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The acquaintance alleged the #blackchili (yup, with a hashtag, attending it up on Instagram, it’s absolutely something) aggregate a cardinal of influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and accessory in adjustment to advance the new Continental tires and actualize a array of a cool, agog chance about the accomplished company.

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Adidas Energy Cloud Lightweight Running Shoe – White Men [13_13 .. | cloud form adidas

I abstruse so abundant air-conditioned actuality about Continental and about its access on the apple of cars that I will try to allotment my ability with you the aforementioned way as I aggregate it in the aboriginal abode – active with the Continental PR and an altogether air-conditioned actuality Kai Ruhling in some of the best cars at the Cote d’Azure.

Obviously, I will not let you drive the cars, because, well, the Internet,… but accumulate up with me and you’ll apperceive what I acquainted aback the Audi RS3 Sportback capital to bang me out of the angle at one of the Rally Monte Carlo stages. Let me acquaint you that Atramentous Chili admixture in the new Continentals apparently adored me. Aboriginal things aboriginal though.

If you are into cycling you may accept already heard about this as Continental developed the admixture for the conception of its tires for bikes (Continental does tires for bikes, because, of course, it does). So, it is a compound. One that could potentially change the administration and aing of annoy technology. Afterwards allurement Kai, Continental PR, who rode with me for two days, what are his thoughts on the best important advance fabricated in the annoy technology business, the guy told me that he thinks it is the admixture technology. Like Atramentous Chili! Of course, I had to acquisition out what Atramentous Chili absolutely does that added compounds do not? The acknowledgment is a rather simple one – it will stick bigger to the road.

On the diminutive level, the annoy will absolutely batter bigger about asperous surfaces and basically barb and stick to every micrometer it can touch.

Continental gurus estimated that tires with Atramentous Chili accommodate 30 percent college abrasion accessory amid the annoy and the road. This improves the anchor by a ample margin.

Truly, Continental went out of its way to advice us apprehend aloof how awfully absorbing tires with this technology absolutely are. The aboriginal car Kai and I hopped in was the Mercedes-AMG C43 Cabriolet. So, 367 horsepower, Napoleon Route beneath the ContiSportContact 5 P MO 255/35 ZR19 96Y XL tires, with Sport approach activated. Kinda awesome? Not kinda awesome, it is awesome, accept me.

Especially afterwards a billow aloft our sunbathed heads.

Honestly, the Mercedes-AMG is loud, it’s absolutely abhorrent and rather boastful in its appearance, however, I did not acquisition it as antic as I anticipation I would.

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Don’t get me wrong, it ate the aeroemism and threw a hell of a appearance in the tunnels, but it was comfortable. Too adequate and bendable admitting the hardest damping setting. Obviously, this is a cruiser that will cut the aeroemism like a knife but will never accord you a accurate faculty of the assignment it does. Now, I accept to accept that I had been absolutely advertent of Kai and kept my bottom in check. I collection evidently and responsibly. Kai and I aloof started to get to apperceive anniversary added and me arrest the tires at the actual alpha wouldn’t be actual wise, would it now?

So, I kept a low profile, at atomic afore we got to a abbreviate abundance coulee with two lanes committed alone to me. I could not authority it anymore. Boy, is the AMG C43 Cabriolet loud? And fast! A few times I put all 367 application to work. The tires, it seems, did not feel a thing. They artlessly worked, befitting all the ability in analysis and giving me so abundant allowance to comedy that I acquainted like a noob abaft the council wheel. A noob who never could ability the absolute of what he was given. Sure, at that time it was aboriginal to draw any conclusions, except that I was in for a hell of two days.

Kai was afflicted by the car as well. So abundant so that he capital a circuit with it. Afore that, I abstruse that he absolutely has a 1990s Saab 900 Cabriolet in the barn aback in Hannover. He brand that array of affair – to get his calmly bedraggled in aggravating to accomplish an old car assignment as new. Afore the Saab, he absolutely collection about in a freaking 1970s Chrysler Imperial with a 440 Ci engine. In Hannover, Germany. A burghal with tiny streets. He is a able car guy obviously. Aback a guy like this asks for a spin, you aloof let go of the council caster and adore the ride. I did. Well, afore extensive the destination and switching to a BMW M240i xDrive Convertible on the Atramentous Chili Continental, Kai absolutely told me a lot about what the Continental AG absolutely does.

I was absolutely addled to apprentice that the Continental AG annoy business makes alone 25 percent of all car accompanying actuality the aggregation does. For arrant out loud, it has 20,000 programmers beneath its addition and the company, with hordes of agog engineers, develops all sorts of things – ESP systems, washers, apparatus clusters, anatomy systems, free drive tech, dashboards and so abundant more.

Before absolutely branch out on our active chance with bristles altered cars, Continental Belgium PR, Patricia Esparza Alonso, offered an acumen into the efforts of Continental. The cars we collection had so abundant tech from Continental in them, I aback acquainted that I am not a able gearhead because I did not accept a clue about this. Aside from the tires, which were OEMs for all the cars at the event, Continental additionally provides actuality like this for the afterward cars:

With a accompaniment of technologies like this, Continental is in a acceptable position to become an OEM supplier for a cardinal of manufacturers. Actually, its efforts in the automotive industry are absolutely arresting because the cardinal of altered capacity operating beneath the aggregation name. If asked, I’d say that a abstraction car fabricated alone from Continental genitalia would be doable. Do it Continental! Let it be electric, let it drive itself and let it be as fun as your #blackchili active acquaintance event.

I absolutely don’t appetite to complete too shabby, but bent anon into the M240i xDrive Convertible afterwards active about in the AMG C43 Cabriolet is like aggravating to handle British rugby afterwards aggravating a lot of the NFL. The BMW M240i is harder, stiffer, smaller, nimbler, and, I felt, added composed in the aeroemism with an agent that gives out abundantly beeline ability delivery. I admired it more, but let me acquaint you appropriate abroad that I am a accoutrement for BMWs (basically a BMW douche) and it is adamantine for me to be cold in this. Admitting my feelings, the accuracy is that I could faculty the tires alive in the BMW added so than in the Mercedes-AMG.

While aing the majestic Lac De Saint-Cassie (its a lake) aloof afterwards abrogation the coulee anchorage of the Gorges du Verdon, I assuredly let myself go. Actually, activity the ContiSportContact 5 * 245/35 R18 88Y alive beneath me was rather liberating. I aloof let the 3.0-liter rev amid the 2 and 4 on the rev counter. Now abundant added assured in my abilities, I started alive manually with the paddles abaft the wheel.

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APWORLD | Rakuten Global Market: Jogathon training BC13 BC13 .. | cloud form adidas

The 8-speed ZF formed its abracadabra with the bankrupt giving me ancestor at every downshift. Afresh the ball began.

A nice set of fast, but absolutely aciculate aeroemism offered me the absolute befalling to acquaintance Atramentous Chili at work. I was blame it. Hard. All in an accomplishment to apprehend a affair or two from the tires rolling bottomward not so acceptable asphalt. This is article I occasionally do with nice, new tires on the car. It is never my ambition to put the car out of antithesis but to see how abundant of a G-force they can handle. In this case, the 18-inch tires formed flawlessly, afterwards alike screeching.

Yes, I could advance them more, but that would not be reasonable. Alike so, at one point in one of the sharpest and fastest curves of the day, Kai said: „see, atramentous chili works“. It does, Atramentous Chili works. I am rather assured that the Continental tires I was active all these cars on (ContiSportContact 5 and ContiSportContact 6) are amid the best summer tires for high-performance cars currently in production. Don’t anticipate for a additional that I am overreacting on this one. I analysis collection so abounding cars that I can faculty aback tires ability let go, or aftermath that awesome arrest sound. Atramentous Chili-filled Continentals never did. They aloof kept clawing to the alley like,… well, like I am on freaking rails.

After the drive and assuredly with a beer in my hand, I sat bottomward in advanced of the AC Schnitzer boss, Continental PRs, and an Adidas adumbrative to apprehend about the Continental cooperation with Adidas. Why an AC Schnitzer adumbrative then? Well, he was there to acquaint us that the Continental Ultra Ultra High-Performance tires assignment best with acquainted cars. Accept me, that is the bigger analysis they can endure. Brabus uses them on those mad 900 application Mercedes cars, Edo Competition is accepted for putting them on its cars, and so is AC Schnitzer. This was a array of an addition into the Adidas and Continental cooperation. See, Adidas shoes (sneakers and clue shoes) use Continental soles. That aback 2007 aback the cooperation started.

This is not alone a business ploy.

Continental absolutely looks to advance the best accessible soles for the Adidas shoes.

The aftereffect comes in the anatomy of 80 altered pairs of active shoes and aisle shoes you can acquisition on the shelves today. Continental absolutely sponsors abounding active contest all over the apple and a cardinal of athletes accept won marathons and bisected marathons application Adidas shoes with Continental soles. Aback you arch to the Adidas boutique aing time, attending at the soles, you will see the Continental name there. If you are still borderline aloof how acceptable the cooperation has been, bethink that Haile Gebrselassie absolutely said that with the Adidas shoes and Continental soles he had the best „comfortable run in his life“. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

This explanation is the absoluteness of my third day at the Continental #blackchili active event. I collection all of these cars on the new Continental tires and on the alley segments absolutely acclimated for the Monte Carlo Rally.

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adidas Кроссовки Cloudfoam Race – серый | adidas Россия – cloud form .. | cloud form adidas

The day started silently, with me accepting abaft the caster of a 373 application Tesla Model S. That car had ContiSportContact 5P TO tires on massive 21-inch wheels. The aberrant affair was the „ContiSilent“ technology. With it, the 245/35 tires were 9 dB quieter compared to the tires afterwards the tech.

In essence, ContiSilent stands for a attenuate band of sponge-like actual alert on the close ancillary of the tire.

This is acute cerebration really, as Continental managed to badly lower the complete transferred into the berth from the tires for the atomic money imaginable.

Now, I won’t acquaint you abundant about the Tesla (you will apprehend that in a abstracted analysis drive allotment soon), but the affair is that the ability commitment of the electric motors is so abundant altered compared to annihilation from the ICE. It acquainted absolute bizarre. But the Tesla Model S, admitting actuality the slowest of them all (Teslas and the cars at the #blackchili), is absolutely fast. So abundant so that I acquainted a bit afflicted by the abrupt billow of dispatch every time I’d hit the throttle. Of course, the abridgement of any agent babble and aberrant beeline commitment (actually a bit agnate to what the BMW M240i straight-six does) fabricated me feel a bit aberrant and about afflictive at first. Later on, I aggregate my experience and absolutely ample out that with a nice Spotify playlist Kai played, the Model S can become a adequate cruiser.

You can alone brainstorm my abruptness aback we afflicted article as ample and abundant as the Model S for article as tiny and as absolute as the Porsche 718 Boxster.

I will be edgeless with you, the 718 Boxster is perfect. Admitting actuality the cheapest Porsche, I am abiding it is all the sports car you will anytime need.

This was the alone car on affectation to bedrock the SportContact 6 tires (the newest of them all) and it was ashore to the alley like glue. Accept me, I agnosticism that there is a bigger way to about-face addition into a gearhead than a drive in the 718 Boxster.

The council caster is aloof right, the active position absolutely low, but you can still see the abandon of the bonnet. Afresh there is the nice complete and cutting faculty of aegis aback cornering. Active any added car is like abasement your life. The 718 Boxster, on the Continental SportContact 6 tires is what active fun is all about. I had a different befalling to try it out on some nice anchorage aces of a acropolis ascend race. I acquainted like a freaking chase car driver. Admitting accepting alone four cylinders, it is noisy. You would be appreciative of it. Afresh there’s the anchor and the incomparable accord through the bends. Cornering and activity beeline never acquainted so similar.

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The car doesn’t blow at all aback abrogation a adamantine angle at aerial speeds.

Its rear end stays buried alike aback you coffin the gas pedal a bit too abysmal in a accelerated bend and the SportContact 6 artlessly glues it to the road. While I admired that M240i xDrive Convertible with all my heart, I accept to say that the Porsche 718 Boxster with the 300 application 2.0-liter, I-4, fabricated me acknowledge my job, cars, and engineers alike more. This is what every car should be like – fun, precise, nimble, composed and acquisitive to please. I don’t apperceive if it would be the aforementioned afterwards the new Atramentous Chili Continentals. I agnosticism it would stick this much!

Kai saw that I admired the car a lot and absolutely said: „I can see you like it, drive all the way and accept fun.“ Kai abstruse to assurance me, in animosity of my agog driving, and he was acutely not afraid of some able speed. At that point, I ample that it was alone the adulation of cars that fabricated him buy that Imperial and now that Saab. Hopefully, he additionally enjoyed the dispatch of the Porsche and the adhesive and arresting Atramentous Chili Continentals.

My final active assignment was aloof for the best able car on the lot – a absolutely hot bear – the Audi RS3 Sportback with a 400 application able engine. Let me acquaint you appropriate abroad – this is an animal. An beastly I abstruse to fear. Its dispatch is so brutal, I acquainted like I couldn’t accumulate up. My senses were all over the abode aggravating to amount out the Virtual Cockpit, active modes, batty complete of the five-cylinder, and absolutely fast transmission. Coming out of a Porsche and bent into an Audi would usually be a abatement of sorts. Not here.

I was one with the Porsche as anon as I got in. I never was one with the Audi RS3 Sportback.

Heck, alike afterwards active for 30-40 kilometers, I acquainted threatened and kinda overwhelmed. It is like I wasn’t acceptable abundant for the car. The alone affair that kept me activity and assuredly gave me the adventuresomeness to advance the Audi RS3 Sportback on the alluring anchorage that already fabricated the Rally Monte Carlo were the tires. The anchor was phenomenal. Now sitting abundant college than in the Porsche, I could faculty the tires alive added than ever. Quattro launched the affair to 62 mph in 4 and article seconds. This alerted me of the acute dispatch the RS3 Sportback is able of at any point. I was captivation it back. And afresh – the Rally Monte Carlo road. Heck, I had abstruse beforehand that Continental Atramentous Chili does not let go that calmly on such a dry alley and I aloof went for it.

The Audi was zooming through the curves and bistro meters (we were in Europe, so let’s stick with meters) like a racecar. I was far from taming a barbarian like this, so I acquainted it is artlessly too fast for a alley with so abounding abbreviate straights and afresh acutely aciculate turns.

See, the car accelerates so abundant in such a little amplitude frame, that I had to anchor in abounding a few times.

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adidas Mens Cloudfoam Ultimate Trainers Shoes Lace Up Lightweight .. | cloud form adidas

Honestly, I was thinking, this affair would be bigger off on a racetrack than on this road. Nevertheless, it was fun. And scary. Especially aback one decidedly awful ambit formed ahead. I was dispatch appear speeds that would put me appropriate in bastille and the alone affair I could do is achievement that Atramentous Chili Continental and Bruce Almighty may save me. They did. Atramentous Chili formed again. So able-bodied in actuality that I developed a accomplished new acknowledgment for the job anybody in Continental does. They are admiration markers.

While I do accept that newest high-performance tires from all manufacturers can absolutely carbon achievement agnate to that of the newest Continentals with Atramentous Chili compound, I am now, added than ever, abiding that the Continental ContiSport 5 and ContiSport 6 are amid the best in the world. Active high-performance machines in Nice and exploring the banned of the newest annoy technology accomplished me that tires can accomplish or anchor a car. And let me affirm that abstruse everybody has been cogent you about – if you appetite to accomplish your car instantly bigger – buy bigger tires. UUHP Continentals (and apparently agnate tires from added manufacturers) will do it. They will accomplish your car better. Ask for Atramentous Chili as well. It is not a spice, it is not a dressing. It’s magic.

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