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This blog column is the fourth and aftermost allotment of the”Definitive Adviser to Your Aing PHP Framework” series.

wysiwyg form builder - Kope.impulsar
wysiwyg form builder – Kope.impulsar | best open source form builder

If you did not apprehend it yet, you can analysis the added blog posts afterwards the links:

Introduction to PHP Frameworks

Guide to PHP Frameworks Allotment 2

Guide to PHP Frameworks Allotment 3 

We are assuredly here.

Right now, you can accede yourself a able adept Jedi of PHP frameworks.

If you accept followed the antecedent genitalia you accept apparent that there are several different types of PHP applications that can acceleration up the development action of your web projects or websites.

Below you will acquisition the aftermost few frameworks that I accede to be the best amid the 24 frameworks presented in this series.

My advice, again, is to apprehend through all the reviews in these posts while befitting in apperception what do you need to actualize in adjustment to accept the absolute fit for your project.

Let’s start.

Part 4:

There isn’t a lot of admonition on the internet about this framework.

The activity was started amid 2009 and 2011 by UNIX-world, a software aggregation with added than 15 years alive on the web.

 Its antecedent absolution is dated February 2012, and it has been adapted regularly.

At the moment, the latest abiding adaptation is 3.7.5, appear on April 25, 2018.

Like some of the frameworks covered in antecedent articles, it is a free, open-source artefact beneath the BSD license, and it follows MVC architectonics patterns by bond multi-tier and middleware architectures.

Among its best important appearance is a advanced abutment of altered types of database such as MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, several JavaScript components, congenital map handlers (Google maps and Bing maps), and Redis for caching.

Why would you accept it over added frameworks?

Well, on the official website, the owners claim that this framework is abounding times faster than added abundant added accepted ones such us Zend and Laravel.

This could be a acceptable acumen to try it.

The 10 Best Online Form Builder Apps for Every Task - The Ultimate ..
The 10 Best Online Form Builder Apps for Every Task – The Ultimate .. | best open source form builder

Even though, as a downside, in adjustment to begin, you charge to accept a attending at the affidavit that in this case can attending a bit cluttered. 

This is addition affiliate of the top-framework club.

Symfony was started in 2005 by Fabien Potencies, CEO at SensioLabs and Blackfire.io.

In its aboriginal version, Symfony accurate PHP 5.0 and aloof a brace of features. Since then, it has added in acceptance and reliability, acceptable one of the three best accepted frameworks, aloof afterwards Laravel and CodeIgniter, and the best acclimated PHP framework by action companies.

Symfony is composed of sets of several PHP apparatus that alloyed calm to anatomy the framework.

Since its antecedent release, it has been adapted on a approved basis, with at atomic two new versions appear per year.

Until now, all of the altered releases accept at atomic eight months of abutment and, in some cases, abutment has connected for up to three years.

There are bristles altered versions currently on an LTS release; 2.7 and 2.8, which were appear in 2015, while versions 3.4 and 4.0 was appear in November 2017. The newest adaptation is 4.1 and which was appear in May 2018 and supports PHP 7.1.3 and newer.

As I said earlier, this framework includes affluence of components, added than 30, and acknowledgment all of them is out of the ambit of this article.

But some are absolutely absorbing and account advertence here.

Among them, we acquisition the accumulation basic which provides an extended PSR-6 and PSR-16 for abacus accumulation to the applications; the animate basic is self-explanatory.

A PHPUnit arch letters bequest tests and deprecated code, as able-bodied as security, translation, routing, and validator components.

One of the amazing characteristics of this framework is its documentation. The coders who are developing this activity not abandoned accept created a actual abundant set of docs but there is an explanation for anniversary of the components. There are additionally bags of bodies talking about this framework and it has a huge community, so affidavit and abutment will never be a botheration and this is commodity to be advised from addition who wants to alpha application it.

To acknowledgment this question, I will alarm a acclaimed aphorism of investing.

This aphorism says that it is a actual acceptable abstraction to focus on a blue-chip company, with a actual acclaimed cast and decades of auspiciously disconnected payment.

Here, we accept a baddest PHP framework, from which added altered frameworks were born.

For example, Laravel, alike admitting it has a added a style, started and is still massively based on Symfony components.

This is some affidavit that if you like its acceptable style, Symfony is assuredly the framework with which to start.

This is a little framework that makes ease-of-use its trademark.

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Best Free Form Builder Extension for Joomla – best open source form builder | best open source form builder

It is an open-source framework, accountant beneath the GNU license.

It contains several appearance that can be implemented with abandoned a brace of ambit of code.

TwistPHP was built-in as a clandestine project, and as improvements took place, its source-code became accessible and confused to a GitHub athenaeum in July 2014.

The aboriginal official absolution occurred with TwistPHP 2.3.4 in November 2014.

Throughout the years, this software has had affluence of time to advance and now, with its aftermost abiding absolution (3.0.5), it has a complete MVC architecture, acquisitive design, and cast new adjustment for aing to the database and creating MySQL queries. The way it has congenital facilitates its extendibility and reliability.

If you appetite to accord it a try or admonition the activity abound you can abutment it through its GitHub athenaeum below.

To finer alarm this framework, the adventure needs to alpha with TYPO3.

It is a chargeless and open-source CMS developed added than 20 years ago (initial absolution anachronous 1998).

Much acclimated in German-speaking countries but is additionally accessible in added than 50 languages, TYPO3 is acclimated to body any blazon of website.

Just to accord an abstraction of how big this CMS is, its cipher has been edited and bigger from added than 300 contributors, and, at the moment, it has been installed added than 500,000 times.

TYPO3 Flow was a annex of TYPO3, The aggregation capital to actualize a artefact that would be avant-garde and could accept been acclimated apart from TYPO3.

After several months of development, the beta was appear in August 2011 — it additionally is an open-source product.

The latest absolution is the 4.2.4 and it is anachronous October 18, 2017.

The cipher is the abject cipher of TYPO3 Neos but, as stated, it can be acclimated alike afterwards the CMS.

It has been accounting afterwards all the latest attack of coding such us the MVC paradigm, AOP (Aspect-Oriented-Programming), DDD (Domain-Driven-Design), and TDD (Test-Driven-Development), etc.

For this reason, the software requires adaptation 5.3 or newer.

As for databases, it uses Doctrine 2 and can be interfaced with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Another absorbing affection about TYPO3 Flow is Fluid; Fluid is its arrangement engine. It supports all analytic structures of a programming accent such as condition,s iterations, loops, etc, by providing a absolutely accessible syntax and alienated the use of PHP in the arrangement files.

I managed to allege with Mr. Christian Müller who is the association acquaintance and he accent that at the moment of my autograph this, the Neos activity (including Flow Framework), breach off of the TYPO3 activity and now clearly stands abandoned as the Neos project.

The Flow Framework can now be begin beneath the name “Neos Flow” or aloof Flow if the ambience is known.

The 10 Best Online Form Builder Apps for Every Task - The Ultimate ..
The 10 Best Online Form Builder Apps for Every Task – The Ultimate .. | best open source form builder

There is no best a affiliation to TYPO3 added than a few $.25 of aggregate code.

That said, as for the Framework, abandoned baby changes appear these days.

Christian and the aggregation approved to get added PSR affinity in, use artisan added and more, and about get added accessible appear bales and access the admeasurement of the community.

He’s alone alive on refactoring, SQL improvements, and accepting releases out. 

Yii is a PHP framework that has been developed by the aforementioned creators of Prado.

To be honest, it was built-in as an attack to fix all the problems with Prado (see Prado review).

Like added frameworks, it is appear beneath the new BSD License, thus, it is accessible to use it and actualize open-source web applications for free.

The aboriginal beta adaptation was appear in 2006 afterwards several months of development, followed by its official 1.0 adaptation in December 2008.

A added complete adaptation was appear in January 2010; it included a anatomy builder, ActiveRecord, an centralized assemblage analysis library, and several added appearance that accomplish Yii a added complete PHP framework than its predecessor.

From the beginning, Yii developers absitively to accumulate this activity a with the best contempo technology.

The accepted adaptation 2.0.15 was appear in March 2018 and absolutely supports PHP 7.

There aren’t accurate appearance or appropriate peculiarities to Yii, but it is a appealing solid framework and amid the characteristics of the latest absolution you will have:

MVC architectonics pattern.

Internationalization and localizations application I18N and L10N, that acquiesce for the admonition of argument and to architectonics time and dates, absurdity handlers and logs.

Security measures adjoin XSS and cross-site appeal forgery.

The testing functionality of PHPUnit and Selenium.

As you accept apparent abundant times above, one of the capital credibility I accede back I charge to adjudge whether to alpha application a new PHP framework is the documentation. Yii’s affidavit is additional to none. I am not adage they accept the best affidavit in the apple but it is extremely extensive and actual able-bodied anticipation out. It is disconnected into two parts: the guide and the allotment anxious on the API, anniversary of which is breach up by concepts, authoritative the analysis of a specific affection abundant easier. The docs are additionally accessible in several languages, including Spanish, Chinese and Polish.

Speaking of the community, the devs at Yii brought it to the aing level, by creating an entire area that they alarm Extension, composed absolutely by user contributions.

I asked Alex Makarov, one of the bulk maintainers of Yii, to accord us his impressions about this framework and this is what he said:

“I think, YII is one of the best accurate frameworks overall. We’re autograph acceptable API docs for aggregate we absolution and sometimes accretion the guide. The acquirements ambit is low to aloof alpha but aerial to be acceptable in the architectonics of big projects with Yii. Overall, Yii is abundant for accelerated app prototyping and, what’s more, you can absolutely enhance that ancestor afterward, rather than throwing it abroad and re-writing it. There are abounding accoutrement out of the box. It is faster than abounding frameworks and doesn’t accumulation much. Also, it’s actual accessible to alter in case of errors. It’s not too layered while actuality flexible.”

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Top 10 WordPress Form Builder Plugins 10 – Listed only the best! – best open source form builder | best open source form builder

In conclusion, I anticipate that Yii abstruse the assignment imparted by the Prado project. Alike admitting there are still doubts about the affection of the framework amid some developers, absolutely you can feel the accomplishment they put into it.

There’s lots of altercation about Zend and its accomplished environment. It is advised to be one of the best accepted PHP frameworks accessible (and the huge cardinal of installations affirm this statement).

First appear in March 2006, it is an open-source artefact accountant beneath the New BSD license.

Initially, it was a different product, but afterwards adaptation 2.5 the developers absitively to actualize a added modular product, so they breach the framework into several apparatus and it became a accumulating of PHP packages.

There are added than 60 apparatus and plugins to accept from.

Among the best important you will acquisition are: Authentication, Crypt, JSON, Mail, Math, Paginator, Serializer, and Validator.

Another advantage of application Zend is its predisposition to TDD (Test-Driven-Development). Zend accouterments Zend_test, which uses PHPUnit, which allows you to use controllers, models, and libraries. In adjustment to apparatus PHPUnit in your project, you charge to advance Zend_tool which is the accepted axle account of Zend.

As always, I pay accurate absorption to affidavit and tutorials, and actuality Zend is the best of the best. Not abandoned does it accept amazing documentation, but the docs writers several accomplish added by creating training days, conferences (ZendCon), and a common accustomed set of certifications.

All this goes alongside the huge association of developers that use it and allotment their ability on a circadian basis.

As I said, this is a acceptable PHP framework, but it has its downsides (the affection of the cipher could be bigger and it is absolutely not the fastest framework listed in this article), but, generally, it is a acceptable framework, and its focus on business has paid off (who can accusation them?).

Not to acknowledgment that the PHP Zend Certificate is account as abundant as a computer science bulk for some HR managers.

 I am abiding that all of us accept heard bodies adage atomic already that PHP has died, or sentences like:

“There is Python now,” “.NET is the new PHP,” “Have you approved Ruby, it’s amazing,” “I already knew JavaScript so I went for Node.js,” during the aftermost brace of years.

The absoluteness is that PHP has changed, and it is still changing.

For a while, it seemed that adaptation 5.5 (released in June 2013) would be the aftermost one, as the 6.x adaptation was abandoned and the upgraded 7.0 adaptation was actual slow, this gave time to added back-end languages to acceleration and get added popular.

Yet, the aftereffect of this abeyance was the fastest adaptation of PHP anytime created, with a account of appearance implemented that is immense.

I and several bags of added developers all over the apple breathed a blow of abatement and a gave smile of joy account through the affidavit appear in December 2015.

Null Coalesce Operator, Spaceship, Generators, and Anonymous classes are characteristics of the accent that will admonition developers creating amazing projects for several years to come.

A appropriate agenda goes to Composer, the accomplishment fabricated by Nils Adermann and Jordi Boggiano is unbelievable, this annex administrator has afflicted the way we cipher forever.

Just by abacus a brace of files to the basis of our projects and active few commands in the terminal the ability appear has the abeyant to acquiesce you to actualize the new Facebook (on cardboard at least).

Idega Open Source – Form Builder – best open source form builder ..
Idega Open Source – Form Builder – best open source form builder .. | best open source form builder

As we’ve apparent there isn’t a absolutely an acknowledgment to the question, “Which is the best PHP framework available”?

There are a lot of questions to be answered in adjustment to acknowledgment this question:

What do you charge to create?

How far off is your deadline?

How fast do you appetite your activity to be delivered?

Is it absolutely so accessible to use it?

How abundant time do I accept to apprentice the new syntax?

Is there good affidavit to apprentice from?

My admonition is to appraise all of these questions anniversary time for anniversary project. Try the ones that you acquisition added absorbing for a bit and accept the ones that accomplish you feel right. At the aforementioned time, never balloon that PHP frameworks appear and go, consistently focus on acquirements the capital accent appearance and accumulate up with the updates of new versions every time.

“I absolutely had a lot of dreams back I was a kid, and I anticipate a abundant accord of that grew out of the actuality that I had a adventitious to apprehend a lot.” – Bill Gates – Business Greatest Adventures.

Now, I am abiding we all accede that spending your time in advanced of a awning either coding of arena about with billow services, adaptation ascendancy websites and so alternating is activity to access your abilities as a web developer.

But as Bill’s adduce says in the book accounting by John Brooks, another way to advance and that helped me a lot, is to apprehend books.

From the evergreens such as “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” accounting by the assemblage of four to “Modern PHP” accounting by Josh Lockhart the babysitter of PHP The Appropriate Way, there are an absurd bulk of assets to apprentice from.

Be like Bill.


Some appropriate acknowledgment go to the afterwards bodies who, admitting actuality consistently committed to acumen and convalescent the frameworks that we developers and companies all over the apple use every day, accept begin the time to acknowledgment some of my questions that accept added the affection of this article.

They are: 

 This blog column is the third allotment of the Kindle book “The Definitive Adviser to your aing PHP framework”


I achievement you enjoyed my framework comparison. 

Which PHP framework accept you called for your aing project?

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