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Last anniversary I wrote an commodity blue-blooded Stopping Online Piracy in the Age of Entitlement, which lamented the egregiously apocryphal claims fabricated by those who challenged and protested the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  The accuracy is there are anarchists who artlessly accept that they accept the appropriate to abduct artistic works of others afterwards advantageous for them and that causes complete accident to businesses, to the abridgement and to workers who lose their jobs or are not hired.

Prepare Federal Return Form 12, 12-A And 12-... | Chegg
Prepare Federal Return Form 12, 12-A And 12-… | Chegg | federal form 1125 a

A contempo animadversion to the above commodity explained the botheration perfectly.  The commenter — Big Greg — explained:

[T]heft of our company’s artistic works occurs consistently and costs complete money. The accomplishment our baby accumulation is afflicted to absorb policing our IP from both apprenticed and bent Internet thieves is so unproductive. And, win or lose, the amount to comedy in federal cloister is so daunting. I’d abundant rather put that accomplishment and those assets into growing a business, hiring artistic agents and authoritative actual contributions to our customer’s lives.

Those who don’t appetite to accept the Chamber of Business statistics about how abounding jobs are absent as the aftereffect of advancing absorb contravention are added than adequate to stick their active in the sand.  But area are the actuality based arguments?  All I apprehend is “you can’t assurance the Chamber.”  Fine, what is the truth?  Do you absolutely accept the annexation of bookish acreage doesn’t amount jobs?  Sadly there are some that do assume to accept that, or who at the actual atomic appetite to argue themselves and others that bookish acreage annexation is a victimless crime.  It is acutely aboveboard to pretend that such annexation doesn’t abnormally appulse the abridgement and jobs.

If a agrarian army of affronted hooligans raged into your complete apple abundance and blanket from you no one would catechism the damage, but the bookish acreage anarchists acquisition it adequate that movies that amount $100 actor or added to accomplish are afflicted and advisedly broadcast on the Internet on aperture day.  Talk about bookish dishonesty.

One of the things that affronted me the best about the SOPA debate, if you can alike alarm it that, was the lying.  The New York Times was already accepted as the cardboard of almanac in the United States, but now it seems to book lie afterwards lie as if it is their appropriate beneath the First Amendment to barf falsehoods in an attack to amplitude accessible policy.  I said in a animadversion to the above commodity that I anticipation it was about time the New York Times be sued for the lies they tell.

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Subversion of the accuracy to advanced a claimed calendar or to boss agitation should not be adequate accent beneath the First Amendment.  The columnist is declared to assure and inform, not aces a ancillary and afresh lie and adulterate so that the called ancillary prevails.  The First Amendment was never advised to accommodate media aristocratic with the adeptness to boss accessible discourse.

Before action any further, let’s set the table and betrayal the New York Times lie already again. In the New York Times Rebecca MacKinnon wrote:

The bills would empower the advocate accepted to actualize a banish of sites to be blocked by Internet annual providers, chase engines, acquittal providers and announcement networks, all afterwards a cloister audition or a trial.

For whatever acumen MacKinnon accept to lie and body her complete altercation about article that is provably apocryphal if alone you apprehend Section 102 of SOPA.  Section 102 of SOPA appropriate the Advocate Accepted to book an action in federal court, and Section 102 accurately explained how annual of action is to be afflicted and what the Federal District Cloister Judge can Adjustment in agreement of a antidote adjoin a website that aboveboard engages in anarchic activities.  So for MacKinnon, or anyone else, to say that SOPA violates due action or allows for penalties “without a cloister audition or a trial” is artlessly false.  Either it is a lie agilely advised to dispense accessible action and avert bookish acreage thieves or it shows the complete clueless attributes of the annotation accustomed in the New York Times.

Let’s acknowledgment to my animadversion that started the firestorm.  I wrote:

SOLUTION: Tax Returns for Bottle-Up, Inc Form 12-A 12 - Studypool - federal form 1125 a
SOLUTION: Tax Returns for Bottle-Up, Inc Form 12-A 12 – Studypool – federal form 1125 a | federal form 1125 a

As far as SOPA, protests are fine. What is not fine, in my opinion, is lying to dispense the outcome. The NY Times and others aria about the accoutrement of SOPA. Lying to abound shouldn’t be adequate accent beneath the First Amendment. The First Amendment doesn’t absolutely acquiesce apocryphal accent or accent that misrepresents. Someone care to sue the NY Times and added annual agencies for the acutely apocryphal things they say that appulse policy. Their lies shouldn’t be accustomed to abnormally appulse accommodation making.

Yes, I had the adventurousness to say what is considerately correct.  There is no complete appropriate beneath the First Amendment to appoint in apocryphal or ambiguous speech.  Admitting the actuality that this annual is accurately 100% actual you would accept anticipation I was agreeable in destructive behavior.  What fabricated it all the added absurd was that it was the anarchists who seemed best upset, both in comments on IPWatchdog and in a array of Twitter and blog accessories that approved to acrylic me as some affectionate of crazy.  You see the anarchists got so agitated because the alone comedy in their playbook is to lie and adulterate in adjustment to cull the complete over the eyes of abundant bodies that they can get their way.  That is area America is currently and if you ask me that is wholly unacceptable.

The First Amendment says:

Congress shall accomplish no law apropos an enactment of religion, or prohibiting the chargeless exercise thereof; or abbreviating the abandon of speech, or of the press; or the appropriate of the bodies peaceably to assemble, and to address the government for a redress of grievances.

So Congress cannot accomplish any law abbreviating the abandon of speech, or of the press.  Simple enough, right?  The alone agitation is that the First Amendment does not absolutely beggarly what is says.  The First Amendment talks in broad, across-the-board terms, but there are a deluge of instances area there are laws that affect the abandon of speech, and the abandon of the press.  For example, aspersion law has consistently been advised to be constant with the First Amendment admitting the actuality that individuals that appoint in aspersion or aspersion are captivated to annual for the apocryphal or ambiguous things that they say.  Alike those who broadcast things that are begin to be abusive are captivated to account, so acutely that is one instance area laws are accustomed to abbreviate the abandon to lie and/or misrepresent, as able-bodied as the appropriate to broadcast lies and/or misrepresentations.

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There are added examples as well.  The Federal Trade Commission describes its mission as preventing “business practices that are anticompetitive or ambiguous or arbitrary to consumers; to enhance a customer best and accessible compassionate of the advancing process…” This mission is achieved, at atomic in part, by action afterwards those who accomplish artifice or appoint in misrepresentations.  For example, see this sampling of FTC accomplishments that bind accent that was counterfeit or deceptive, all from 2012:

The Securities and Exchange Commission analogously goes afterwards about traded companies for authoritative apocryphal or ambiguous statements.  To allegorize the point see, for example:

Still further, 37 CFR 240.14A-9 says:

No address accountable to this adjustment shall be fabricated by agency of any proxy statement, anatomy of proxy, apprehension of affair or added communication, accounting or oral, complete any annual which, at the time and in the ablaze of the affairs beneath which it is made, is apocryphal or ambiguous with account to any actual fact, or which omits to accompaniment any actual actuality all-important in adjustment to accomplish the statements therein not apocryphal or ambiguous or all-important to actual any annual in any beforehand advice with account to the address of a proxy for the aforementioned affair or accountable amount which has become apocryphal or misleading.

Then there is brand law, which additionally prevents apocryphal or ambiguous statements.  15 U.S.C. 1125(a)(1)(B) says:

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Any actuality who, on or in affiliation with any appurtenances or services, or any alembic for goods, uses in business any word, term, name, sym, or device, or any aggregate thereof, or any apocryphal or ambiguous description of fact, or apocryphal or ambiguous representation of fact, which . . . misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities, or geographic agent of his or her or addition person=s goods, services, or bartering activities, shall be accountable in a civilian action by any actuality who believes that he or she is or is acceptable to be damaged by such act.

Moreover, afresh the United States Supreme Cloister has said that it is not a abuse of the First Amendment alike back Congress removes works ahead in the accessible area and grants absorb aegis to them.  See Supreme Cloister OKs Accessible Area Works Actuality Copyrighted.

So to anyone advantageous absorption to the law in accepted it would be accessible that there are a accomplished host of areas area laws prohibit apocryphal and ambiguous statements and none of these statutes or rules has anytime been declared actionable as actionable the First Amendment, admitting these laws frequently actuality at affair in cases afore the Supreme Court.

But what about the Supreme Court?  Has the Supreme Court, who is the final adjudicator of what the U.S. Constitution means, anytime accurately said that there is no complete appropriate to appoint in apocryphal or ambiguous speech?  Accept they anytime said that the First Amendment doesn’t assure apocryphal or ambiguous speech?  You bet!  See:

So I was appropriate and those who appetite to accept that the First Amendment protects any and all apocryphal or misrepresenting accent were wrong.  But that begs the question.  If advertisers and businesses are so adapted and cannot accomplish apocryphal or ambiguous statements, why should bogus annual organizations like the New York Times be accustomed to accomplish apocryphal or ambiguous statements?  The abandon of the columnist seems congenital aloft the foundation that the columnist are the protectors of association by informing; assuming a babysitter function.  Able-bodied alibi me for acquainted that the columnist takes abandon and has abundantly abdicated any babysitter function.  That actuality the case why shouldn’t they accept to comedy by the aforementioned rules as all added for accumulation businesses?  Do bogus annual organizations like the New York Times absolutely deserve appropriate analysis back they artlessly brownnose to what their admirers wants to hear?

Form a basic including – igknighttec
Form a basic including – igknighttec | federal form 1125 a

With this in apperception I acknowledgment to the point that set this altercation off.  In my assessment it is wholly unacceptable for bogus annual agencies like the New York Times to barf apocryphal and ambiguous advice in adjustment to appulse agitation and advance the ancillary of the altercation they accept accounted best aces to prevail.  I am ailing and annoyed of lie afterwards lie impacting accessible action and impacting the aftereffect of elections.  It is destructive to appoint in lying to accomplish an end that affects the masses, apparent and simple.  It is time to booty the action to those anarchists and aloof elites who anticipate they apperceive bigger and are accommodating to lie to accept their angle dominate.

Heretofore the United States Supreme Cloister has said that we do charge to abide lies and misrepresentations and the actuality that such activities afield skew accessible action agitation is not a acumen to prohibit that speech.  It is time to revisit those cases and that cerebration in ablaze of new civic realities.  The law prohibits apocryphal and ambiguous accent constant with the First Amendment back accident is done and bodies are afflicted as the aftereffect of apocryphal or ambiguous speech.  Our country is actuality baseborn out from beneath us by lies and misrepresentations and in the sound-bite era the masses abide acquiescently ignorant.  Our adopted leaders are crippled.  Alike if they knew what the appropriate things to do were they couldn’t anytime do it for abhorrence of affronted mobs actuality incited by those who lie and misrepresent.

But wait?  You don’t accept a First Amendment appropriate to bawl “FIRE” in a awash amphitheater or a First Amendment appropriate to abet a riot.  Witness the Oakland Occupy movement.  Witness protests in the mid-West that abuse politicians and shut bottomward government buildings.  I hardly admit America any more.  Journalists accept consistently been abundantly liberal, but now they assume to be a absolutely endemic accessory for the alms association that is accommodating to say annihilation and do annihilation to get their way.

Truly attention agreeable creators and backbreaking those who foolishly and carefully appoint in absorb contravention not alone makes absolute accepted sense, but it additionally would be acceptable for the economy.  Hopefully Congress will amount that out as agitation renews on means to prohibit online piracy.

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Prepare Federal Return Form 12, 12-A And 12-... | Chegg
Prepare Federal Return Form 12, 12-A And 12-… | Chegg | federal form 1125 a
12.12.12 Form 1220S Corporation Income Tax Returns | Internal ..
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SOLUTION: Tax Returns for Bottle-Up, Inc Form 12-A 12 - Studypool - federal form 1125 a
SOLUTION: Tax Returns for Bottle-Up, Inc Form 12-A 12 – Studypool – federal form 1125 a | federal form 1125 a

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