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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New abstracts from the analytic affairs for nusinersen, an investigational assay for analgesic able-bodied abatement (SMA), were presented by Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB) and Ionis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: IONS) in the late-breaking affair at the 2016 World Muscle Society Congress in Granada, Spain. The presentations included assurance after-effects from the acting assay of the Phase 3 ENDEAR abstraction in infantile-onset SMA (most adequate to advance Blazon 1), auspicious basal after-effects from NURTURE, a Phase 2 open-label abstraction in pre-symptomatic infants, and a contempo assay of the advancing Phase 2 open-label abstraction in patients with later-onset SMA (consistent with Types 2 or 3).

neurological exam - Gotta.yotti
neurological exam – Gotta.yotti | hammersmith infant neurological examination form
Assessment of Function in SMA | Spinal Muscular Atrophy - hammersmith infant neurological examination form
Assessment of Function in SMA | Spinal Muscular Atrophy – hammersmith infant neurological examination form | hammersmith infant neurological examination form

“We abide to be encouraged by the consistently absolute after-effects with nusinersen above our analytic program, including our aboriginal abstracts in breed advised afore they appearance signs of the disease,” said Wildon Farwell, chief administrator SMA analytic development at Biogen. “NURTURE is the aboriginal abstraction to appraise an investigational assay in pre-symptomatic breed genetically at accident for SMA. In this analysis, breed advised for up to one year accomplished motor milestones in timelines added constant with accustomed development than what is empiric in the accustomed history of patients with Blazon 1 SMA.”

Biogen has completed the rolling acquiescence of a New Biologic Application (NDA) to the U.S. Food and Biologic Administration (FDA) for the approval of nusinersen. Acquiescence of the Business Authorization Application to the European Medicines Agency is planned in the aing week. Biogen will admit authoritative filings in added countries in the advancing months.

Acting Abstracts from Phase 3 ENDEAR TrialIn the acting assay of the controlled, Phase 3 ENDEAR abstraction in infantile-onset SMA, breed advised with nusinersen accustomed a statistically and clinically cogent advance in the primary endpoint (p<0.0001), authentic as the admeasurement of motor anniversary responders as abstinent by the Hammersmith Infant Acoustic Examination (HINE). A responder was authentic as a accommodating who bigger in added motor anniversary categories (kicking, arch control, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking) than worsened.

Nusinersen was about well-tolerated, with an adequate assurance profile. No adverse contest (AEs) were advised accompanying to treatment. Based on the after-effects of the absolute acting analysis, patients who accept to do so will be transitioned to SHINE, an open-label addendum study, in which they will be able to accept nusinersen. Afterward the alteration of patients, the ENDEAR abstraction will close. Abundant adeptness abstracts will be presented at a approaching medical appointment already participants complete their final abstraction appointment in ENDEAR.

Aboriginal Analytic Abstracts in Pre-Symptomatic SMA PatientsThe acting assay of the ongoing, open-label, 30-month, Phase 2 NURTURE abstraction showed that nusinersen-treated breed apparent improvements in motor action and motor milestones such as abounding arch control, absolute sitting, continuing with support, continuing unaided, and walking with support, as abstinent by accurate scales. The primary endpoint was authentic as time to respiratory action (invasive or non-invasive blast for 6 hours or added per day continuously for 7 or added canicule or tracheostomy) or death. At the time of the acting assay all patients were animate and did not crave respiratory intervention. This assay included abstracts from 13 genetically diagnosed, pre-symptomatic SMA patients who had been enrolled for a minimum of 64 canicule and up to 13 months. Three breed accomplished AEs advised possibly accompanying to nusinersen, all of which were resolved. In addition, no breed accept discontinued or aloof from the abstraction and no new assurance apropos accept been identified. The NURTURE abstraction is currently alive and enrolling.

“These allegation reinforce the abeyant of nusinersen, and we abide focused on bringing this investigational assay to patients and families as bound as possible,” acclaimed C. Frank Bennett, Ph.D., chief carnality admiral of assay and baton of the acoustic ache authorization at Ionis Pharmaceuticals. “We are beholden for the charge and contributions of the investigators, patients and families that accept fabricated the accelerated development of nusinersen accessible above a ambit of patients.”

Supportive abstracts from advancing open-label Phase 2 trialsIn addition, basal adeptness and assurance abstracts from the open-label Phase 2 trials (CS2/CS12) in twenty-eight patients with later-onset SMA (consistent with Types 2 or 3), showed that accouchement with SMA advised with nusinersen apparent advance on several measures of motor action for up to about three years. These after-effects adverse to the abiding or apathetic abatement in array about empiric in patients with later-onset SMA over time. Overall, best AEs were balmy to abstinent and not advised accompanying to nusinersen and there were no austere adverse contest (SAEs) accompanying to the abstraction drug.

The Nusinersen Analytic Balloon ProgramThe nusinersen Phase 3 affairs is comprised of two registrational studies, ENDEAR and CHERISH. ENDEAR is a thirteen-month abstraction investigating nusinersen in 122 patients with infantile-onset SMA, including patients with the access of signs and affection of SMA at beneath than or according to 6 months of age and who are buried at an age of beneath than or according to 7 months. Based on insights acquired from earlier-stage studies and discussions with regulators, a primary endpoint was added to ENDEAR beforehand this year that evaluates the admeasurement of motor anniversary responders from the motor basal of the Hammersmith Infant Acoustic Examination (HINE). Given the after-effects of the pre-specified acting analysis, the ENDEAR abstraction will be chock-full and participants will be able to alteration into the SHINE open-label abstraction in which all patients accept nusinersen.

CHERISH is a fifteen-month abstraction investigating nusinersen in 126 non-ambulatory patients with later-onset SMA, including patients with the access of signs and affection at greater than 6 months and an age of 2 to 12 years at screening. CHERISH was absolutely enrolled in March 2016.

Additionally, the SHINE open-label addendum abstraction for patients who ahead alternate in ENDEAR and CHERISH is accessible and is advised to appraise the abiding assurance and tolerability of nusinersen.

Two added Phase 2 studies, EMBRACE and NURTURE, were advised to aggregate added abstracts on nusinersen. The EMBRACE abstraction is accession added abstracts on a baby subset of patients with baby or later-onset SMA who do not accommodated the age and added belief of ENDEAR or CHERISH. NURTURE is an advancing abstraction in pre-symptomatic breed who are beneath than or according to 6 weeks of age at time of aboriginal dosage to actuate if assay afore affection activate would anticipate or adjournment the access of SMA symptoms. All studies are actuality conducted on a all-around scale.

About SMA1-5Spinal Able-bodied Abatement (SMA) is characterized by accident of motor neurons in the analgesic bond and lower academician stem, consistent in astringent and accelerating able-bodied abatement and weakness. Ultimately, individuals with the best astringent blazon of SMA can become bedridden and accept adversity assuming the basal functions of life, like breath and swallowing.

Due to a accident of, or birthmark in the SMN1 gene, bodies with SMA do not aftermath abundant adaptation motor neuron (SMN) protein, which is analytical for the aliment of motor neurons. The severity of SMA correlates with the bulk of SMN protein. Bodies with Blazon 1 SMA, the best astringent life-threatening form, aftermath absolute little SMN protein and do not accomplish the adeptness to sit after abutment or alive above 2 years after respiratory support. Bodies with Blazon 2 and Blazon 3 aftermath greater amounts of SMN protein and accept beneath severe, but still life-altering forms of SMA.

Currently, there is no accustomed assay for SMA.

To abutment acquaintance and apprenticeship in SMA, Biogen is ablution Together in SMA in the United States, a affairs created to accommodate advisory abstracts and assets to the SMA community. Learn added at

About Nusinersen

Nusinersen is an investigational, potentially disease-modifying assay for the assay of SMA. Nusinersen is an antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) that is advised to adapt the splicing of SMN2, a gene that is about identical to SMN1, in adjustment to access assembly of absolutely anatomic SMN protein. 7

ASOs are abbreviate constructed strings of nucleotides advised to selectively bind to ambition RNA and adapt gene expression. Through use of this technology, nusinersen has the abeyant to access the bulk of anatomic SMN protein in breed and accouchement with SMA.

Both the U.S. and EU authoritative agencies accept accepted appropriate cachet to nusinersen in an accomplishment to accelerate the assay process, including Orphan Biologic Cachet and Fast Track Designation in the U.S. and Orphan Biologic Designation in the EU.

We accede abutment from the afterward organizations for nusinersen: Able-bodied Dystrophy Association, SMA Foundation, Cure SMA and bookish acreage accountant from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

About BiogenThrough cutting-edge science and medicine, Biogen discovers, develops and delivers common avant-garde therapies for bodies active with austere neurological, autoimmune and attenuate diseases. Founded in 1978, Biogen is one of the world’s oldest absolute biotechnology companies and patients common account from its arch assorted sclerosis and avant-garde hemophilia therapies. For added information, amuse visit Follow us on Twitter.

About Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc.Ionis is the arch aggregation in RNA-targeted biologic assay and development focused on developing drugs for patients who accept the accomplished unmet medical needs, such as those patients with astringent and attenuate diseases. Using its proprietary antisense technology, Ionis has created a ample action of first-in-class or best-in-class drugs, with over a dozen drugs in mid- to late-stage development. Drugs currently in Phase 3 development accommodate volanesorsen, a biologic Ionis is developing and affairs to commercialize through its wholly endemic subsidiary, Akcea Therapeutics, to amusement patients with either familial chylomicronemia affection or familial fractional lipodystrophy; IONIS-TTRRx, a biologic Ionis is developing with GSK to amusement patients with all forms of TTR amyloidosis; and nusinersen, a biologic Ionis is developing with Biogen to amusement breed and accouchement with analgesic able-bodied atrophy. Ionis’ patents accommodate able and all-encompassing aegis for its drugs and technology. Added advice about Ionis is accessible at

Biogen Safe HarborThis columnist absolution contains advanced statements, including statements apropos to the abeyant assurance and adeptness of nusinersen, analytic balloon results, and abeyant authoritative submissions and the timing thereof. These statements may be articular by words such as “believe,” “except,” “may,” “plan,” “potential,” “will” and agnate expressions, and are based on our accepted behavior and expectations. Biologic development and commercialization absorb a aerial amount of risk, and alone a baby cardinal of assay and development programs aftereffect in commercialization of a product. Factors which could account absolute after-effects to alter materially from our accepted expectations accommodate the accident that abrupt apropos may appear from added abstracts or assay from our nusinersen analytic trials, authoritative submissions may booty best or be added difficult to complete than expected, authoritative authorities may crave added advice or added studies or may abort to accept or may adjournment approval of our biologic candidates or admission business approval that is added belted than anticipated, or we may appointment added abrupt hurdles. For added abundant advice on the risks and uncertainties associated with our biologic development and commercialization activities, amuse assay the Accident Factors area of our best contempo anniversary address or anniversary address filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Any advanced statements allege alone as of the date of this columnist absolution and we accept no obligation to amend any advanced statement.

Ionis Forward-Looking StatementThis columnist absolution includes advanced statements apropos Ionis’ cardinal accord with Biogen and the development, activity, ameliorative potential, assurance and commercialization of nusinersen. Any account anecdotic Ionis’ goals, expectations, banking or added projections, intentions or behavior is a advanced account and should be advised an at-risk statement. Such statements are accountable to assertive risks and uncertainties, decidedly those inherent in the action of discovering, developing and commercializing drugs that are safe and able for use as animal therapeutics, and in the endeavor of architecture a business about such drugs. Ionis’ advanced statements additionally absorb assumptions that, if they never actualize or prove correct, could account its after-effects to alter materially from those bidding or adumbrated by such advanced statements. Although Ionis’ advanced statements reflect the acceptable acceptance acumen of its management, these statements are based alone on facts and factors currently accepted by Ionis. As a result, you are cautioned not to await on these advanced statements. These and added risks apropos Ionis’ programs are declared in added detail in Ionis’ anniversary address on Anatomy 10-K for the year concluded December 31, 2015, and its best contempo anniversary address on Anatomy 10-Q, which are on book with the SEC. Copies of these and added abstracts are accessible from the Company.

BIOGEN and the BIOGEN logo are registered trademarks of BIOGEN.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals™ is a brand of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Akcea Therapeutics™ is a brand of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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All You Need To Know About Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination Form | Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination Form – hammersmith infant neurological examination form
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