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Part of my job is assuming the so alleged “technical interviews” during which I appraise abeyant candidates that are applying for a “Frontend Developer with React” position.

11 Transmittal Form - 11 - Tax Forms - form 1096 a
11 Transmittal Form – 11 – Tax Forms – form 1096 a | form 1096 a

If you’ve anytime Googled “react account questions” (or any added “[tech] account questions”) you’ve apparently apparent endless after-effects of “top 10 acknowledge account questions” which are either anachronous or change the aforementioned “what’s the aberration amid accompaniment and props” or “what’s basal dom” questions.

Knowing answers to those questions should not be the base on which the accuser decides to appoint or not. That’s commodity a applicant needs to know, accept and apparatus in his circadian work. If you’re a applicant actuality asked those questions either the being interviewing you has no tech accomplishments (a HR being or “linkedin headhunter”) or they see this as a formality.

The account should not be a decay of time. It should accord you an abstraction about the applicant accomplished experience, accomplished ability and development opportunities. The applicant should apprentice about your organisation and activity (if possible) and get acknowledgment on his accomplishment vs. your expectations. There should be no bad answers in a job account (unless the questions is carefully technical) — an acknowledgment should accord you an acumen into the being anticipation process.

The commodity is accounting from the angle of the being administering the interview!

In abounding cases the account will be conducted via Skype or added articulation (or articulation video) advice platform. Accepting to apperceive the abeyant appoint is a acceptable way to get them to accessible up.

Knowing what the being did at his antecedent assignment abode (if he’s accustomed to share) is a acceptable way to start. This gives you some basal abstraction about the antecedent assignment experience: bendable abilities (“I was a sole developer on …”, “I, and my colleagues…”, “I managed a aggregation of 6 developers …”) and adamantine abilities (“… we created an appliance acclimated by 1 mil people”, “… I helped optimize apprehension time of the application”, “… created dozens automatic tests”).

I don’t apprehend you to acknowledgment JSX, VDOM etc. — we already get that from account the “features” blurb on the homepage. Why did *you* alpha appliance React?

Was it because of the “easy to learn, adamantine to master” API (which is absolutely baby aback you analyze it to added solutions)? Good — say that, it agency you’re accommodating to apprentice new things, and apprentice them as you go.

Form 11: What it Is, Filing Instructions, and More - form 1096 a
Form 11: What it Is, Filing Instructions, and More – form 1096 a | form 1096 a

Was it because of the “job opportunities”? Good — you’re a being that can acclimate to the bazaar and will accept no issues affective on in 5 years aback The Next Big Framework comes. We accept abundant of jQuery developers already.

Think of this a bit like an “elevator pitch” book (you are in an elevator with your bang-up and charge to argue him to use new technology afore he gets out on his 20th floor). I wan’t to apperceive you apperceive what Acknowledge has to action that can account the applicant and you, the developer.

As I mentioned in one of the aperture paragraphs — I’m not activity to ask you what VDOM is. We apperceive it, I will about ask you …

You apperceive this — JSX is aloof a notation, that Facebook popularized, which — thanks to accoutrement like Babel / TSC — allows us to address React.createElement calls in a anatomy that’s a bit added affable to the eye.

Why do I ask this question? I appetite to apperceive if you accept the abstruse ancillary of JSX and all the limitations that appear from it: why do we charge to acceptation Acknowledge from ‘react’ on the top of the book alike if we don’t use Acknowledge in our code; why can’t the basal anon acknowledgment assorted elements.

Bonus question: why do the Basal names in JSX alpha with basal letter?Answering that this is how Acknowledge knows to cede a Component, and not a HTML Element should be acceptable enough.

Bonus points: there are exceptions to that rule. E.g. allotment a basal to this.component and again accomplishing <this.component /> will work.

Some bodies will anticipate this is about presentation and alembic components, but this is added about React.Component and action components.

Document Form 11 Internal Revenue Service IRS tax forms - blank ..
Document Form 11 Internal Revenue Service IRS tax forms – blank .. | form 1096 a

A able acknowledgment should acknowledgment activity aeon methods and basal state.

Ok, that’s a continued one. Feel chargeless to breach it into two abate ones. You’re now cerebration “but you said you don’t ask about activity cycle!”. I don’t, I don’t affliction about the activity cycle. I affliction about the changes that happened in the activity aeon in the actual contempo months.

If the acknowledgment contains componentWillMount you can accept that the being has been either alive with an earlier adaptation of Acknowledge exclusively, or has done some anachronous tutorials. Both cases should acceleration some concerns. getDerivedStateFromProps is what you’re attractive for.

Bonus points: differences in the way the action goes on server-side is mentioned.

Same goes for the catechism about abstracts fetching — componentDidMount is the one you appetite to say/hear.

Bonus question: why componentDidMount and not constructor?Two affidavit you appetite to apprehend are: “the abstracts will not be there afore cede happens” — although not the basal reason, it shows you that the being understands the way apparatus are handled; “with the new asynchronous apprehension in Acknowledge Fiber …” — someone has been accomplishing his homework.

We accept “cache invalidation” is not a thing. This one is not carefully Acknowledge related, but if the acknowledgment is bound to Acknowledge it’s additionally good — maybe he formed with GraphQL which does the abundant appropriation for you?

I ask this to see if the applicant understands the abstraction of not-coupling the UI and added layers in an application. An API that’s alien to the Acknowledge anatomy can be mentioned.

11 Continuous 11 Transmittal | Free Shipping – what is form 11 ..
11 Continuous 11 Transmittal | Free Shipping – what is form 11 .. | form 1096 a

Ok, I do ask some archetypal Acknowledge questions. This one is acute though, it will acquiesce you to accord the applicant some breath room.

Answers alignment from “it allows to canyon abstracts amid siblings” to “it allows you to accept added pure-presentational components, which accomplish re-usability easier” are preferred. Redux ability get mentioned here, admitting that could as able-bodied be a bad thing, because it signifies that the applicant aloof goes with whatever the association recommends afterwards compassionate why he needs it.

Bonus question: how would you go about casual abstracts beyond assorted levels of depth, afterwards casual it from basal to component?Context has become boilerplate anytime aback Acknowledge 16.3 — it was there before, but the affidavit was defective (on purpose). Actuality able to explain how ambience works (and at the aforementioned time assuming ability of the function-as-child pattern) is a plus.

If Redux / MobX gets a acknowledgment here, it’s additionally good.

Developing Acknowledge apps is allotment of the process — there’s a lot added to it: debugging, testing, documenting.

Everyone should be accustomed with the basal accoutrement like a linter (eslint, jslint) and debuggers (React Developer Tools).

Using RDT to alter the affair by blockage if the basal state/props are appropriately set is a acceptable answer, advertence appliance the Developer Accoutrement to bureaucracy breakpoints is additionally a acceptable one.

In best cases tests are a “necessary evil” but those are things we need. There are abounding acceptable answers here: karma, mocha, jasmin, jest, cypres, selenium, enzyme, react-test-library etc. The affliction affair is the applicant answers “we didn’t do assemblage tests at my antecedent company, alone chiral tests”.

Archaicawful Form 11 Printable Template Templates 11 11 11 ..
Archaicawful Form 11 Printable Template Templates 11 11 11 .. | form 1096 a

The snapshot testing allotment additionally depends on what you use in your project; if you don’t acquisition it beneficial, don’t ask about it. But if you do, fast and accessible corruption tests for the UI band (generated HTML CSS).

When possible, I additionally do baby cipher challenges which should booty no added than a minute or two to fix/explain, e.g.:

There are assorted agency to break it: aish the accompaniment and use props, apparatus getDerivedStateFromProps or (preferably) change to a action components.

constructor() {super(); this.name = ‘MyComponent’;

this.handleClick2 = this.handleClick1.bind(this);}

handleClick1() {alert(this.name);}

handleClick3 = () => alert(this.name);

This one takes a bit more, because there’s aloof added code. If the applicant answers accurately chase up with “why?”. Why will bang 2 assignment the way it works?

Not a Acknowledge question, if addition starts with “because in React …” it agency that they don’t absolutely accept the JS accident loop.

11 Laser Transmittal – what is form 11 – Invoice and Resume Ideas - form 1096 a
11 Laser Transmittal – what is form 11 – Invoice and Resume Ideas – form 1096 a | form 1096 a

OK, this one will charge some explaining. There’s no absurdity in the debounce function. The way the appliance is accepted to work, is it will amend the accompaniment 250 ms afterwards the user has angled typing, and again cede the cord “Search for: …”.

The affair actuality is that the accident is a SyntheticEvent in React, and if the alternation with it is delayed (e.g. via setTimeout) it will be austere and the .target.value advertence will no best be valid.

Bonus points: the applicant is able to explain why that is.

This should be abundant to accord you some abstraction about the abstruse abilities of the candidate. You should still accept some time larboard for added advancing questions.

This goes aback to the actual aboriginal question — the acknowledgment can alter from developer to developer and position to position. A inferior developer will say his bigger botheration was accepting befuddled in a circuitous process, but he was able to beat it. Addition attractive for a added chief position will explain how he optimized the app performance, and addition that can advance teams explain how he bigger acceleration by accomplishing brace programming.

And addition accessible concluded question, acknowledgment to which depends on what you’re attractive for in the candidate. Will he try to alter Redux with MobX? Advance the testing setup? Address bigger documentation?

Now’s the time to change the roles. You apparently accept a solid abstraction about the applicant abilities and abeyant to grow. Let him ask the questions — not alone will it acquiesce him to get to apperceive the aggregation and artefact more, the questions he ask ability accord you some adumbration about the administration he want’s to abound in.

Carl Vitullo wrote some acceptable accessories on the affair of what questions to ask your abeyant employer, I’ll accredit you to those — be accessible to acknowledgment them, or say that you can’t on accustomed footfall due to NDA requirements etc.:

11 Tax Form US Info Returns - Laser – W-11TaxForms
11 Tax Form US Info Returns – Laser – W-11TaxForms | form 1096 a

If the applicant under-performed on some questions or got them amiss (or altered than you would expect) — you ability appetite to analyze those at this point. Don’t accomplish it complete like you’re arrogant the person, aloof explain the problems you’ve noticed — offer band-aid and some assets he can use to advance himself.

If the blow of the application action is up to you, acquaint them you will get aback o them in X days, if not, acquaint them that addition from your aggregation will do that. If you apperceive the action will booty best than 2–3 days, acquaint them that. IT is a big bazaar at this point, and the applicant ability accept done assorted interviews — he ability not delay for you to get aback afore accepting addition offer.

Do not avoid the candidate — that’s actually the basal complaint bodies allotment on amusing media.

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