugly Truth About Kansas Residential Lease Agreement Form | Kansas Residential Lease Agreement Form

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As barrio age they generally abound and improve while alteration buying and usage. An absorbing archetype of this is the circuitous two-story anatomy at 4021 N. 56th St., which was a barter and aeroplane accomplishment plant, stored B-17 parts, hosted a adjustment school, fabricated leak-proof gasoline tanks and ultimately congenital artificial and elastic automotive parts.

11 Unique Kansas Residential Lease Agreement form | Agreement Ideas - kansas residential lease agreement form
11 Unique Kansas Residential Lease Agreement form | Agreement Ideas – kansas residential lease agreement form | kansas residential lease agreement form

Arthur Grainger Hebb confused to Lincoln from Aurora about 1901, breadth he operated a Ford and Chase car and barter sales franchise. In 1916 Hebb congenital a bulb at 10th and Vine streets breadth he began bearing barter bodies for Ford chassis.

Less than a year afterwards he congenital the Hebb Motor Co., which congenital Patriot Trucks and opened a additional branch at 26th and X streets, again accustomed a business appointment at 1333 P St.

In 1917 the Woods Bros. Aggregation of Lincoln had affected the unsold lots and acreage of the Lancaster Acreage Co. at Havelock and set out to authorize a aloft accomplishment burghal about the accustomed Havelock Shops of the Burlington Railroad. To that end the Woods Brothers Aggregation offered Hebb a triangular armpit of about 15 acreage anchored on both the Rock Island and Burlington railroads on which they would body a new anatomy accumulation their three Lincoln facilities.

Construction of the 180,000 aboveboard bottom architectonics began in May of 1918 and was completed the afterward year aloof as arsonists destroyed the 26th and X building. Although Hebb initially projected architectonics automobiles as able-bodied as trucks, column Apple War I appeal did not materialize. Government affairs asleep while barter appeal plummeted as the acreage abridgement collapsed.

In an attack to restructure, the Hebb Motor Co. was affected by Patriot Motors Inc. with actually the aforementioned ownership, but aural a year the aggregation was broke and the bulb closed. The Woods brothers again bought the architectonics and branch at a sheriff’s auction for $110,000 and congenital the Woods Bros. Barter Co. which reestablished assembly of Patriot trucks in the aforementioned facility.

In 1926 Woods brothers bought the affairs for the Arrow Sport airplane, opened assembly in the Havelock architectonics and were anon successful. 1929 opened with 271 aircraft orders, at which point, architectonics four planes per day, they were advised “the better aircraft assembly ability in the world.”

The Woods Brothers Aggregation was acute abundant to apprehend that with the Great Abasement few of the orders on duke would be honored. Assembly was cut to a basal akin and in adjustment to absorb key employees, a adjustment academy was established. As the abasement eased absorption was angry to establishing a abundant beneath big-ticket aeroplane centered about a $57 Ford V-8 automotive engine. Back the U. S. Bureau of Commerce accustomed the design, assembly of the Arrow Sport F commenced immediately.

About 1939 Arrow Aircraft apprenticed with Boeing to accumulation genitalia to their Washington accompaniment plant. Back Boeing reneged over accession accident concerns, an affair ensued with Arrow’s East Coast costs for all-important expansion. The aftereffect was default, consistent in the shuttering of the Havelock bulb and accession sheriff’s auction March 24, 1940.

After sitting empty, Goodyear Elastic Aggregation busy the ability in December of 1940 to accomplish elastic leak-proof aeroplane gasoline tanks and abundance B-17 parts. Assembly soared during Apple War II to the point breadth genitalia accumulator was confused to the accompaniment fairgrounds. In August of 1945, with the end of wartime contracts, 750 advisers were laid off, but Goodyear adopted to abide its charter and afterwards that year purchased the ability for $125,000.

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Residential Fixed Term Or Month To Month Lease Agreement | Landlord .. | kansas residential lease agreement form

In adjustment to animate Goodyear’s connected presence, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce purchased about 17 acreage adjoining to the Havelock bulb for their -to-be expansion. In 1950 or 1951 Goodyear congenital a 162,000 aboveboard bottom addition, added a ample parking lot and dredged a baby basin with a barbecue berth to the south on the Chamber’s donated land.

In 1975, 56th Artery was alone to the arctic acceptance amplification to the arctic and east of the aboriginal building. Goodyear’s engineered articles analysis awash to Veyance in 2007, which was purchased by Continental AG/Continental ContiTech in 2015. One wonders how abounding of the several hundred advisers still alive in the Arctic 56th Artery architectonics apperceive of its history in barter and aircraft assembly or alike back there was a Rock Island Railroad activation clue to its dock.

Lincoln barrio that accept fabricated history

Built in 1922 as a alloyed use (commercial and apartment) building, the two-story brick and adhesive anatomy at 2406 J St. incorporates architectural elements accepted to aeon houses. The Lincoln architectural close of Fiske and Meginnis advised the architectonics to be accordant with the surrounding Lincoln residential neighborhood.

The Security Mutual Life Building, a 10-story architectonics at 1206 O St., is a different artefact of aboriginal 20th aeon businesses on 0 Street, Lincoln’s capital thoroughfare. Occupying the aloft armpit of the Burr block, the anatomy was essentially rebuilt and acclimatized into the present Security Mutual Life Architectonics in 1916. For over four decades the architectonics housed offices for the Security Mutual Life Insurance Co. It is now accepted as Centerstone and houses bartering and rental residential space.

The Christian Record Building, 3705 S. 48th St., is amid in the College View adjacency of Lincoln, a the campus of Abutment College. The two-story brick-and-limestone structure, erected in 1936, displays elements of the art deco style. It was advised and congenital by bounded artisan Felix A. Lorenz, a alum of Abutment College. The Christian Record Affiliation was founded in 1899 in Battle Creek, Michigan, with abutment from the Seventh-Day Adventist Accepted Conference. In 1900, the affiliation began publishing The Christian Record, the oldest continuously appear Braille journal in the United States. The affiliation afterwards relocated in Lincoln. The Christian Record Architectonics is the alone actual celebrated anatomy associated with the organization. 

The architectonics at 3800 S. 48th St. reflects the accompaniment of the art in architectonics and use for library barrio erected in abate communities during the aboriginal two decades of the 20th century. Advised in a simplified Neo-Classical Revival style, the library was complete in 1914 in the boondocks of College View (now a adjacency in southeast Lincoln) with funds from an Andrew Carnegie grant.

Constructed in 1926-1927, this 12-story appointment architectonics at 134 S. 13th St. is a able accurate anatomy advised in the Gothic Revival style. Its primary facades are faced in ablaze buff-colored brick with limestone and terra cotta trim, while the accessory abandon are sheathed mainly in red-orange brick.

The Aboriginal National Coffer Architectonics at 1001 O St., complete in 1910-11, is cogent for its affiliation with the Aboriginal National Bank, a banking academy that was affecting in the development of the burghal of Lincoln. The architectonics additionally has architectural acceptation as a adumbrative archetype complete in the Commercial-style.

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Kansas Residential Lease Agreement form Good Renters Application .. | kansas residential lease agreement form

The aloft bank, congenital about 1914 in the boondocks of Bethany (now a adjacency in northeast Lincoln), is a one-story brick architectonics at 1551 N. Cotner Blvd. with simple Neo-Classical Revival trim. It is the best abundant bartering architectonics actual from the aeon afore Bethany’s accession by Lincoln in 1926. The coffer was founded in 1904 with C. W. Fuller, a Bethany atom elevator owner, as president. The coffer bootless in 1930. The architectonics has back served assorted educational and bartering purposes.

William Gold, a built-in of New York, accustomed “The Peoples’ Store,” a bashful retail business, in 1902. The close was congenital in 1915 with William Gold as admiral and son Nathan as carnality admiral and was afterwards renamed “Gold and Company.” The architectonics at 1033 O St. is a battleground in Lincoln’s burghal business area. The oldest section, erected in 1924, is six belief aerial and displays Gothic Revival detailing. Additions were fabricated in 1929, 1947, and 1951 and allegorize the astounding advance accomplished by the store. In 1964 Gold and Aggregation alloyed with Omaha’s J.L. Brandeis and Sons, and the business was called “Brandeis, Gold’s Division” until 1980, back the abundance was closed. The architectonics has been alive for retail and appointment space.

The Nebraska Governor’s Mansion, 1425 H St., is cogent for the history of its architectonics and the angle that Nebraska and its bodies acclimatized a admirable architectonics committed to the abode of the state’s controlling officer, the governor. Prior to the architectonics of this building, governors had accustomed a allowance from the Legislature that paid for their alive expenses, or, afterwards 1899, lived in the governor’s abode that the Legislature purchased from its antecedent buyer at 14th and H in Lincoln, a the Accompaniment Capitol. 

Hayward School, 1215 N. Ninth St., was congenital in 1903-04, with additions completed in 1913 and 1925. Each architectonics appearance displays a audible appearance of accessible academy architecture. The aboriginal academy is at the centermost of the present anatomy and was advised by artisan James H. Craddock, with Backward Renaissance Revival detailing. The two additions affectation Neo-Classical and Georgian Revival elements and are the assignment of the Lincoln architectural firms of Davis and Berlinghof, and Fiske, Meginnis and Schaumberg respectively. Called for U.S. Sen. Monroe L. Hayward, the academy served the German Russian affiliation in the Arctic Bottoms breadth of Lincoln. It operated a appropriate affairs from November to May back the “beet acreage children” alternate from alive in the amoroso beet fields of western Nebraska.

The Auberge Capital at 139 N. 11th St. opened on May 19, 1926, and provided auberge accommodation in burghal Lincoln for added than four decades. In 1962, Bennett S. Martin purchased the auberge and donated it to the Lincoln YMCA. The 11-story brick architectonics is an outstanding artefact of the Georgian Revival appearance and is apparently the best actual archetype of an aboriginal 20th aeon auberge architectonics in Lincoln’s axial business district. The aerial floors of the architectonics accept been alive as rental residential units; lower levels still abode the YMCA offices.

The Lincoln Army Air Acreage Regimental Chapel at 4601 N.W. 48th St. was complete in May 1942. The architectonics is cogent for its affiliation with the Apple War II Lincoln Army Air Field. It is additionally cogent as a acceptable representation of architectonics technology acclimated in Apple War II.

The architectonics at 113 N. 11th St. in burghal Lincoln was complete in 1907-08 as the five-story Little Architectonics and again redesigned in 1936 for the Lincoln Liberty Life Insurance Co. by the architectural close of Meginnis and Schaumberg. The remodeling, which included the accession of a sixth floor, acclimatized the architectonics into a arresting Art Deco-style structure.

Designed by the Lincoln architectural close of Meginnis and Schaumberg, the Masonic Temple at 1635 L St. is an accomplished archetype of the abutment of art and architecture. A aseptic Art Deco appearance is apparent in the cubic absorption and geometric décor of the building. Locally acclaimed artisan Elizabeth Honor Dolan formed on the architectural appearance and anatomy of the building’s interior, creating a alternation of nine accompanying murals in the affair hall. The bas-relief carve aloft the capital access to the Masonic Temple was additionally based on a account by Dolan.

The A Artery Ability and Baptize Station, a flat-roofed anatomy of red brick with bean and brick trim, is an automated architectonics at 2901 A St. advised in the Neo-Classical Revival appearance by Fiske and Meginnis, a bounded affiliation abnormally alive in borough architectonics in the 1920s. In 1904, Lincoln voters accustomed a borough electric bulb to pump baptize and ablaze streets. It was amid a the able-bodied on A Street. In 1913 the burghal accustomed auction of ability to consumers, abundant accretion the kilowatt accommodation of the A Artery plant.

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Residential Lease Agreement – 11 Free Templates in PDF, Word, Excel .. | kansas residential lease agreement form

In the bounce of 1921 the burghal lath voted to body a new accumulated pumping base and powerhouse, with a abundant access in breeding capacity. The accepted architectonics was complete in 1921-22 afterwards the approval of band issues for baptize arrangement and borough lighting improvements. It has been alive as residential units.

Constructed in 1953, the Nebraska Accompaniment Historical Society building, 1500 R St., is cogent for its addition to the amusing and cultural history of Nebraska through the acquisition, attention and estimation of Nebraska’s cultural ancestry and through the administering of accessible action accompanying to these activities. The architectonics is additionally cogent as a acceptable archetype of the Avant-garde Movement appearance of architecture.

The three-story Nebraska Blast Co. bartering building, 128-130 S. 13th St., was advised in the Renaissance Revival appearance in 1894 by Thomas Rogers Kimball of the architectural close of Walker and Kimball. Occupied in 1896, it was apparently the aboriginal architectonics erected as a blast barter in Lincoln. Complete to sustain the endless of the blast accessories and to lath a modern, fire-resistant structure, the architectonics is an aboriginal artefact of the communications industry in eastern Nebraska.

The three-story Richardsonian Romanesque structure, 50th and St. Paul, was complete as the capital architectonics for the Nebraska Wesleyan University campus in 1887-88. It was advised by architects Gibbs and Parker of Kansas City. “Old Main” is a campus landmark, absorption the aboriginal history of the Lincoln-based university.

The Old University Library at 11th and R streets, complete 1891-95, is the oldest absolute architectonics on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s burghal campus. Advised by the architectural close of Mendelssohn, Fisher and Lawrie of Omaha, the two-and-one-half-story brick architectonics incorporates Richardsonian Romanesque administration in its design. The library has been acclimatized to a array of educational functions. 

The Palisade, 1035 S. 17th St., and Regent Apartments, 1626 D St., are cogent as adumbrative examples of ample and adorned apartments congenital at the end of Lincoln’s additional celebrated accommodation “boom,” which occurred during the 1920s. The barrio are additionally cogent for their use of a abundantly textured, irised terra cotta block, which was a attenuate architectonics actual in Lincoln, acclimated alone in 1928 and 1929, which corresponds with the buildings’ architectonics dates.

The actuality of a red-light commune of Lincoln is one that is generally ignored, with alone basal accurate debris remaining, the Rose Kirkwood Brothel actuality the key accurate remnant. Back the Peoples Burghal Mission opened in 1910, Lincoln’s best arrant brothel acclimatized into a abode of charity, sealing the annihilation of Lincoln’s red-light district.

As a brothel, the architectonics embodies the adulterous political and amusing ethics of the aboriginal 1900s, while as the Peoples Burghal Mission, it symizes Lincoln’s accomplishment to advance amusing abundance by confined the poor and immigrant community. As one architectonics confined both ends of the moral spectrum — carnality and alms — the Rose Kirkwood Brothel architectonics represents a key transformation in Lincoln’s amusing history.

The Admiral and Ambassador Apartments, 1330 and 1340 Lincoln Mall, are a brace of five-story, flat-roofed accommodation buildings. They were complete in 1928-29 of able accurate with red brick appearance and limestone trim. They are outstanding examples of the final date of celebrated accommodation architectonics in Lincoln. They are actual acutely sited adjoining to the Accompaniment Capitol and acquire a aerial amount of integrity.

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Downloadable Residential Lease Agreement New Download Kansas .. | kansas residential lease agreement form

The Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Abbey and its parsonage, 1225 S. Ninth St., are cogent for their affiliation with African-American indigenous history in the city, as the continuing home of the aboriginal African-American abbey accustomed in Lincoln and for the church’s broad-based addition to the community.

The Lincoln depot, 1944 O St., is one of Nebraska’s finest actual 19th aeon railroad depots and an accomplished archetype of the Chateauesque style. Few exoteric alterations accept occurred back the depot’s architectonics in 1892-93. The architectonics has been acclimatized for bartering uses in contempo years.

When St. Charles Apartments, 4717 Baldwin Ave., was congenital in 1923-24, University Abode was an congenital boondocks with a citizenry of about 5,000. Universitv Abode was annexed by Lincoln in 1926. St. Charles was advised to lath 16 abode units and was the aboriginal brick accommodation abode congenital in University Abode and the alone one erected afore annexation. The building, which incorporates Neo-Classical Revival motifs, was complete by William Henry Seng, a aloft artisan in the University Abode breadth during the 1920s and 1930s.

Lincoln’s Scottish Rite Temple, 332 Centennial Mall South, is a able concrete, Neo-Classical Revival-style architectonics sheathed in Indiana limestone. The temple’s best arresting affection is a colossal adjustment of 10 Roman Doric columns on the advanced facade. On April 6, 1916, Lincoln’s Delta Lodge of Perfection No. 4 voted to body a new Scottish Rite Temple. The architectonics was advised by Ellery L. Davis, Lincoln’s arch artisan in the aboriginal bisected of the 20th century. When the temple was constructed, there were 17 Masonic organizations in the city.

The Sheldon Architectonics of Art is amid on the burghal campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Burghal Campus at 12th and R streets. Sheldon was advised and congenital for the accurate use as a architectonics of art and associated carve garden to abode the added than 12,000 works of American art and carve accomplished through the University of Nebraska art accumulating as able-bodied as the accumulating of the Sheldon Art Association, aforetime accepted as the Hayden Art Club, founded in 1888.

Sheldon is a assignment of adept artisan Philip Johnson and reflects the era of Avant-garde architectonics with New Formalism styling.

The Accompaniment Arsenal, congenital in 1913 at 17th and Court streets, was the aboriginal abiding ability provided by the Nebraska Legislature for abutment of the Nebraska National Guard, almsman to the Nebraska Volunteer Militia. The two-story, ellipsoidal concrete-and-brick architectonics was acclimated by the bouncer as a barn until 1963, back it was transferred to the accompaniment fair board. Today the architectonics serves as a museum.

The Capitol, 1445 K St., was complete in 1922-32 and was advised by Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, one of America’s foremost architects. The anatomy acquired through an busy antagonism that was broadly publicized in journals and newspapers. Goodhue’s architectonics congenital a 400-foot belfry as the aloft architectural feature, bearing a avant-garde skyscraper. The architectonics is affluent in adorning art and apologue and demonstrates the abilities of sculptor Lee Lawrie and Hartley Burr Alexander, a assistant of aesthetics at the University of Nebraska. The Capitol is internationally accustomed as a architectonics of outstanding architectural distinction.

The Stuart Architectonics is amid in burghal Lincoln at 13th and P streets. This architecturally cogent architectonics was advised in a amalgam Art Deco-Gothic Revival appearance by the arch architectural close of the period, Davis and Wilson. Completed in 1929, the Stuart was one of Lincoln’s best celebrated multipurpose appointment barrio of its time.

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Kansas Residential Lease Agreement form Useful Free Kansas Mercial .. | kansas residential lease agreement form

The Temple, 20th and South streets, exemplifies the aboriginal 20th aeon all-embracing architectonics of temple architectonics types and incorporates Byzantine and Moorish architectonics elements in its beautification and accepted massing. The ample brick structure, advised by Lincoln architects Davis and Wilson and congenital in 1923-24, appearance a arresting axial octagonally-shaped arch that rises aloft the roof line. It continues in use as a synagogue.

The 10-story able accurate appointment building, 947 O St., is sheathed in white-glazed adobe on the arch facades aloft the storefront level, while the actual facades are faced with brick. The architectonics was planned in 1915 and erected in 1916 as address for the Lincoln Traction Company. The Lincoln Traction Company, formed in 1897 as a about-face of the Lincoln Artery Railway Company, was the aloft artery railway aggregation in the burghal from 1909 until the end of streetcar account in 1943. Advised by artisan Paul V. Hyland of Chicago, the Terminal Architectonics is the city’s best archetype of a Commercial-style appointment building.

Three buildings, Barr Terrace, Lyman Terrace, and Helmer-Winnett-White Flats, on 11th Street, H and K streets, are the alone actual 19th-century terrace or row houses in Lincoln. The aloft aeon of absorption in the terrace abode as a architectonics blazon occurred in the burghal in the backward 1880s and 1890s. Row houses were about congenital by individuals gluttonous a best cardinal of rents per acreage unit.

The aloft Tifereth Israel Synagogue, 344 S. 18th St., is a accomplished archetype of Neo-Classicism as acclimated in small-scaled abbey architectonics in the aboriginal 20th century. Amid in Lincoln, the architectonics is calmly apparent as a Jewish abode of adoration by the arresting Star of David on the advanced facade. The Tifereth Israel Abbey was committed on May 25, 1913, and served the Orthodox Jewish aggregation until the backward 1950s, back a new abbey was built.

The architectonics at 920 O St. was complete in 1874-79 accumulation Gothic Revival and French Additional Empire-style elements in its design. Originally advised by Alfred Mullett, authoritative artisan of the United States Treasury, the architectonics was redesigned by William Potter, who replaced Mullett in 1875. The limestone anatomy is one of burghal Lincoln’s oldest barrio and conceivably its finest actual archetype of 19th aeon architecture. Originally congenital as Lincoln’s United States Column Appointment and Courthouse, the architectonics afterwards served as the Burghal Hall. In 1978, apology began, and the architectonics is now actuality acclimated by borough groups.

The Veith Building, 816 P St., is one of the oldest bartering barrio in Lincoln and is an outstanding archetype of backward 19th aeon bartering architecture. Complete in 1884 as a grocery by the Veith family, it appearance accomplished casting adamant and apprenticed metal detailing.

The Woods Brothers Companies, which were formed in 1889 by Mark, George and Frank Woods, played a aloft role in the absolute acreage development of the city. Abounding of the aboriginal Lincoln neighborhoods, including Lincolnshire, were platted, developed and awash by the Woods Brothers Companies.

Designed in 1914 by the Woods Brothers Architectonics Co. and completed in 1916, the architectonics at 132 S. 13th St. incorporates Neo-Classical Revival elements. It was the home appointment of the Woods Brothers Companies until 1939.

The Young Women’s Christian Affiliation of Lincoln was organized in 1886, congenital beneath Nebraska law in 1893 and accountant as a affiliate of the YWCA National Lath in 1897. The Georgian Revival architectonics at 1432 N St. was completed in 1932 on the armpit of the aboriginal facility. The three-story, H-shaped architectonics is brick with limestone trim and was advised by the Lincoln architectural close of Meginnis and Schaumberg.

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Free Kansas Association of Realtors Residential Lease Agreement .. | kansas residential lease agreement form

Historian Jim McKee, who still writes with a bubbler pen, invites comments or questions. Write to him in affliction of the Journal Star or at [email protected] 

11 Ugly Truth About Kansas Residential Lease Agreement Form | Kansas Residential Lease Agreement Form – kansas residential lease agreement form
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