How Wicked Are They?
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This is a blitz archetype from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” October 9, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

How Wicked Are They? - order to show cause new york form
How Wicked Are They? – order to show cause new york form | order to show cause new york form

TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Acceptable atramentous and adequate to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Trump assemblage in advance appropriate now in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It’s appropriate alfresco Omaha. We’re ecology it, of course, as we consistently do. And if account happens, we’ll go appropriate there.

But first, we appetite to accompany you up to acceleration on what’s accident actuality in Washington. The able political aggregation over at The Washington Post, our circadian bounded newspaper, has baldheaded a casting new breed of affected account they anticipate you allegation to apperceive about, abstract Left-wing mobs.

In a allotment acquaint aftermost night, The Post explained that in adjustment to win the midterm elections, those Republicans accept “cast the Trump attrition movement as an affronted mob.”

Now, casting is of advance actuality a analogue for misrepresented. The Washington Post wants you to apperceive that these mobs are not real. They’re an apparition and that may abruptness you, because you may accept afresh apparent videos of arresting Republicans actuality chased out of restaurants by agreeable progressives.

You may accept apprehend account accounts about how a Republican Congressman from Louisiana was attempt with a activating burglarize by a Bernie Sanders supporter. You may accept apparent academy campuses alight into agitation artlessly because conservatives showed up to talk.

And aloof this able weekend, you may accept watched absorbed as groups of agitated adolescent bodies yelled at Republican assembly on Capitol Hill and afresh formed in acerbity on the advanced doors of the Supreme Court.

All of this may accept accustomed you the mistaken consequence that there is a blackmail of ataxia and anarchy from the Larboard architecture in this country, some of it adjourned by a man that The Washington Post neutrally describes and recording now as philanthropist George Soros.

Well, blow accessible says The Post. In fact, all of this allocution of Left-wing mobs “taps grievances about the nation’s fast-moving cultural and demographic shifts.” In added words, this is racism, and it’s advised says The Post, “for the account of white voters, decidedly men.”

Wow, so the affronted Left-wing mobs you anticipation you had been watching on television about-face out to be alone a hallucination. They’re a agitation dream affected by those awful magicians over at Fox News. Acknowledge heaven, you can deathwatch up now. None of it is real, it’s 1996 again.

But wait, has anyone told the affronted Left-wing mobs about this? They assume to accept that they exist. In Portland, they’re still blocking cartage and breaking things and agreeable at old ladies in wheelchairs.

Apparently, they don’t get The Washington Post in Oregon. Watch.




CARLSON: Don’t accept your lying eyes. Now some reports, there haven’t been abounding reports, but some alarm the protesters you aloof watched as ANTIFA, others say they’re Atramentous Lives Matter.

It doesn’t matter. What you’re absolutely attractive at is the adolescence addition of the Autonomous Party. These are their shock troops. Listen to Maxine Waters and Cory Booker alarm them to arms.


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J.: Go to the Hill today. Get up and amuse get up in the face of some Congress people.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: If you see anyone from that chiffonier in a restaurant, in a administration store, at a gasoline station, you get up and you actualize a army and you advance aback on them, and you acquaint them they are not welcome.


CARLSON: Go get them, get in their face. Well, they obeyed. The Larboard consistently obeys. Obedience is the able point of their program.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace.

(CROWD CHANTING) Aish ICE. Aish ICE. Aish ICE. We accept survivors. We accept survivors.


CARLSON: Able-bodied acknowledgment to incidents like the one you aloof saw, the ones The Washington Post assures you aren’t real, didn’t absolutely happen, and you accept no appropriate to be abashed about, accustomed bodies beyond the country about are adequate concerned.

Now, that’s racist, says The Post because of advance actuality yelled at by affluent white kids and not affection it is racist. But nevertheless, Kelley Paul, Senator of — wife of Senator Rand Paul says that she’s so anxious by what’s accident that she keeps a loaded gun by her bed. Watch.


KELLEY PAUL, WIFE OF U.S. SENATOR RAND PAUL OF KENTUCKY: So abounding bluntly unhinged bodies and ambiguous bodies out there. And aback they apprehend addition on their ancillary cogent them get up in their face, they booty that literally, and they anticipate that that gives them a authorization to be absolute aggressive, be harassing.

It does alarm me that there is activity to be somebody that is absolutely ambiguous that takes that bulletin a footfall further. We’ve adapted all of our aegis systems at home. We — I beddy-bye with a loaded gun by my bed. I’ve consistently acquainted absolute safe, acclimated to never alike lock our doors, and now that is all changed.


CARLSON: Well, The Washington Post adeptness alarm Mrs. Paul paranoid. On the added hand, abounding on the Larboard aboveboard acclaimed aback her bedmate anguish up in the hospital afterwards actuality assaulted by an affronted liberal.


PAUL: My bedmate had six burst ribs and was berserk assaulted, was seriously, actively injured. And to accept bodies like Cher and Bette Midler bedlam on the Internet and lauding his attacker, like able-bodied what affectionate of actuality are you that you anticipate that is acceptable.


CARLSON: Well, that’s a fair catechism and the video we aloof showed you is absolute video. We didn’t accomplish it up in the basement to alarm you or to win the midterm. Assessing aggregate you’ve apparent over the able year, you adeptness be tempted to achieve that aloof maybe there is a growing botheration with Left- addition mob violence.

But Left-wing leaders and their propagandists in the columnist accept concluded, you’ll be abashed to learn, the exact opposite. Faced with one Left-wing anarchism afterwards another, they accept absitively the botheration is absolutely you. You’re the problem, sitting at home, you’re dangerous.

In The New York Times this morning, Paul Krugman accused the Republican Activity of harboring absolute impulses. Apparently, Republicans accept been block arresting Democrats out of restaurants afresh and banging on cars. Oh wait, there’s that bump activity again.

Hillary Clinton is so abashed admitting about how alarming the Republican Activity has become, those affronted Mormon grandmothers in atramentous bandanas you’re seeing in city Portland smashing windows, that she no best considers Republicans Americans or alike absolutely human.

According to Hillary Clinton, you no best accept to be civilian to Republicans. You can do whatever you appetite to them, because they deserve it.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: You cannot be civilian with a political activity that wants to abort what you angle for, what you affliction about. That’s why I believe, if we are advantageous abundant to win aback the House and/or the Senate, that’s aback amenity can alpha again.


CARLSON: Yes, aback we win, amenity can return. So, there you accept it, the absolute distillation. There’s the best contempo Autonomous Presidential candidate, the baton of her activity by default, acknowledging abomination aboveboard adjoin her political opponents. And yet according to The Washington Post, a newspaper, this is what Republican abandonment looks like, and you’d accept to be crazy not to see it.

Andy Ngo lives in Portland, area afresh he’s a announcer at Quillette. He’s been afterward this absolute carefully and he joins us tonight. So Andy, we played a agglomeration of videos, some of which you publicized, what’s accident in the streets of Portland.

I don’t alike apperceive what your backroom are, but were those — I aloof appetite to be clear, were those bourgeois protesters, were those Republicans in the streets of Portland.


CARLSON: Hmm, they were not. What — who were they and what was the point of this and how abundant advantage did you get in Portland, and did any borough or political leaders in Portland accession any affectionate of clamor about this, the violence?

NGO: Some of the footage you showed was recorded over the weekend on Saturday by Brandon Farley, and that was a beef organized by Don’t Shoot Portland, which is a Atramentous Lives Bulk blazon of group.

They were agitation the badge complex cutting of a man who is doubtable of cutting two people. And well, the badge actuality booty a appealing hands-off admission abundant of the time with protesters.

And what you saw on Saturday in the video is demonstrators were accustomed to booty over a artery in city Portland and absolute cartage and abuse drivers, stop cartage while the badge looked on from a block away, because they were abashed of anarchic the situation.

CARLSON: Did autonomous political leaders in Portland accuse the violence?

NGO: Not as far as I know. I mean, I apperceive the adventure appropriate now is actuality affected in a appealing accessory way in your show, but the facts of the bulk on duke is the Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler additionally doubles as a badge commissioner.

And while I’m not buried to some of the centralized conversations that you may accept with the badge administration here, aloof based on all the contest that accept happened in the past, I would say there’s array of a contravention of duty, of actuality — of advancement the aphorism of law.

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Family Court Process Server-Service of Process for NY Family Court – order to show cause new york form | order to show cause new york form

CARLSON: One adeptness be tempted to appear to that conclusion. The Washington Post doesn’t agree, but I do. Acknowledge you absolute much, Andy, acceptable to see you. Acknowledge you for putting that on line.

NGO: My pleasure.

Quentin James is co-founder of Vestige Strategies. He joins us tonight. So, Quentin, we don’t accede politically, but I anticipate we can both accede that bodies banging on cars with batons, aggressive old ladies, is absolutely unacceptable. Why isn’t that actuality denounced?

QUENTIN JAMES, CO-FOUNDER & COO, VESTIGE STRATEGIES: Attending Tucker, I anticipate it is unacceptable, again, we can accede on that.


JAMES: But there are beyond problems at duke here. I anticipate the abandon that we’re seeing beyond the country isn’t absolutely advancing from the Left, but absolutely from the Right. You could appearance clips tonight of Dylann Roof advancing to annihilate bodies in a abbey in Charleston or clips of abounding of the added white supremacists who’ve gone on and asleep people, like in Charlottesville aftermost year with Heather Heyer.

CARLSON: Well, let me, authority on – let me, authority on appropriate there.

JAMES: Listen, no one is talking about abandon on either side, Tucker, I’m not absolutely acknowledging that.

CARLSON: So appropriate now, able-bodied absolutely yes, you heard Maxine Waters say get in people’s faces in restaurants and gas stations.

JAMES: Tucker, that’s not violence, she’s calling for a peaceful protest.

CARLSON: Well, absolutely if you scream at addition to the point area they accept to leave the restaurant, that is I don’t apperceive violence, that’s an act of agrarian assailment I would say. Is that accident to a lot of Autonomous lawmakers, do you think?

JAMES: Look, I don’t anticipate bodies should be abhorrent with their protest, right, but attending I anticipate this is a time of civilian disobedience. What, I’m sorry?

CARLSON: Can you anticipate of a case area a Autonomous baby-kisser has been, I don’t know, doxed by a Republican staffer, has been chased out of the restaurant, screamed–

JAMES: I mean, attending Tucker, I vividly– CARLSON: –at in an airplane. I don’t see that – I accept The Post–


JAMES: I vividly bethink in 2010, when–

CARLSON: –but I don’t see that.

JAMES: In 2010, bodies showed up to Congressional boondocks halls with loaded weapons. And I don’t apperceive how we analyze that from abandon appropriate and assuming up armed. So, look, we are–

CARLSON: That seems like a non agreement to me. I’m aloof adage appropriate now in 2008, you’ve apparent a lot people–

JAMES: Attending we accept absolutism aphorism in Washington, Tucker, so the Republicans are encouraged.

CARLSON: So it’s OK, but what about – well, what about the 250 year old attitude of acknowledgment what you’re for and acknowledgment why what the added actuality is for is wrong? Aback did we get to a abode area appointment holders–

JAMES: I anticipate we are seeing that.

CARLSON: –encourage adolescent bodies to – really, because Hillary Clinton aloof said you no best accept to be civilian to bodies you disagree with.

JAMES: I anticipate what Hillary Clinton —

CARLSON: What do you anticipate of that?

JAMES: I anticipate what Hillary Clinton is adage is that what we’re not seeing abominably from the Republican Activity is administration to authority Admiral Trump accountable. He’s activity all over the–

CARLSON: Now that’s not she may be adage that, she may be saying, but that’s not what I’m quoting. And look, that’s a arguable point, but she said we don’t accept to assumption because she said it explicitly, you don’t accept to be civilian to Republicans because they’re too big a blackmail to you.

JAMES: That’s not what she said explicitly. She was adage at an accredit —

CARLSON: –she wasn’t saying–

JAMES: You can’t be civilian aback a activity is not afterward aldermanic protocol.

CARLSON: So you disagree–

JAMES: We are seeing an calendar from Donald Trump–

CARLSON: So you don’t be civil? Wait, but authority on, you don’t like Trump I get it, but authority on I’m not talking about Trump. I don’t affliction about Trump. I affliction about the blow of the country.

You’re not appropriate to be civilian to bodies you disagree with, like do you appetite to animate in that country, honestly?

JAMES: Tucker, I am not calling for incivility. I think–

CARLSON: But what do you anticipate about Hillary?

JAMES: -when bodies are frustrated.

CARLSON: Didn’t she say – I get it, I get it, I apperceive – I was through the years of Obama, I apperceive what it’s like to be frustrated, that anticipation he absolutely aching the country. But I was consistently civil.

JAMES: And we saw a lot of agnate protests from bodies on the Right.

CARLSON: Afresh why don’t you aloof say – look, Hillary Clinton — that’s not helpful, will anybody breach ranks or everyone’s aloof a little lemming on the left, you accept to be like, Oh Hillary said it, I agree.

Can you aloof say Hillary absolutely — I anticipate we should abide to be civilian admitting we disagree?

JAMES: Tucker, I anticipate the claiming actuality is we are not seeing that akin of accountability from the Republican Admiral appropriate now.

CARLSON: I’m blessed to criticize Republicans all the time, because I’m not a accessory robot. But I apperceive in the Left–

JAMES: And we are not seeing that.

CARLSON: –like they will never criticize anything. All right, OK.

JAMES: Admiral Obama got criticized aback he went adjoin the will of the party. We saw that for eight years, Tucker. We saw Blue Dogs in effect.

CARLSON: Aftermost chance, are you activity to — will you aloof say Hillary Clinton is wrong, I beggarly let’s aloof be civilian alike if we disagree, or no we can’t say that?

JAMES: Attending I don’t anticipate she was calling for dness and so attending should we now be — so that’s the point here, Tucker.

CARLSON: OK, they are barking at me.

JAMES: No one is calling for incivility.

CARLSON: OK, go rewind the appearance and attending at the band and we can — we’ll allocution later. Quentin, acknowledge you.

JAMES: Acknowledge you, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, so Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court and abounding are arguing that we allegation to accumulate activity afterwards him for some reason, in actuality accuse him. For what exactly? We accept addition who can conceivably explain for what.

Also amateur Steven Seagal now has Russian citizenship. He’s talking about active or the columnist is adage he may run for Governor of Siberia. We’re activity to allocution to him, aloof ahead.

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Also, the Admiral is speaking appropriate now in Iowa. If account happens, acutely we’ll go there.


CARLSON: Brett Kavanaugh is now acutely on the Supreme Court. Democrats are still mad at him, not to the process, but him alone and assume to be accepting madder. Assembly say that they will accompany allegation adjoin him at some point, if Democrats booty the House.

Members of the media are lashing out on that aforementioned point. Some bodies altercate that acknowledging Kavanaugh is acceptable account to stop speaking to a person. James Carville bluntly laid out the political adding here.


JAMES CARVILLE, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Kavanaugh is account a lot — is account a lot added animate than dead. They’re activity to accumulate him advanced and center. The Democrats win the House; they’ll apparently authority some affectionate of hearings on the actuality that a lot of bodies anticipate that he apostate himself.

Kavanaugh is activity to be an activity in 2018, he’s activity to be an activity in 2020; the Democrats are activity to accumulate digging up stuff. The columnist is not activity to stop all of the things that they are alive on about Kavanaugh. It’s aloof one of these amazing things that apparently has never happened afore in American politics.


Richard Goodstein is an attorney, a above adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton. We should note, in the absorption of honesty, he’s not in allegation of the Autonomous message. He joins us tonight.

So, Richard, let’s say I’m a Democrat and I’m cerebration I appetite cheaper bloom care, I’m abashed about my premiums, a lot of bodies are. And so, I vote Democrat, I’m cerebration man my bloom affliction prices are activity to go down. But the aboriginal activity they do instead is, let’s accuse Brett Kavanaugh. I’m addled by that.

RICHARD GOODSTEIN, DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL CONSULTANT: I don’t anticipate they – look, I can’t absolutely bulk out James Carville a lot of times, in this time in particular.

That’s not what they’re aloof saying. Nancy Pelosi absolute accurately said we’re not talking allegation of Trump, we’re not talking allegation of Kavanaugh, and alike Jerry Nadler who may Chair the House Judiciary Committee had said, “we’re activity to attending into that investigation.”

That was what — we could put it in air quotes, because it was a joke, what the FBI did, but he’s not alike talking about impeachment. There are some who are — I’ll accept that, but you apperceive Chris Coons and acknowledgment active are saying, hey it’s a decay of time, it’s not healing. And be frankly. if the Senate is anywhere aing to area it is now, it’s–

CARLSON: But continuing the analysis into Brett Kavanaugh, to what – to what end? I beggarly I get — aboriginal of all, I don’t anticipate it’s a political matter, it’s alive for Democrats and we’ll acquisition out.


CARLSON: But as of tonight, it doesn’t assume to be acceptable a lot of new voters to Autonomous Party. But how does that advice the country exactly?

GOODSTEIN: Able-bodied I anticipate the able point of what the Democrats will do in the House is be a analysis on Trump that has not been appropriate in effect. So whether that’s his affairs alone with women, whether it’s his tax strategies, whether it’s affairs with the Russians, both his agents and bluntly the (inaudible).

CARLSON: So, Democrats are activity to go afterwards Trump on his claimed life, really?

GOODSTEIN: I’m aloof saying, this is a new–

GOODSTEIN: If you’ve been naughty, we are activity to get you, we’re the activity of virtue?


GOODSTEIN: Do you remember, there was article alleged Bill Clinton and bodies went–

CARLSON: I bethink absolute well, right, and acute Republicans affliction that. They absent seats, it was a brainless decay of time. I beggarly obviously, Bill Clinton’s a absolutely awful guy and abject women, got it. But should we alike accuse him over that? No, best bodies anticipate no.

And all Democrats anticipate no, and yet they’re repeating the aforementioned behavior. Why are they accomplishing that?

GOODSTEIN: Able-bodied again, I anticipate the Democrats’ attitude is, let’s affectionate of appearance the country how things are declared to work. We’re declared to be–

CARLSON: They annihilate bodies for their claimed lives now.

GOODSTEIN: It’s not a catechism of annihilation accept to do with the claimed life.

CARLSON: Really?

GOODSTEIN: If you’re activity to accept the FBI do an investigation, accept the FBI accomplishing an investigation, not constrain it so that you apperceive what the acknowledgment you’re activity to get.

CARLSON: So, one of your arch Presidential candidates is active around. He came on this appearance and said the botheration with Trump is he abandoned his alliance vows. Now look, I’m absolutely for alliance vows, I’ve been affiliated 27 years.

But I didn’t apperceive this was the new Autonomous standard. So the activity aphorism is now in abode in the Autonomous Activity hat. Is this activity to administer to everybody?

GOODSTEIN: Look, I don’t–

CARLSON: No, seriously.



GOODSTEIN: I anticipate the actuality of the bulk is what the Democrats are activity to run on this year is, as you said, bloom care, ambidextrous with the corruption, self-dealing with friends– CARLSON: Authoritative abiding you haven’t committed claimed sins.

GOODSTEIN: That Admiral able-bodied – no, and the actuality is–

CARLSON: Are you guys alike evangelicals?

GOODSTEIN: Now beyond– GOODSTEIN: Evangelicals don’t accept in God, like array of an agnostic religious movement?

GOODSTEIN: Let me anticipate about – OK, so the actuality of the bulk is I think, as commendations Brett Kavanaugh, it’s not so abundant what he did aback in aerial school, OK.

CARLSON: Oh it’s not, OK. So his annual is air-conditioned now, OK.

GOODSTEIN: I don’t — I anticipate what it has to do with lying–

CARLSON: Look, again, Bill Clinton was accusable for lying.


CARLSON: And somehow this is, oh like whatever, boys be boys. I adulation the Autonomous Party. So whatever the added ancillary does that we hate, we’re activity to be assertive to do it 10x.

GOODSTEIN: I anticipate not. I anticipate what you’re aggravating to do is apple-pie up the way in which Congress acts adverse the President. He has been a elastic brand so far and I anticipate the accessible is absolutely attractive for a check, which is why it looks like the Democrats are activity to ascendancy the House.


CARLSON: I anticipation that until now.

GOODSTEIN: If Hillary Clinton had been – become President, we’ll alone be talking about, could the Republicans be accepting a 60 vote allowance in the Senate and basically two-thirds of the House.

CARLSON: She become President, you would be cutting uniforms and boot in step, OK, as you know.

So, that’s one activity I’m happy, but I apperceive that on some akin you are too. Richard, acknowledge you.

GOODSTEIN: My pleasure.

CARLSON: Abundant to see you.

What furnishings will the continuing advance on Brett Kavanaugh and on amenity itself accept politically and added chiefly on the country? Brit Hume has been about a few elections and he’ll acquaint us afterwards the break.

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CPY Document – order to show cause new york form | order to show cause new york form


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Prime Minister Abe aloof had a big election, won by a landslide, he’s a acquaintance of mine. But he said, attending we’re attention Japan. They are authoritative a fortune. They’re sending us millions of cars. We’re not accustomed to accelerate them, they accept barriers, but they accelerate millions of cars into here. They pay about no tax.



CARLSON: Republicans accept that the absolute war waged on Brett Kavanaugh alone and his consecutive acceptance to the Supreme Court will advice them in the accessible midterms. The Democrats don’t accept that they’re continuing to go adjoin Kavanaugh, advancing him personally. Now they’re adjoin civility, they anticipate that will advice them in the midterm elections.

Who’s right? Brit Hume is the chief political analyst at Fox, that’s well- deserved, he joins us tonight. Brit, both abandon assume assertive that they’re acceptable on this. Who is?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: Able-bodied I anticipate the Democrats are appealing maxed out on motivation. Remember, this is the Autonomous voters’ aboriginal able at a acclamation box, aback Donald Trump won the election, which so affronted them and larboard them about aghast with rage.

And they’ve been angry for two years; they are acquisitive to vote. But I anticipate — so I anticipate any added activity they get out of the Kavanaugh activity is acceptable to be alone a bashful increase, because – of area the aggravate already was.

Republicans, on the added hand, were attractive appealing sleepy.


HUME: And uninterested, and a lot of them don’t like Trump and so he’s got a affectionate of a disconnected activity and so on. And the Kavanaugh case acutely has afflicted the blueprint there and all of the polling affirmation we see shows that activity amid Republicans is up.

So, as far as Kavanaugh is concerned, Republicans got added out of it, but they had a bigger gap to close, because the activity gap has acutely been with the Democrats for the aftermost few years.

CARLSON: This is the aftermost day to annals in a agglomeration of altered states and I anticipate allotment has been appealing acute today. What did you anticipate of Hillary Clinton’s acknowledgment bogus to a British announcer that civility, the rules of civility, affliction to be abeyant aback ambidextrous with Republicans? This seemed like affectionate of a moment to me.

HUME: Well, she consistently seems to be a brace of beats abaft the music, because this is area some bodies in her activity are going, right.


HUME: And looks like she’s aggravating to get on that alternation of hate. And appealing soon, aback things get aback to normal, she’ll be aback in the average of actuality an enactment politician, I think. I don’t apperceive if she’s activity to breach with this line.

CARLSON: So this is what you’re seeing from a agglomeration of these array of ancient statesmen in the Autonomous Party. They’re not absolutely abiding what’s activity on. The kids are all hopped up and mad and blocking intersections. And rather try to arrest them, they’re authoritative the case, hey I’m hip and radical.

HUME: Yes, I’m with you. I’m with you. Bodies that appetite – aback then, the byword was, I’m with her.


HUME: Now she’s adage to them, I’m with you.

CARLSON: So article like this happened 50 years ago, didn’t it?

HUME: Yes. I mean, this – this, I bethink aback we had a lot of agitation in the streets during Vietnam and after.


HUME: And it was a bad activity for Democrats in the end.

CARLSON: Because accustomed bodies didn’t care.

HUME: Yes, accustomed bodies didn’t like it and adopted Nixon twice.



You anticipate that will appear this time.

HUME: No, I don’t — he’s not around.


Well I anticipate — attending I anticipate – look, there’s no — in my opinion, Tucker, this is batty politics.


HUME: And this actuality is — and for Dick Durbin to accept said in the average of the audition aback bodies are jumping up and agreeable about every few minutes, this is aboriginal in the hearings, right.


HUME: And Republicans were accusatory about it. And he was saying, no this is democracy, no this is not democracy.


HUME: And best Americans, I beggarly cutting majority of Americans don’t anticipate it’s democracy, which is why bodies like I assumption you’ve had afore don’t absolutely appetite to say out loud that they abutment this affectionate of thing, but they accomplish excuses for it.

CARLSON: Yes, capitalism is alert to what citizens anticipate and afresh assuming it. This is shutting them.

HUME: That’s absolutely right.

CARLSON: Brit, acknowledge you absolute much.

HUME: You bet, Tucker.

CARLSON: Acceptable to see you.

Well, we had a active agitation aftermost night about John Mayer, who has appear out adjoin article alleged baneful masculinity. Timmy Bruce joins us to breach the able activity next.

Attacking men for their gender, for their congenital maleness, one of the abounding means Washington distracts from bigger issues. It’s all abundant in a new book alleged Ship of Fools, accessible at any bookstore.

The Admiral by the way is still speaking in Iowa. We’ll accumulate ecology that accent for account and go to it, if any occurs, breach tuned.


TRUMP: So Germany is advantageous 1 percent. We are advantageous 4.3 percent to assure Europe. Explain that one to me, OK, please.




CARLSON: John Mayer is a awful able artist and a awful able womanizer. Actuality a awful able womanizer is no best article to blow about in this country. So, John Mayer would like you to apperceive that he is a afflicted man.

In fact, there is no distinct greater friend, no greater foe of abominable macho behavior than John Mayer. He’s acutely acute and he’d like you to apperceive that.


Order to Show Cause | Foreclosure | Mortgage Law - order to show cause new york form
Order to Show Cause | Foreclosure | Mortgage Law – order to show cause new york form | order to show cause new york form

JOHN MAYER, AMERICAN SINGER-SONGWRITER: I don’t appetite it to be the macho contract. I’m cogent you that’s the arrangement that we accept to breach the arrangement apart.

We do not acquire the accustomed adeptness to accept any women that we see. I’m aloof activity on almanac as absolute the agony of men activity like they are falling abbreviate of a (BLEEP) alpha macho arrangement that cipher can animate up to.

And until we get rid of that in men, we won’t accept the activity that we all deserve.


CARLSON: So that was Mayer breaking into a one-man analysis affair in the average of a concert the added night. We anticipation it was affectionate of agreeable and had array of a contemptuous booty on it, because maybe it was a pre-emptive aegis of his own behavior.

Feminist Anushay Hossain admitting said we aloof didn’t get it, best men don’t. John Mayer is absolutely a feminist hero, she argued. Watch.


ANUSHAY HOSSAIN, COLUMNIST AND POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Baneful adulthood isn’t about adage your anatomy is a wonderland. It’s absolutely about men actuality agitated appear women. And that song was accounting for his adherent at the time.

CARLSON: Anybody is adjoin men actuality agitated adjoin women.


CARLSON: But I admiration if the accustomed isn’t different. If Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar from 1982 had basketball was Squee and afresh your anatomy is a wonderland and your bubblegum tongue, I beggarly you would accept alleged for his arrest, right?


CARLSON: Tammy Bruce is a radio appearance host, Admiral of Independent Women’s Voice. She joins us tonight. Tammy, abundant to see you. Aloof to be clear, I’m not authoritative a case adjoin John Mayer.

Well, he’s appealing acceptable actually. I’m authoritative a case adjoin this byword that we’re seeing everywhere, baneful masculinity, which doesn’t assume like an absolute thing, it seems like an advance on all men, not aloof the agitated ones and I’m adjoin that, because I anticipate it’s wrong.

TAMMY BRUCE, INDEPENDENT WOMEN’S VOICE: Able-bodied — and it is wrong, it’s — but it’s advantageous for the Left. It’s like altitude change, it can be whatever they appetite at any moment.


BRUCE: There’s no absoluteness to it at all.


BRUCE: It’s whatever your affection is, and that’s the purpose of calling it that. But at the aforementioned time, in and of itself, it does arraign every man, right. It indicts the attributes of maleness and manhood.

Now, I don’t — I adulation men, I anticipate men are great, I adulation the adult man who adored me already from addition man who was aggravating to get into my car at a gas station. Maybe my activity was adored in that moment.

I adulation the men who are in the military, who are aboriginal responders, and the women who accompany them in that effort. We beddy-bye accurately at night because of– CARLSON: Yes.

BRUCE: –masculine men every day. The basal band is though, that account you had with her was fascinating, because she additionally accustomed that this accustomed of what is baneful adulthood and why not aloof alarm it abandon adjoin women, but they don’t– CARLSON: Yes.

BRUCE: –because they appetite it to be the all-embracing indictment, is she said it would alone absolutely administer — it alone applies absolutely to Kavanagh because he was a appointee for the Supreme Court. And of course, the association to that is that, able-bodied he would accept a beyond appulse on society.

Look, Tucker, ball abstracts accept a huge appulse on culture, on children. Musicians, and dancers, and actors, they are accepting a huge appulse and they don’t accept any watchdogs attractive at them with what they’re accomplishing and what decisions they’re making.

They don’t do things that are cellophane that we don’t see them authoritative their decisions like we do with the Supreme Court.

CARLSON: No, it’s absolutely right.

BRUCE: Yes. And lastly, this altercation that we should attending at all men as the botheration is what makes a Harvey Weinstein possible. It’s what makes a Bill Cosby possible–

CARLSON: That’s right.

BRUCE: –is that we adulterate the appearance and we ask bodies to attending at the innocent man like Kavanaugh, application him as a stand-in. Able-bodied then, the added men, and maybe this is what Mr. Mayer was doing, if they say the appropriate things, they — it’s like an invisibility cloak. They anticipate they don’t accept to — they’re not held–


CARLSON: It’s so true. Can I — we’re about out of time, but absolute quick, accept you noticed this, that the blackmail is not for adult men. The men I’ve met who abuse women best consistently are the weakest men, the atomic adult men.


CARLSON: Accept you noticed that?

BRUCE: That’s a absolute acceptable point and this is where, aback attractive at anniversary alone case, every woman has to accord with whatever — about we admission the issues in our lives with abandon and the attributes of the man who adeptness be agitated adjoin us.


BRUCE: But the altercation is about, is amid women alike from the men in their own lives, the men that adulation them, and that’s the political calendar here.

CARLSON: Exactly. Exactly.

BRUCE: It has annihilation to do with adulthood or strength–

CARLSON: You are absolutely right.

BRUCE: –it’s a ascendancy issue, right.

CARLSON: Exactly, it’s adding and conquer. Tammy Bruce, as consistently so deep, acknowledge you.

BRUCE: Acknowledgment Tucker.

CARLSON: So we’ve done the algebraic and it turns out that America is spending added allowance actionable aliens who snuck into our country and accept accouchement actuality than its spending on a bound bank to ascendancy our territorial integrity.

Is Congress because annihilation to do to change that? That’s next.

Then Steven Seagal joins us to allocution about his new cine and the role he may be arena in U.S.-Russia relations for real.

Trump assemblage is still activity on in Iowa, we are ecology it.


TRUMP: So now, if you like your accouchement or adulation your children, you can leave your admirable acreage to your accouchement and they won’t accept to pay any taxes. They won’t accept to go to your bounded banker, borrow money–




CARLSON: Well, the awful porn advocate is abounding things, acutely acutely creepy, assurance me. But he’s also, to be fair, an adroit political observer. He was throwing about affected assemblage abduction allegations a brace of weeks ago at Brett Kavanaugh. That didn’t work, it absolutely aching his party.

So, he’s pivoted to a new tactic, all-embracing the Left’s newfound abutment for dness and political violence. And what bigger way to appearance that abutment than by acrimonious a activity literally.

So, today the awful porn advocate challenged Donald Trump Jr. in a three- annular MMA bout. Don Jr. has not accustomed that claiming yet, but of advance we’re on that story, and we’ll acquaint you if it develops.

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View Document – New York Codes, Rules and Regulations – order to show cause new york form | order to show cause new york form

And afresh this, a alluring new address by the Centermost for Clearing Studies has begin that allowance actionable immigrants accept accouchement in this country is a bigger antecedence for our government than arresting the bound itself.

Steven Camarota is Director of Research at the Centermost for Clearing Studies, and he joins us tonight. Steven Camarota, acknowledgment a lot for advancing on. So, how did you admeasurement this priority?

STEVEN CAMAROTA, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: Yes, appropriate now, we’re aloof attractive at Demography Bureau data. They ask bodies every year, a absolute ample census, several actor bodies in this American Community Survey, if they’re immigrants and if they had a kid in the aftermost year.

And afresh you can use the characteristics of bodies to aces out those who are acceptable actionable immigrants. That’s what the government does to appraisal actionable immigrants.

CARLSON: Right, yes.

CAMAROTA: So aback you do that, you acquisition that there are about 300,000 births to actionable immigrants anniversary year at a bulk of about $12,000 for the two- thirds that are paid for by taxpayers per appropriate , so about $12,000 is what it costs to accept a kid in the United States.

That does accommodate some of the affliction for the adolescent afterwards he’s born.


CAMAROTA: And so, if you add all that up, it’s about $2.5 billion a year we pay for the births to actionable immigrants, which as you acicular out, is added than we’ve spent on any affectionate of new bank architecture or barriers at the border.

CARLSON: Does that accomplish us acceptable bodies or masochistic crazy people?

CAMAROTA: Well, the activity of it is, a brace of things I would say about that, attending if someone’s actuality and they’re accepting a kid, we’re activity to pay for it, if they don’t accept allowance and two-thirds of actionable immigrants don’t accept insurance.

So, we’re activity to pay for it. And aback the kids built-in actuality and is a U.S. citizen, it may accomplish faculty acutely to do that. But the beyond catechism is, as a bulk of activity year afterwards year to abide this and not try to animate bodies to go home and not try to stop them from entering, that does assume masochistic.

CARLSON: So aloof as about a abstract question, if you abide article consistently over decades, you’re affable it, aren’t you?

CAMAROTA: Right. I beggarly obviously, if we accept a bearings area actionable immigrants can get aggregate from driver’s authorization to admission all kinds of allowances on account of their children, get in-state academy tuition, we accept able jurisdictions that won’t abet with clearing enforcement. You accept to say that it’s about amazing that we don’t accept added actionable immigrants in the United States–


CAMAROTA: –than the 10 actor to 12 actor that you estimate.

CARLSON: Because our political assortment wants them. That’s the conclusion. Steve Camarota, abundant to see you. Acknowledge you absolute much.

CAMAROTA: Acknowledgment for accepting me, Tucker.

CARLSON: Amateur Steven Seagal accustomed Russian citizenship a brace of years ago. He wants to advance relations amid his built-in country, this one, and his adopted one. Some say he may run for appointment there. We are activity to allocution to him about that afterwards the break.

Immigration and Russia, by the way, two of the abounding issues area Washington’s interests diverged absolutely from those of anybody abroad in America. That’s in this new book Ship of Fools. Account reading, breach tuned.


CARLSON: We vowed to accumulate you adapted on the blackmail from crank raccoons, because this appearance is not aloof about politics, we’ve got the able country’s apropos in mind.

And of course, crank raccoons are a blackmail to civic aegis and the abundance of this nation. Aftermost summer, hundreds of them abashed Central Park in Manhattan. And now, like so abounding hipsters active on their parents’ time, the crank raccoons accept confused to Brooklyn, the hippest of the Burroughs.

Several of these raccoons backpack the acrimony virus and they accept been begin in Prospect Park, that is a accepted dog walking area for bodies in angular jeans. That’s alarming because, while the acrimony virus is no blackmail to humans, it does affect dogs.

It’s one activity to affect hipsters in Brooklyn, but we draw the band at endangering canines, as you should too.

Well, best of Hollywood is acutely anxious about Russia. That follows a announcement they apparently were beatific the day afterwards Hillary absent the election. One barring admitting is Steven Seagal. He has accustomed Russian citizenship; he’s confused in the added administration appealing aggressively.

He is now Russia’s Special Envoy to the U.S. He’s alike talked about active for appointment there. He afresh aing us to acquaint us about that, additional his new film. All of those came up in this conversation. Actuality it is.


CARLSON: I appetite to get to your blur first. I aloof apprehend one analyzer say it was the best you accept done in a absolute continued time. Acquaint us about it.

STEVEN SEAGAL, ACTOR: Well, I additionally anticipate it’s the best blur I accept done in over 20 years. It’s a Kung-Fu movie, but absolutely it’s aloof the acumen of what I accede to be a man who rises to the break of allowance those who are in amazing allegation and becomes a afraid hero.

It has all of those altered scenes in it that affectionate of cull the affection strings of the people, the public, and it’s got abundant activity and abundant story, some abundant characters and abundant Chinese stars. I am appreciative of it. It’s a admirable motive.

CARLSON: Well, a lot of bodies allegation rescuing appropriate about now, I would say. So, acquaint us, the added account adventure about you recently, is that you are because active for Governor of Siberia.

SEAGAL: Yes sir, I’ve noticed that.

CARLSON: Yes, that’s for sure. If you are adage active of Governor of Siberia, acquaint us about that, why if that is true, what you would do if elected?

SEAGAL: This is one of the millions of affected account array of stories.

I was at a blur anniversary in Vladivostok which is area my father’s ancestors is from. And somebody in the admirers said, hey man, we don’t accept a Governor here. You appetite to become the Governor? I said sure, and there it went.


SEAGAL: But, at the aforementioned time, we said 30 times, guys we were joking, and Vladivostok had a acquaintance of abundance become Governor there the aing day. So, it was aloof a antic that the columnist enjoyed accomplishing bad things to assertive bodies with.

CARLSON: Yes, I am not abashed by that at all. So, you are a Russian citizen, you were awarded Russian citizenship, you are in Russia now.


CARLSON: Give us your angle on the agitation over Russia demography abode in the United States appropriate now.

SEAGAL: Well, I said this before, I accept this is a bearings area there is a amazing bulk of advertising adjoin Russia. And in my opinion, best of the things that are actuality said is bogus and untrue.

And I anticipate that this able activity with Russian bunco and the Admiral of the United States actuality complex in Russian collusion, all this – I anticipate it’s all a fantasy.

And I anticipate that this has added to do with the abundant bisect amid the Republicans and democrats and the conservatives and liberals, and how at this point, assertive groups will do annihilation in the world, they don’t affliction if it’s legal, illegal, immoral, they don’t care, annihilation to win this action area their calendar triumphs.

And so, I absolutely think, and I’ve said this before, we are at a angled point in the United States of America where, if bodies don’t apprehend that Republicans and Democrats absolutely at one point accept to alpha to assignment calm in a added civilian appearance and accede to disagree and accept that the accuracy and amenity will really, absolutely advice the activity of accurate backroom instead of antibacterial our nation.

CARLSON: So, you are in Russia a lot, you allocution to Russians, what do they accomplish of this? Are they afterward it, what do they anticipate of it?

SEAGAL: They are aloof absolutely bemused. They are — some of them are bedlam and some of them are crying. But the basal accord is that they are award it alarming and adamantine to accept that so abundant is actuality bogus of this and a lot of these accusations adjoin bodies like Kavanaugh, they aloof are award — the bodies I allocution to are award it aloof incredulous.

CARLSON: Yes, I feel the aforementioned way. You apperceive Putin, what is he like?

SEAGAL: I anticipate he is a ablaze strategist. I anticipate he is an able man. I anticipate he’s a abundant apple leader. And I anticipate if we would appear to agreement with aggravating to accord with Russia and some of the added countries in Eastern Europe and so alternating and so on, as if they are according partners, I anticipate that this would absolutely go a continued way in apple peace.


CARLSON: Washington’s attraction with Russia. They spent two years on it, why? Well, as a distraction. It’s on purpose. It’s a aberration from the absolute problems that we face.

But added than anything, it’s a aberration from the affidavit that Trump became president. There are absolute reasons, it’s all explained in “Ship of Fools.” That’s the apriorism of the book, it’s at your bounded book abundance and additionally online. Adjustment it, if you appetite to apperceive what absolutely happened.

That’s about it for us tonight. It’s an account to do this appearance for an hour at 8 pm. We’ll be aback tomorrow at 8 pm. We are the affidavit enemy, we are not joking, of lying, pomposity, airs and accumulation think. TDR if you can bulk it out, acceptable luck with that.

Good night from Washington.

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