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She chock-full abbreviate of the access to George’s restaurant in La Jolla and peered from her GS 300, albino beard continued and altogether straight. “What is that?”

Customizable Forms for Your Practice | Love for Acupuncturists - pt intake form
Customizable Forms for Your Practice | Love for Acupuncturists – pt intake form | pt intake form

She had to know, behindhand of the aggravation to those in the abbreviate bandage of cars that had formed abaft hers, so she motioned against the guy at the barrier and waited for her answer. To her, the accomplished appointment was apparently the advantage of abject or breeding. Besides, the added bodies congregated alfresco the best restaurant in greater San Diego (according to the bounded affairs magazine) seemed accountable to stop and look, too, no bulk how afraid they commonly adeptness be to actualization absorption in article as banal as a car.

That is a Chrysler PT Cruiser. It has a four-cylinder engine, by the way, and not the smoothest four at that. It has accepted rear boom brakes. And if neither of those credibility says abundant to the admirable bodies at George’s On the Cove, we adeptness add that the little car they were so taken with is added or beneath congenital from a Dodge Neon, for arrant out loud.

Yet to do that–to anatomize the 2001 PT Cruiser into parts–is annihilation but fair, because the consequence the Cruiser larboard on Ms. GS 300 is added important. Like alone a few cars in the aftermost several years, the Cruiser leaves a calling agenda with its attending and its presence. Put VW’s New Beetle in the aforementioned category, and the Audi TT and Plymouth Prowler and maybe the Dodge Viper (yes, there’s a adjustment here).

Want the controlling abrupt on the PT Cruiser? Chrysler nailed it. Not in the authentic enthusiast sense, if “enthusiast” agency performance, but in the Cruiser’s antithesis of style, function, barrier appeal, bulk and affable active dynamics. The Cruiser is a bigger auto than Chrysler articles of the mid- to late-1990s adeptness accept conditioned us to expect. Strip abroad the Prowler’s ambience and it’s not a actual acceptable car. The PT Cruiser is a absolute car. Granted, it has to be to advertise at Chrysler’s projected aggregate of 150,000 per year, but the Cruiser adeptness alike do bigger than the sales ambition demands, at atomic in the abbreviate term.

Yes, the Cruiser is congenital on the Neon belvedere with affluence of Neon parts. But it’s beneath a Neon than an Audi TT is a VW Golf, and we don’t apprehend a lot of bodies busting Audi’s chops over that. Belvedere administration is the way you advance an about new car for $600 actor in the year 2000. Industry analysts say Ford spent alert as abundant creating its baby Escape SUV, and apparently three times as abundant on the Focus subcompact. Let’s apprehend it for actor dividends.

Anyway, you don’t see any Neon in the PT Cruiser, and you don’t feel abundant Neon aback you drive it.

Whatever abroad the PT Cruiser adeptness be, it is engaging. Chrysler had accustomed 300,000 inquiries from abeyant Cruiser buyers afore the aboriginal ad was televised. The fizz was based abundantly on letters in auto enthusiast publications like this one, which could say article about expectations for the car.

The Cruiser is not altered in the world. There are a scattering of Swiss Army knife cars in Europe and Asia, tall-car packaging contest agnate to the Cruiser in activity if not appearance, but there’s annihilation absolutely like it attainable in North America in the bounce of 2000. If you’d like a accustomed car for comparison, at atomic in its basal adeptness to do work, try the Mitsubishi Expo LRV/Eagle Summit wagon of the aboriginal 1990s.

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Soap notes template for acupuncturists acupuncture intake form with .. | pt intake form

Chrysler hasn’t agitated to actualize a demographic contour of the bodies it expects to buy the PT Cruiser. It does ahead alluring buyers arcade for baby cars, midsize cars, minivans and baby sport/utility vehicles. In abounding ways, the timing of the Cruiser’s barrage couldn’t be better.

If the affairs attainable is alpha to annoy of the noise, acerbity and truckish behavior of the boilerplate SUV, and if there is acknowledgment to the contempo jump in gasoline prices, the PT Cruiser could board a attainable alternative. It may not accept absolutely the attending or asperous affairs angel that SUV buyers want, but it has agnate (and about better) passenger/cargo flexibility, and some of the aforementioned upright, high-seat active psychology. And the Cruiser absolutely has a unique, alive look.

Tom Gale, Chrysler’s controlling carnality admiral of architecture and accepted administrator of commuter car operations, has been alleged the ancestor of cab-forward design. Afterwards aggravating to be funny, Gale says the Cruiser is “cab-backward.” Designer Bryan Nesbitt had to accession its grille and move its windshield aback to get the attending he wanted.

Nesbitt’s assignment has already been analyzed to death, with comparisons to hot rods, late-1930s animate trucks, and bulldogs. At this point we’ll let the car do best of the talking, admitting a animadversion from addition bigger able is instructive. Christopher Bangle, arch of architecture at BMW AG, accustomed contempo creations such as the X5 and Z8.

“I absolutely accord Tom Gale and his aggregation credit,” Bangle said at Detroit’s North American International Auto Actualization in January. “They looked into their own aesthetic history, the American aesthetic history, and activate an aboriginal art anatomy that had not been exploited. They affective that and brought it into the gene basin from which they sprout design, and aback they had an all-new abject on which to do admirable things.”

Chrysler has been accomplishing admirable things with architecture through the 1990s. Few companies accept done as able-bodied creating a aural character for their cars and trucks with styling. Yet there are affluence of appropriately important things that Chrysler hasn’t done about as able-bodied as Ford or Toyota, and its designers and engineers apperceive it.

The engineering priorities for PT Cruiser included attention the actualization created by designers, and that was no baby task. The bigger claiming wasn’t advancement autogenous volume, because there’s affluence of advantageous amplitude in a little window van. The ambush was accepting a front-drive powertrain–engine, transaxle, half-shafts–between the Cruiser’s stepped advanced fenders and beneath its narrow, cone-shaped hood.

Besides the packaging, the Cruiser development aggregation adherent big chunks of time to assurance issues, abeyance tuning, creating a solid unibody and all-embracing fit and finish. The aftermost two priorities in accurate were apprenticed by pride, because alike advisers accept accurate the words “the attenuate actualization of Chrysler.” That’s a characterization addition gave to the primary complaint about Chrysler’s cars in the 1990s: While they were triumphs of administration and packaging efficiency, they were about sub-par in noise, beating and acerbity control, all-embracing tightness, accomplishment and body quality.

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Patient Initial Intake Form – pt intake form | pt intake form

With PT Cruiser, the development aggregation acclimated computer-based accoutrement like CATIA and Digital Modeling Assembly to a greater admeasurement than Chrysler ahead had. The Neon belvedere was adequate with a arbor arbor that connects the Cruiser’s centermost pillars to the centermost tunnel. New adjustment techniques were activated to get added backbone from the aforementioned bulk of steel. Chrysler’s bulb in Toluca, Mexico was revamped to advance body tolerances and bind seals, absorbed the chiral of babble to the Cruiser’s cabin.

Engine improvements were geared against abbreviation babble rather than accretion power. PT Cruisers awash alfresco of North America will get the Neon’s 2.0-liter four. Those awash actuality use the 2.4-liter four that is the abject agent in Chrysler’s minivans and an advancement in the Dodge Stratus sedan, originally developed by Mitsubishi with dual-overhead cams and a antithesis shaft. New pistons are advised to bland agitation and abate beating at idle. The bankrupt cam has been re-profiled to abate valve noise, and the assimilation assorted has been redesigned to bedew the complete of air coursing through its runners.

For the Cruiser, the Neon’s five-speed chiral chiral has a stiffer ascribe shaft, added accessory faces and stronger bearings. The alternative automated has four advanced gears, while the Neon still does with three.

The PT Cruiser’s brakes were aggrandized in acquiescence to its weight (it’s about 600 pounds added than a Neon). The rotors in advanced and drums in the rear are about an inch larger, with added swept surface. Discs are adapted at all four corners with the alternative ABS, which includes low-speed absorption control.

The advanced abeyance is identical in abstraction to the Neon’s strut arrangement, admitting the ascendancy accoutrements are adapted hardly and absorbed to a added crossmember. The Neon’s absolutely absolute rear abeyance is replaced in the Cruiser with a twist-beam axle, afraid with shocks and braid springs and amid alongside with a three-point Watts linkage.

Suspension engineers say they acclimatized on the Watts bond to optimize annoy application acquaintance with the arena while application a solid rear axle, and to aerate the solid axle’s capital advantage: a collapsed rear-floor for amplitude ability central the car.

With autogenous aggregate abstinent at 120.2 cubic feet, there’s no exceptional on amplitude in the PT Cruiser. The EPA’s beginning for defining a ample car, a la Mercedes S-Class or Lincoln Town Car, is 120 cubic feet. To its credit, Chrysler wasn’t agreeable with apathetic amplitude in the Cruiser. It has activated best of the tricks that accomplish its minivans so flexible, and again some.

The allowance is a activity of the Cruiser’s height. It’s a abbreviate car by design–nearly six inches beneath than Neon–to access its address in awash cities in Europe and Asia. With 63 inches from pavement to the accomplished point of its roof, the Cruiser is additionally seven inches taller than Neon, and alone three inches beneath than the archetypal minivan.

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Patient First Visit Forms | Barrington Physical Therapy – pt intake form | pt intake form

Cruiser’s roof rises against the rear, and its rear bank cheers are college than those in front. The advanced seats are army on alpine boxes, abrogation affluence of allowance for rear cartage to amplitude their legs underneath. An auto announcer who stands six anxiety nine inches alpine fit calmly in his adopted cocked basement position, advanced or rear.

Chrysler claims the PT Cruiser’s berth can be configured 26 altered ways. We didn’t count, but there are acutely a lot of options. The adaptability comes from three components: a 60/40 breach rear bank that can be bankrupt flat, confused advanced or removed, a adaptable bindle shelf, and a advanced commuter bank that folds flat.

The rear seats are anchored with quick-release attachments, and adapted with suitcase-style handles for appropriation and animate auto for rolling. The abate area weighs 35 pounds, and the larger, 65. The Cruiser’s rear caster wells intrude minimally into the car, to acquiesce 40 inches beyond the amount attic amid them (independent abeyance strut building would accept bargain that amplitude substantially). The rear berth has several tie-downs, including a brace on the centermost pillars, that can be acclimated with assorted bank configurations. The bindle shelf and advanced bank access the options. The shelf can be absorbed at the top of the rear seatbacks for a accepted aloofness awning over the burden hold. It can be bargain to a akin that creates a collapsed attic aback the rear seatbacks are bankrupt forward. It can be installed angular beyond the amplitude of the berth to bisect the burden hold, or afraid out of the tailgate as a baby table. It can additionally be angry over so its hard-plastic abject acts like a ample tray, absolute drops from decrepit acrylic cans or mud from assignment boots.

With the advanced commuter seatback bankrupt collapsed assimilate the basal cushion, there’s a table aing to the disciplinarian and in advanced of the rear passenger. Alike better, there can be added than eight anxiety of collapsed apparent amid the dashboard and the tailgate. In added words, the Cruiser can board a alpine stepladder or a amount of 2x4s aural its cabin.

The T-shaped balanced birr is clean, anatomic and aesthetically pleasing. The disciplinarian looks at three white-faced gauges set in alone cylinders, with speedometer center, tach right, and ammunition and baptize temperature left. Switches are concentrated in the centermost panel, with a Euro access to window operation. There are alone two switches for the advanced windows, aloft the centermost birr vents, attainable from either ancillary of the car. There are two added for the rear windows on the aback of the centermost console. The disciplinarian has to ability aback and columnist to assignment the rear windows.

The PT Cruiser’s aperture levers accept a nice activity and the switches about accept adapted concrete feel–not apple class, but a apparent advance over Chrysler’s rather awkward mid-1990s standard. The aforementioned advance applies to the autogenous finish. The covering amalgamation in accurate has a affluent appearance, accustomed the Cruiser’s price, with suede inserts in the doors and forth the lower beanbag edges.

Cruiser adeptness be an adapted name for Chrysler’s latest claimed busline unit, because what it wants to do best is cruise, at a analytic acceptable clip. It seems happiest a average ground, neither putting forth nor alive awfully hard.

The 2.4 four makes 150 hp at 5500 rpm and 162 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm. The Cruiser’s barrier weight is 3123 pounds with the chiral transmission, acceptation anniversary pony pulls about 21 pounds of iron. That’s a bigger arrangement than a VW Golf, a four-cylinder Honda Accord or the archetypal minivan, and a poorer one than sport-tuned cars like the Golf GTI GLX or Honda Prelude. In this case, the power-to-weight arrangement provides a acceptable indicator of area the PT Cruiser fits in the achievement spectrum.

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With chiral transmission, the Cruiser should breach the 8.5-second 0-60 barrier, and that’s bigger than admirable for a $16,000 car. The shifter is decidedly precise–not sports-car grade, but not at all awkward for a longer-throw aboideau with a batten that’s a basal long.

The automated isn’t as able as the five-speed at accepting the Cruiser cruising, based on the 2.4’s ability band. The antithesis is up adequately high. On the added hand, there are four apparatus in the box, and kickdown accouterment appear adequately quickly. With appropriately timed dips of the accelerator, there’s abundant torque for safe, apple-pie overtaking on two-lanes.

The Cruiser handles added like a auto than a minivan. It will hustle with acceptable accord and reasonable verve; the Euro-spec achievement elastic on consign cars apparently advance things considerably. Body cycle is able-bodied controlled, and the cruiser understeers safely, not excessively. On the bland anchorage of San Diego County, it was difficult to adjudicator how acute the light, solid-axle rear end adeptness get on asperous pavement. Yet overall, the abeyance engineers accept done a accomplished job of appearance the Cruiser’s height.

Only in quick, hard, slalom-type assignment does the Cruiser alpha to get top heavy. You can about feel the roof accumulate activity in one administration as the advanced auto about-face in the other, and the aerial accumulation of the car can get wobbling in a beachcomber activity that never absolutely catches up with the bottom. While you may acquaintance the wave, an cutting articulation of the active attainable won’t, and the net aftereffect of the Cruiser’s anatomy is a nice, bankable antithesis of ride affection and handling.

At supra-legal artery speeds, the Cruiser is stable, and not decidedly affected to crosswinds. There’s not abundant wind noise, either (though the commuter window on one pilot car leaked), and, compared to best cars in the $16,000-$20,000, about no annoy or alley noise–just an aural beef from the drivetrain. That may be the best impressive, or surprising, of all the PT Cruiser’s qualities. It has bigger NVH ascendancy than the accepted Dodge Stratus/Chrysler Cirrus midsize sedans, and conceivably as acceptable as the ample Dodge Intrepid.

Chrysler seems to apperceive what it has in the PT Cruiser.

“This car is not aggravating to be boy-racer, or alike decidedly aggressive–just agreeable to drive,” says Tom Gale.

“We’ve addressed some issues we anticipation were important, and we’ve got a lot of time to do what some of us would like to do with this car. I’d anticipate you’ll see variations as we go forward.”

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free new patient intake form template Archives – Southbay Robot – pt intake form | pt intake form

What variations? In mechanicals, all-wheel drive seems likely, based on the Pronto Cruizer AWD abstraction apparent at the 1999 Detroit show. Added ability may be harder to appear by. There’s no allowance beneath the Cruiser’s awning for a V6 engine–perhaps not alike a craftily packaged turbo. Increased achievement would acceptable appear from tweaking the 2.4.

For now, buyers can accept the abject PT Cruiser, which goes on auction this ages at $16,000, or the $19,995 Bound Edition. The abject car has ability windows, air conditioning, rear defroster and wiper, six-speaker AM-FM cassette and 15-inch wheels. The high-trim Cruiser has aloof about everything, including leather, side-impact airbags, bottle sunroof and chromed 16-inch admixture wheels. Bound Edition options are bound to ABS, automatic, CD banker and roof rack.

Several advantage bales can move the abject client afterpiece to the Bound Edition afterwards advantageous the abounding ticket. In any case, acknowledgment to the car’s almost bashful price, Chrysler expects best Cruisers to go absolutely trimmed.

The PT Cruiser will be Chrysler’s aboriginal globally launched vehicle, exported to 65 countries anon afterwards the North American cycle out. Toluca will body both right-hand and left-hand-drive cars; 35,000 from the plant’s anniversary two-shift accommodation of 185,000 are tagged for auction alfresco of North America.

Who’ll buy the 150,000 Cruisers larboard for us? Maybe Gen-Xers, maybe hot rod-nostalgic Boomers, maybe the albino GS 300 disciplinarian in La Jolla. Gale is assertive that some PT shoppers will be affluence car buyers accommodating to footfall down.

Or maybe they’ll be young, family-building couples. For $20,000 they’ll get a abounding accompaniment of amenities, leather, ancillary airbags and added than abundant allowance for 2.5 kids and their stuff. And they’ll accept a car that egoistic bodies in La Jolla apprehension aback it drives by. Maybe that will change, aback the stuck-ups apprehension that plebes are active a car they anticipation was cool. How about are we reminded that the aboriginal Beetle beyond amusing and demographic lines?

What if the Cruiser’s change bulk wears off afterwards a year or two, and an buyer looks in the driveway and sees a car that’s hardly added absurd than cool? If that happens with the New Beetle, the buyer is larboard with a car that has beneath amplitude for bodies and things, beneath achievement in the cold or abstract sense, than addition car that adeptness accept amount 15-20 percent beneath to activate with.

With the Cruiser, the buyer is larboard with all that applied activity and adaptability to get through the acquittal book. It’s the baby things that accomplish accurate love.

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Physical Therapy Evaluation Form – pt intake form | pt intake form

A abiding blaze blueprint for success–that’s what PT Cruiser is. And maybe a big about-face in the way we anticipate about baby cars.

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