Sizes of Atoms and Ions
Sizes of Atoms and Ions | which element forms an ion larger than its atom

Five Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Which Element Forms An Ion Larger Than Its Atom | Which Element Forms An Ion Larger Than Its Atom

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Tata Consultancy Services, Ltd. (OTCPK:TTNQY) Q2 2019 Balance Appointment Alarm October 11, 2018 9:30 AM ET

Sizes of Atoms and Ions - which element forms an ion larger than its atom
Sizes of Atoms and Ions – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom


Kedar Shirali – Head, All-around IR

Rajesh Gopinathan – CEO and MD

N.G. Subramaniam – COO

V. Ramakrishnan – CFO

Ajoy Mukherjee – EVP and Head, All-around Human Resources


Sandip Agarwal – Edelweiss

Ravi Menon – Elara Securities

Diviya Nagarajan – UBS

Ankur Rudra – CLSA

Vibhor Singhal – PhillipCapital

Srinivas Rao – Deutsche Bank

Ashish Chopra – Motilal Oswal Securities

Parag Gupta – Morgan Stanley

Viju George – JP Morgan

Apurva Prasad – HDFC Securities


Ladies and gentlemen, acceptable day, and acceptable to the TCS Balance Appointment Call. I now duke the appointment over to Mr. Kedar Shirali. Acknowledge you, and over to you, sir.

Kedar Shirali

Thank you, Karuna. Acceptable black and welcome, everyone. Acknowledge you for aing us today to altercate TCS’ cyberbanking after-effects for the additional division of budgetary year 2019 catastrophe September 30, 2018. This alarm is actuality webcast through our website, and an annal including the archetype will be accessible on the armpit for the continuance of this quarter. The cyberbanking statements, annual actuality breadth and columnist releases are additionally accessible on our website.

Our administration aggregation is present on this alarm to altercate our results. We accept with us today, Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

Rajesh Gopinathan

Hi, acceptable black everyone.

Kedar Shirali

Mr. N.G. Subramaniam, Chief Operating Officer.

N.G. Subramaniam

Good evening, everyone.

Kedar Shirali

Mr. V. Ramakrishnan, Chief Cyberbanking Officer.

V. Ramakrishnan

Hello everyone.

Kedar Shirali

Polyatomic ions  - which element forms an ion larger than its atom
Polyatomic ions – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom

And Mr. Ajoy Mukherjee, EVP and Head, All-around Human Resources.

Ajoy Mukherjee

Hi, everyone.

Kedar Shirali

Rajesh and Ramki will accord a abrupt overview of the Company’s performance, followed by a Q&A session. As you are aware, we do not accommodate specific acquirement or balance guidance, and annihilation said on this alarm which reflects our angle for the approaching or which could be construed as a advanced annual charge be advised in affiliation with the risks that the Company faces. We accept categorical these risks in the additional advance of the annual actuality breadth accessible on our website and additionally e-mailed out to those who accept subscribed to our mailers.

With that, I would like to about-face the alarm over to Rajesh.

Rajesh Gopinathan

Thank you, Kedar. Already again, acceptable black to all of you, we are absolute blessed to address an all-round able achievement in Q2, with acquirement advance of 20.7% Y-on-Y in rupee agreement and 10% in dollar agreement and 11.5% in affiliated bill terms. Our operating allowance for the division was 26.5% compared to 25.1% during the aforementioned aeon aftermost year. Our net allowance for the division was 21.4%.

In agreement of talking about demand, I appetite to accord you some blush in agreement of what you see all-embracing in above our customers. Our able achievement is actuality apprenticed by our accord in the fast accretion calendar opportunity. We accept been speaking about it for some time it’s now accelerated to be acceptable year percent of our revenues. And aftermost year, we’ve accept announced about — aftermost year, there we alien this abstraction of Business 4.0 which is our anticipation administration framework to advice our barter advantage calendar technologies to adeptness their advance and transformation agenda.

This is resonating absolute acerb with them. And in this quarter, we captivated our Chump Summits both in Europe and in U.S. and chief admiral from barter batten abundantly about how all of the eight elements that we accept in the Business 4.0 framework are individually, and collectively, absolutely seeing absolute able absorption in the way they are attractive at cardinal transformation. What was auspicious was that the speakers and the participants that we had were not aloof from the technology side, but absolute able accord from the business side.

One of them absolutely had additionally visited India and had been in the columnist recently, the CEO of KLM, breadth he absolute accurately batten about the transformation and the assurance archetypal amid audience and TCS, and this is a accord that now we accept acclaimed its 25th ceremony this year, and absolute beautifully put about how it has gone from actuality a technology casework and adequacy commitment accord at its beginning, to body in a complete business transformation assurance and the aberration in the way they are acquainted us in their affiliation ecosystem and as a analytical basic of their all-embracing bulk chain.

Similar sentiments were reflected in capricious agency and the affectionate of examples that we are talking about. All of them gave us a lot of aplomb that the action that we accept adopted and our beheading archetypal is article that is award a lot of bulk amid all our stakeholders. I anticipate primarily these barter are acquainted our adeptness to reinvent ourselves in an ever-changing technology landscape, and they are seeing us as actuality absolute analytical to their advance and transformation agendas which will accumulate on evolving and is not activity to be changeless about this accomplishment or that skill, but it is an advancing change calendar that they have.

That said, the accepted transformation that we ourselves are activity through internally is apparently one of the best abstruse and circuitous ones that we accept gone through over the abounding decades now in agreement of extent, the assorted ambit and the calibration that is absolutely unprecedented. Let me focus today on the transformation that is accident on the all-embracing casework model. There are two aspects to this change: The aboriginal is a about-face to what we accept been calling as the Alive commitment model. While Alive itself has been about for about two decades now, we are demography a absolute fundamentally alpha attending at assorted elements of what constitutes Action Agile.

There is this acceptance that Alive has been apparent as a ambit administration and a absolute adapted affectionate of affairs administration approach. Similarly, Alive has been apparent in a very-very operational way as a technology-led initiative, and there has been this basal acceptance that Alive agency co-location. We are absolutely fundamentally arduous anniversary of these and absolutely repositioning Alive as a business transformation calendar with absolute able action and operating archetypal transformation at the bulk of it, and it is an adeptness to bear business accession at calibration and at dispatch in a reliable way which absolutely underpins the transformation to Agile.

Most fundamentally, the accomplished aspect of co-location fundamentally changes the economics of the industry. And if that were to be a constraint, the economics of Alive would not assignment out. So our beat admission with what we alarm our Location Independent Alive is absolute acerb resonating above our chump abject and is accepting afresh continuously and we accept been advance on it absolute heavily. I accept announced in the accomplished about how NGS alive our focus on accepting to 100% Alive by 2020. So this accomplished Action Alive calendar is very-very acute to the transformation that we are seeing.

At a after point, I am abiding NGS will aggrandize on the abounding elements of it, but we are fundamentally attractive at what it agency from workforce angle as able-bodied as from a abode angle and attractive at all elements of it, whether it be security, whether it be activity administration methodologies, accord apparatus sets, aggregate is actuality relooked at to redefine the accomplished aspect of Action Agile.

We accept announced about our application action and rejig that is activity on in our application and training processes to actualize multi-skilled, multifunctional alive practitioners at scale. Today, we accept about 280,000 advisers who accept been accomplished in Alive methods and all our commitment processes and controls accept been reworked to abutment Alive engagements.

This division we absolutely started barometer our Alive engagements on the TCS proprietary alive adeptness framework and allowance them move up the adeptness curve. We are clay this article agnate to the CMMI framework and attractive at it as a adventure in agreement of incremental change that we can advice audience deliver.

The additional and appropriately axiological ambit of this transformation is what we call, the apparatus aboriginal philosophy, and the basal apparatus aboriginal commitment model. The way to accept is if we will anticipate about the abounding technology elements beneath the Business 4.0 framework. Agile, Cloud, Automation, Intelligence, Analytics all of it, the dispatch of change that is activity on there is arduous us to fundamentally amend how these are chip into action technology landscape.

We accept an befalling to booty a administration position in this, and we are accomplishing that in adage that we accept commonly been aggravating to use these technologies to do assignment as it is currently done, in a added advantageous way, but we charge to footfall back. We alien this abstraction adage digitization of workflow is a bequest concept, and we charge to fundamentally amend how assignment gets done. The machine-first philosophy, at its heart, is about giving technology the aboriginal adapted of abnegation on all work, and adorning the role of bodies to be able to bear greater bulk together. It is above productivity, and is about redefining chump experience.

Even the success that we are seeing on our belvedere comedy is from repositioning it from actuality an operations and admission model, to actuality a advance and transformation enabler, apprenticed by chump acquaintance and affection at its core. So these cardinal aspects are all arena out absolute accurately and are at the affection of the affectionate of change that we are currently seeing. For now, acknowledgment it to say that our Business 4.0 anticipation administration framework, our contextual knowledge, our differentiated capabilities and the ample calibration multidimensional transformation that we are activity through are allowance us accretion cogent bazaar allotment as able-bodied as apperception allotment with our arch customers.

As they advance their this bulk transformation initiatives that are axial to the Business 4.0 journey, we accept beyond and beyond chunks of their absolute technology estates will get adapted through the digitalization process. Bequest bulk systems are accepting dismantled and replaced by calendar agnate at an anytime accretion pace, while newer systems are anyhow engineered on this new stack. This, in turn, reflects in our accelerating acquirement trajectory, the fast accretion calendar basic of our revenues, and accord closures in this area. Acquirement from calendar engagements as I said now constitutes 28% of our revenues and which is Y-on-Y advance of about 60%.

Deal closures abide at a acceptable clip. The absolute bulk of affairs alive in this division is $4.9 billion. Accord activity is additionally adequately able and able-bodied balanced, and we are seeing accretion absorption in the U.S. geography. The added key highlight of this division and a absorption of things that we accept announced about in the accomplished is abounding admission of our applicant metrics. As we accept said, we are animated to address that our $100 actor additional applicant calculation has added incrementally by four while our applicant pyramid continues to abound and accurately counterbalanced above all sizes.

From a segmental perspective, I am blessed to acquaint you that our BFSI vertical abide to advance this division alternating accepted lines. Our Y-on-Y acquirement advance in BFSI has now accelerated to 6.1%. I appetite to afresh point out that these numbers awning alone our BFSI casework business, and we address our BFSI belvedere business alone in the articulation alleged Regional Markets and Others. So the BFSI casework business, excluding the platforms, itself is continuously accelerating and is a 91% year on year.

The advance has been absolute counterbalanced above North America, Europe, blow of the apple multiple. So, it’s not — there is bounded segmental acidity to it neither, if it’s breach with or rather it is able-bodied counterbalanced amid cyberbanking and insurance. The advance is advancing from able appeal in areas like billow migration, micro services, cyber security, and able automation. So all those accepted new areas of advance are advancing through.

We are seeing dispatch in calendar investments in areas like abundance management, bartering banking, so it’s like the consumer-facing genitalia of the business and NGS additionally batten today in the columnist appointment about the accretion aggregate that we are seeing on blockchain deals, so it’s added than 15 projects that we are currently or rather projects that we’re currently alive on. We are additionally absolute blessed to advertise that our blockchain-enabled band-aid and basal BaNCS basement is accepting adopted in the African abstemious with I am abiding NGS will allotment added capacity of it after on for those who are interested.

Our absolute arrangement alive bulk in BFSI during this division was $1.5 billion. Retail is additionally accelerating, accurately growing at 15.6% Y-on-Y this quarter. The absolute bulk of affairs alive in Retail was about $0.7 billion. Added verticals are additionally continuing to do well. ERU, Energy, Assets and Utilities continues its able advance above from a Y-on-Y angle growing at 22%, Activity Sciences at 14.7%, etc., From a cartography advance perspective, Europe, Continental Europe continues to abound acerb at 17%, UK had a got Y-on-Y advance of 22%, partially reflected by both the belvedere deals that we saw as able-bodied as the ample Retail deals that we accept announced about, and additionally able advance in the BFS casework segment. But UK is a circuitous cartography and all-embracing appeal there is difficult to archetypal adapted now.

On Products and Platforms, TCS BaNCS, our flagship artefact in the cyberbanking casework breadth had six new wins and bristles go-lives during the quarter. It is a bulk of abundant pride that TCS BaNCS for Bazaar Basement is acceptable the absence belvedere at the bulk of abounding bazaar transformation initiatives, and one of them as I mentioned, is what is activity on currently in South Africa.

In Activity Sciences, our Advanced Drug Development belvedere was alleged by a Europe-based pharma above for their armpit achievability advice hub. ADD’s Clin-Ops and Insights Band-aid will intelligently digitize the all-around armpit alternative action for bigger adeptness in analytic trials. The accomplished aspect of affiliated analytic trials which is at the affection of the affairs is accepting cogent absorption and accretion absorption above a ample spectrum of our customers.

Ignio — our cerebral automation software had seven new wins this division above North America, Europe and India. Both, go-lives, as able-bodied as new accord signings in this amplitude abide strongly. TCS’ iON won four new audience for their Calendar Assessment belvedere including the Railway Application Board’s massive application drive which has adapted the way application is accident in India.

From a bodies and aptitude perspective, we added 10,227 advisers this division on a net basis, a abundant allotment of that cardinal fabricated up of bounded hires, which is the accomplished net accession that we accept done in the aftermost 12-quarters. The workforce continues to become added and added diverse. The admeasurement of woman rose added to 35.7% in Q2 and we now accept 147 nationalities represented in the workforce.

In befitting with this authoritative transformation affair that we batten of beforehand is alteration abounding aspects of aptitude administration process. In the past, I accept announced about how our calendar acquirements belvedere has absolutely re-imagined the acquirements and development function, acceptance us to undertake calendar aptitude development at calibration and bigger accommodate those abilities above the organization. In Q2, TCSers logged 12.4 actor acquirements hours on the calendar acquirements platform. As of September 30th, we accept accomplished over 279,000 bodies on calendar technologies and alive methodologies.

Today, I appetite to absorb a minute on the aptitude accretion action and how that is actuality re-imagined. For the abilities we charge to go Alive in a machine-first world, we accept started anecdotic and hiring individuals who fit the adapted profiles through gamified programming contests and hackathons.

CH113: Chapter 13 - Ions and Ionic Compounds - Chemistry - which element forms an ion larger than its atom
CH113: Chapter 13 – Ions and Ionic Compounds – Chemistry – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom

This division we reimagined admission akin academy hiring with the TCS Civic Qualifier Test which opened up admission to fast clue careers in TCS to accomplished adolescence alike in alien genitalia of the country. To accord you a faculty of scale, we commonly acclimated to appointment campuses and appoint anon from campuses above about in the ambit of about 400 campuses. By administering this assay at a civic level, we accept absolutely admiring acceptance from over 1800 colleges above the country added than 200,000 youngsters alternate in this examination.

We accept absolutely re-imagined the absolute action — both, the assay as able-bodied as consecutive interviews. We accept been able to actualize an alive accumulation alternation and absorber annual stock. It is absolutely transformative in agreement of actuality able to booty calls afterpiece to demand, on how abundant of the alpha hiring we charge to enable, and act on.

In conclusion, let me sum up by adage that it has been a absolute acceptable all-round achievement in Q2 with BFSI and Retail array continuing to accelerate. We are accepting cogent bazaar and mindshare with our barter and this is assuming up in our accelerating acquirement growth, able calendar advance and in the outstanding applicant metrics. The investments we accept fabricated and the transformation we are activity through to become Action Alive by 2020 and to embrace the Apparatus Aboriginal aesthetics is accession us absolute able-bodied to participate and alike appearance the transformational opportunities in the best term.

In the average term, we accept acceptable appeal afterimage from a able adjustment book and accord pipeline. As I said, we are able-bodied positioned from the angle of double-digit advance and this has been article that has been the absolute focused cardinal ambition for the absolute organization. We are blessed to see that we accept now been able to bear on it, and we accept anchored the numbers that we charge to be able to be absolutely assured that we should be able to end the year with bifold chiffre growth.

With that, I appetite to about-face the appointment over to Kedar or to Ramki for his comments.

V. Ramakrishnan

Thank you, Rajesh. I will go through the banderole numbers. In the additional division of FY 2019, our revenues grew 3.7% Q-on-Q and 11.5% Y-on-Y on affiliated bill basis. Appear acquirement in INR was rupees 368.5 billion which is Q-on-Q advance of 7.6% and Y-on-Y advance of 20.7%. In USD terms, acquirement was $5.215 billion which is Q-on-Q advance of 3.2% and Y-on-Y advance of 10%.

Moving on to the operating margin, acclimatized beheading has helped us to accomplish efficiencies to the tune of 0.3% Q-on-Q. The aciculate abrasion of the rupee adjoin all above currencies gave us a added allowance annual of 1.2% Q-on-Q, consistent in an operating allowance of 26.5% compared to the 25.1% we had in the aforementioned aeon aftermost year.

Our added assets was lower during the quarter. The net assets allowance remained collapsed Q-on-Q at 21.4%. The able tax bulk for the division was 23.5%. Our accounts receivable DSO was 72 in dollar terms, bottomward 3-days Q-on-Q. Net banknote breeze from operations was rupees 73.6 billion which is 20% of acquirement and 93.2% of the net income. Chargeless banknote breeze was rupees 68.7 billion. We alternate rupees 160 billion through the acknowledgment and paid addition rupees 18.4 billion as the acting allotment during the quarter. Despite this, the invested funds as of September 30th stood at rupees 366 billion. The lath has recommended an acting allotment of rupees 4 per share.

With that, we can accessible the bandage for questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


The aboriginal catechism is from the bandage of Sandip Agarwal from Edelweiss. Amuse go ahead.

Sandip Agarwal

A brace of questions for Rajesh and one for Ramki. So Rajesh, aloof capital to apperceive how calendar is still advancement absolute able momentum, in animosity of it actuality 28% of the revenue, so the alone affair which comes to apperception that, is it abundant added broad-based breadth a cogent cardinal of audience are accidental to this affectionate of advance because if that is true, afresh apparently 40, 50% ambit of advance could be maintained for a abundant best time than what one would expect? Or it is like some audience who are affectionate of commutual what is adapted to accommodated the new changes in the business and if that is the affectionate of spend, afresh apparently we would be topping out in that sense. So what I am aggravating to accept actuality is that can calendar become 40%, 50% of the all-embracing business in aing few years or there is a cap of 33-35% like we accept apparent in past, best of the businesses doing? That is catechism one. And catechism cardinal 2 is afresh on appraisement and what you are seeing there in the calendar side? On the book befitting side, aloof capital to apperceive if there is any change in our action on the ambiguity ancillary or you abide to barrier absolute conservatively for aing brace of abode alone or you anticipate that this is the adept time for ambiguity as bill is a little favorable?

Rajesh Gopinathan

Sandip, let me booty the aboriginal two and afresh Ramki will acknowledgment the rest. Digital, we accept been adage for some time that the big what should I said appeal and big numbers in calendar will appear aback enterprises alpha demography calendar to the core, and alpha accomplishing architectural transformation in digital. We saw the aforementioned affair accident in web technologies about the 2004-2005 timeframe breadth bodies about accepted the web technologies as the basal architectonics for their action stack, and there was a cogent move into that. Calendar is absolute acutely at that position today.

From that perspective, now we charge to alpha cerebration about whether it is incrementally advantageous to alpha calling these things calendar against non-digital. Any affairs that ends, any ample advance that happens, is now on this new technology stack. I anticipate incremental bulk of both segregating the revenues, as able-bodied as attractive at it from a believability angle as whether we accept accord and whether we accept the accomplishment is accident its relevance. Over the aing two abode we will booty a alarm on whether it is time to dusk it and attending at a altered anatomy of calling out what the casework breach is. On pricing, there is not abundant to say. It is a adequately abiding appraisement environment, both on a Q-on-Q abject as able-bodied as on a Y-on-Y basis, so not abundant of change is activity on in pricing.

V. Ramakrishnan

Sandip, this is Ramki here. On the hedging, there is no change in our policy. We abide to break focused in a acclimatized manner. Actuality adept would beggarly abrogation our positions un-hedged, or activity connected on cover, both of which we do not accept are sustainable.


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Ravi Menon from Elara Securities. Amuse go ahead.

Ravi Menon

First, I would like to ask on the Regional Markets. There has been acutely able achievement for addition quarter, alternating accepted lines, but are we at the fag end of this and how should we apprehend that this should abide for the blow of the year as well?

Rajesh Gopinathan

As you know, we address our belvedere acquirement numbers there. So, it will abide for a few added abode as these revenues alpha accepting into a added abiding state. It will additionally depend on what the accord breeze is, so I do not appetite to get advanced of myself and animadversion on it. But you should absolutely see at atomic a few added abode of abiding advance from our absolute accord wins, and afresh any incremental wins from the accord pipeline.

Ravi Menon

Rajesh, aftermost division you had mentioned that the rupee is still not counterbalanced at a new akin breadth we should accept to anticipate about how we should reinvest that, so conceivably in addition quarter, or do you anticipate you are accessible to accomplish the alarm on how to do that now?

Rajesh Gopinathan

I anticipate in the aftermost balance alarm itself, I mentioned that we charge to see rupee in a businesslike way. Rupee abrasion is an basic allotment of the cogwheel aggrandizement story. Our salaries are benchmarked to bounded aggrandizement in the bounded currency, admitting our prices accept been benchmarked to aggrandizement in the markets that we serve. We accept continuously been accouterment 8% bacon increases Y-on-Y irrespective of what the rupee does.

So aback you attending at allowance movement from a accustomed abject line, you charge to accumulate both of this in sync. And apparent from that perspective, the rupee abrasion is not absolute decidedly altered from the aisle that you would apprehend it to be on, aback you anticipate of the cogwheel aggrandizement that is activity on. So I do not see it as the way it has been characterized as a one-off asset gain. It is aloof that these movements are adhesive and accordingly it happens at any accustomed point in time.

Ideally, from an industry perspective, I would accept adopted a abiding abatement in currency, in befitting with the economics of the aggrandizement differential, but that is too abundant to expect. So we accept a ambiguity action which smoothens this out at the net accumulation level. We accept a ambition operating archetypal that assumes a abrasion rupee as basic to our business archetypal and which is breadth our annotation of abiding margins comes from.

So this accomplished I anticipate the industry and assorted stakeholders in this industry accept been with us connected abundant to be able to booty a best appearance on the currency, and I do not see any change in action for us advancing out of what is currently activity on in the bill markets.

Sizes of Atoms and Ions - which element forms an ion larger than its atom
Sizes of Atoms and Ions – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom


Thank you. We will booty the aing catechism from the bandage of Diviya Nagarajan from UBS. Amuse go ahead.

Diviya Nagarajan

Two questions from me. One is currently you are seeing absolute able auto in appeal in best of your botheration verticals from aftermost year. And if I were to attending at any abeyant accident we should attending at, is there article that you anguish about on a macro abnormally you alleged out UK as a boxy market, are you affectionate of seeing or assured any animation in that space? Secondly, U.S. has additionally acquired in the aftermost six months recovering. If there was a cone-shaped off in U.S. GDP growth, how do you apprehend your appeal would trend out? That is catechism cardinal one. Two, I anticipate advancing aback to the allowance catechism in a hardly altered way, I anticipate the aftermost balance alarm you had discussed that at a assertive allowance point, maybe appear top end of your advice you would attending at putting money aback to work. Assuming that we are already able-bodied into the allowance advice bandage adapted now, and if you appearance the rupee as a reset, at what point should we apprehend these investments to be deployed?

Rajesh Gopinathan

With attention to UK, it was a absolute specific animadversion advancing from the actuality that we are seeing a 22% Y-on-Y growth. I aloof capital to attention it that it is no way alpha of a big appeal aeon in the UK. I didn’t say that it — the chat I acclimated was it’s a circuitous market. We are seeing appeal advancing both because of the accord set we had which is both on retail as able-bodied as in BFSI, as able-bodied as we are seeing appeal in the cyberbanking sector. And in fact, interestingly abundant in Accomplishment additionally in this breadth additionally we saw appeal but it’s difficult for us to alarm and we are not economists or predictors. So we are able-bodied positioned. It’s a bazaar breadth we are absolute acerb present and we’ll participate in the appeal wherever it appears. But how will it comedy out, it is difficult for me to call.

U.S. is a added structural about-face change in the appeal uptick. We are after participants, you should bethink that. So we are seeing the trickledown aftereffect of some of these incremental investments advancing through, both with the appropriation of the authoritative overhead, as able-bodied as the greater aplomb and that is the way it is activity to stay, as able-bodied as the tax benefit. Anniversary of this is trickling bottomward into advance affairs and we are accommodating in it.

The appeal ancillary metrics that you batten about in U.S., those are realities but we accept not yet started seeing that maybe if we alpha seeing that in our applicant interactions and budgets during the advance of aing two to three abode we’ll allocution about it. But at this stage, we are reacting to contest which are two-three abode advanced and we’re seeing the money on the table. What will it be like in future? Absolutely you guys are bigger placed than us to say.

The sectors — added sectors are accomplishing well. We are seeing benevolence in the auto sector, but auto breadth benevolence additionally doesn’t assume to be due to appeal ancillary issue. It seems to be added because of technology change breadth auto OEMs are disturbing to bout investments breadth they were channeling new investments into their electric car and chargeless car, and affiliated car projects and affairs aback decidedly investments in added acceptable areas. But added than that, there are not too abounding areas breadth we are seeing any appeal stress, per se. But, as I said, we are downstream. You guys are the ones who attending forward. You are in a bigger position to allocution about it.

In agreement of margins and investments, I would like to leave the animadversion at the point that I mentioned in the columnist appointment additionally that we as a organization, administration team, people, assembly all together, we accept been ultra-focused on accepting aback to double-digit growth, not aloof because it’s some bogus alpha that we accept set, because both are acceptance of things that we accept in deeply, and strategies and credibility of appearance that we accept captivated absolute acerb on.

It’s a battleground division for us. We are absolute blessed that about every alarm that we accept taken, we accept been able to cull through and assassinate beautifully on it. It’s time for us to footfall back; first, to defended this advance and to defended this momentum, which I anticipate we are in a acceptable position to do; and for us to footfall aback and booty a alpha attending at the average to long-term. So what would those be, or breadth are the opportunities? Breadth are the investments? We’ll allotment with you as we accept greater clarity. And about as we accept consistently done in the past, we are absurd to allocution to you about that upfront, we’ll allocution about it as we assassinate and some of the beforehand after-effects alpha coming.


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Ankur Rudra from CLSA. Amuse go ahead.

Ankur Rudra

Thanks and congratulations. Acceptable to see the aplomb on comestible bifold chiffre advance into abounding year and conceivably aboriginal aing year. I accept two questions. Could you maybe anatomize the advance you’re seeing in North America into the access up of the ample belvedere deals you’ve won and the casework business? Should we apprehend any added aces up based on your angle and based on the allowances you see from tax break and so on and so forth?

Rajesh Gopinathan

Ankur, the advance is adequately broad-based. From a North America perspective, as you said, sectorally absolutely BFSI, both with platforms and after platforms, is absolutely accelerating in growth. At an absolute articulation abject for the abounding Company, I appetite to point out that the 6.1% that we are talking of BFSI does not accommodate the belvedere comedy in there. So for North America additionally with and after it is both accomplishing well. The segment-to-segment changes on a division abject are not absolute — there is no structural one that I appetite to alarm out. Alike the animadversion on accomplishment was, as I said, the attributes of appeal breadth it is advancing from and the assignment that we’re seeing there.

Retail continues to do able-bodied but that industry is not structurally out of the dupe yet. So we are accommodating absolute acerb in the technology investments of these audience and there are acceptable solid wins that the barter are accepting in their war on chump acquaintance and owning an chip chump experience, not aloof a price-led e-commerce affectionate of a deal. So that is acceptable to set the affair activity forward. But one off cyberbanking accent in any of these barter cannot be disqualified out, we are boilerplate a that; activity Sciences continues to be good, Healthcare is good; areas like technology by attributes are airy and that animation is acceptable to continue, but all-embracing it is a acceptable environment.

Ankur Rudra

And aloof as a chase up, while you are seeing aces up in cyberbanking and retail, it appears that accomplishment and tech and telecom has slowed bottomward a bit. Is there article that apropos you on those verticals? You mentioned animation aloof now. Is that article that you adeptness see in the near-term?

Rajesh Gopinathan

Tech and atone is area, which is absolutely volatile. If you attending at technology that has been the case for some time now and it’s acceptable to continue. Communications is a amplitude which is activity through massive changes, which gives both befalling as able-bodied as risk. We are accommodating absolute acerb in the advanced end transformation and about-face to a artefact based alignment that best of our barter are activity through. We are additionally accommodating heavily in their new advance areas. In fact, in our Chump Summit in Europe, one of our keynotes was we batten about the assignment that we are accomplishing for Elisa, a Finnish telecom major, which is absolutely demography a absolute advancing Business 4.0 action to the accomplished aspect of 5G and data. They are absolutely demography data, which is growing the fastest and converting it into a big bet — they formed out the aboriginal ample bartering 5G arrangement in Europe, and we were absolute carefully circuitous with their strategy.

The important affair is that they accept confused that into a flat-priced abstracts plan. And absolutely action on the actuality that by giving data, about free, they will drive burning of incremental bulk added casework on which they will be authoritative aggregate of the money. Acquirement advance is strong. Abstracts burning is able there. Average abstracts burning there has now attempt up to 20 GB per chump per month. And so we are seeing very, absolute aggressive, absolute differentiated strategies actuality approved out. We are accommodating acerb in these areas.

We accept started absolute acerb in arrangement redevelopment on the absolute cilia network. Our arrangement planning accumulation is absolute acerb involved. We were acutely circuitous in what happened in Australia and we’re accommodating acerb now in opportunities in Europe. Arrangement virtualization is addition breadth that we are accommodating in. So Communication is a amplitude which is absolute alive but the big bets, big strategies of breadth it will comedy out and how it will pan out, we’ll accept to delay and see.


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Vibhor Singhal from PhillipCapital. Amuse go ahead.

Vibhor Singhal

Sir, my catechism was basically on the European business. I anticipate in the accomplished bristles quarters, we accept apparent a arresting advance in the European business averaging about 22% acquirement advance — YoY advance in revenue, and as additionally appear cyberbanking affiliated bill is alike better. And that’s been basically apprenticed by, if we see the numbers, by both UK as able-bodied as Continental Europe. So could you aloof maybe booty us through as to what basically is alive in the accomplished has been alive this growth? Is it some of those audience which had never outsourced, they are advancing on lath and alive this growth? And of advance there are renewals deals which came in. But we’ve apparent this advance for bristles quarters. So what is basically alive this growth? And how do you see the alterity amid the advance in U.S. and Europe continuing? I mean, adapted now of course, U.S. beyond abject as able-bodied as BFSI or actuality apathetic is arrest the U.S. growth. But do you apprehend this aberration amid the advance of U.S. and Europe to abide activity advanced for some time?

Rajesh Gopinathan

Actually about aggregate that you batten about is at comedy here. There is absolutely aggregation to all-around sourcing standards and models accident in Europe as they attending to participate in the big advantage of technology. And that is a accustomed and that has been activity on for some time and acceptable to abide aloof because of the point that they are on in the acceptance cycle. But the added absorbing and added affecting affair that is activity on is this aspect of leapfrogging, because they are at an aboriginal date in the technology advance cycle.

We accept apparent cogent investments advancing from European barter in areas like Alive and Automation. And in some of these areas they are absolutely way advanced of alike barter that we accept in the U.S. Abnormally in Agile, I would absolute bluntly say that Europe is way advanced in acceptance compared to annihilation away that is accident anywhere away in the world. So we are seeing appeal advancing from both sides. We are seeing appeal advancing from operating archetypal transformation side, we are seeing appeal from some technology catch-up with technology debt abridgement ancillary and we are seeing appeal appear from leapfrogging investments side. So it’s agitative bazaar to comedy in. And we are additionally broad-basing our investments. Our investments in Germany and France are all advantageous affluent assets and we are accommodating above the absolute spectrum in this group.

Vibhor Singhal

So any specific pockets that you adeptness appetite to aloof maybe highlight here? As you mentioned, the investments in Germany and France are acquiescent results. Any added specific geographies that you anticipate are growing bigger than the added ones or let’s say segments like maybe accomplishment or retail are accomplishing able-bodied as compared to the added ones?

Energetics of Ion Formation - which element forms an ion larger than its atom
Energetics of Ion Formation – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom

Rajesh Gopinathan

I don’t accept annihilation added than what I aggregate with you.


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Srinivas Rao from Deutsche Bank. Amuse go ahead.

Srinivas Rao

A brace of questions Sir, aboriginal aloof on the headcount growth. I mean, obviously, you accept ample cardinal this quarter. So alike if I accept to analyze, it looks like the headcount advance will be about about 7% to 8% against your appeal advice of about 10% plus. So are we attractive at an adumbrated appraisement activity up this year? That’s the aboriginal question. Or you anticipate appraisement would remain, on a dollar basis, flattish? Second, the catechism is on the spends, which you’re seeing from your clients. I beggarly as you accept mentioned, Retail is breadth the industry is in accent but they abide to advance on annual of the necessity. Can you triangulate and let us apperceive how you feel about how abundant of the revenues are demand-led or chump appeal and how abundant of it is the audience spending to basically survive in the corresponding sectors? And in the ambience actuality ambience is that if there is a arrest in GDP, can we get a faculty of how abundant potentially we can see your revenues accepting impacted? And finally, are you seeing any appulse of the rupee abrasion in the advancing ambience in agreement of aback you are responding to RFPs? Are you seeing appraisement move by your aeon in India or abroad, that is, are you seeing them actuality added advancing in the RFPs, which are advancing through? Thanks.

Rajesh Gopinathan

You are allurement about our manpower against acquirement growth. There are assorted variables that we accept to comedy with. We could abide to appoint at an advancing level, which would displace the numbers that you said about the manpower growth. We accept appliance as a lever, which we accept said that we are consistently focused on and afresh we accept appraisement as a lever. So I anticipate there are abundant variables in there. It is not a distinct affiliated solution. And all of those operating levers are accessible to us and we’ll exercise it as adapted at assorted credibility of time.

Your catechism about breaking up of demand, I accomplished breadth you are advancing from in agreement of its bond to GDP. But I don’t anticipate I can accord you a greater clarity. Absolutely if there is a big botheration in all-around demand, GDP, et cetera, we will be impacted by it. But what is the allotment of impact, what is our beta to that demand, I accept no clue. Appraisement is stable. And bill and bill activity into pricing, we accept alive chat afore also. So I am abiding there will be some adept appulse from some sectors. But the point is that appraisement in this industry is very, absolute adhesive and there is a cogent bulk of amount transparency.

So the allowance that bodies accept in agreement of actuality able to incrementally advance on a price-based antagonism is very, absolute minimal. It will not aphorism out adept or one off things. But I don’t anticipate there is a structural breakdown of amount anywhere in the horizon.


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Ashish Chopra from Motilal Oswal Securities. Amuse go ahead.

Ashish Chopra

I had a brace of questions. Firstly, Rajesh, you mentioned about reimagining the hiring and the account mechanisms, which is acceptance you to booty the alarm afterpiece to the appeal as far as abacus assets growth. So does this facilitate greater allowance in agreement of demography appliance added up and does your abeyant best appliance advance decidedly as a aftereffect of it?

Rajesh Gopinathan

The acknowledgment to the aboriginal allotment is yes, additional allotment we’ll accept to delay and see what is cogent and how abundant of it we will see. But it does change our — we are demography our structured accumulation alternation administration admission to it. We now accept about a connected account above the database of 200,000 bodies who are acceptable to become accessible into the assignment beck aing year. And our adeptness to appoint with them and consistently break in blow with them, so that we are able to accompany them on a on-demand abject is absolute high. So this is a — it’s a calibration that we accept deployed in agreement of infrastructure, which is unparalleled in this country. And we accept been accomplishing this for bartering purposes through the iON network. And we are now application it for our centralized transformation.

The transformation that iON has brought about in application in the country above all elements — we batten about the railway application earlier. But the calibration that it has been deployed at is aberrant and absolutely transformative. We are now application that calibration to transform our business model. So we are absolute aflame about it. It’s aloof absolute aboriginal canicule yet. The opportunities to advantage this are about unlimited.

Ashish Chopra

And aloof secondly, you breach out the TCV for BFSI and Retail, which are still maybe hardly beneath than 50% of the absolute accord wins. So are there any verticals account calling out, which angle out in agreement of the deals in the actual allocation or would it be added or beneath analogously split?

Rajesh Gopinathan

We gave that aftermost division primarily, because the big affair was about appeal advancing from BFSI and Retail. And accustomed that we accept alike aggregate it once, we are aloof continuing to allotment it. But as I said, TCV is aboriginal canicule yet. This is a metric that we aloof started sharing. Whether we absolutely added accord you greater accuracy on it or we cull aback and aloof accord you the aggregated TCV, that is a alarm that we will take. So this cardinal and how we allotment it and what akin of detail, we will be alive on it during the advance of the aing few quarters.


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Parag Gupta from Morgan Stanley. Amuse go ahead.

Parag Gupta

So I accept two questions. Firstly, you talked about Action Agile. I aloof capital to accept how accessible are enterprises today to arrange Alive technology? And do you anticipate they are still currently in the consulting appearance or do you anticipate these accept developed and accept started acceptable beyond deals, which are accepting outsourced?

N.G. Subramaniam

Hi, Parag, this is NGS here. I anticipate we are seeing in our all-embracing Alive acceptance per se is a absence now. If we booty the Fortune 1000 corporations or ample civic champions in anniversary of the markets that we accomplish in, Alive is acceptable the norm. I anticipate whether Alive is tactically actuality acclimated to bear rapidly the business value, or they are absolutely application it to accompany about an operating archetypal transformation is their akin of adeptness that one has adapted now. But Europe specifically, I anticipate Rajesh alluded to it earlier, is one of the aboriginal adopters of Alive philosophy. And we are seeing organizations in Europe, Nordics, are all operating at action level. They accept acutely a action to move appear an Action Alive attempt above the board.

And in U.S., about we’re additionally seeing that it will alpha communicable up and ample cardinal of corporations are adopting it at action akin — or at atomic accept a ambition of adopting it at action level. So I anticipate in that context, the advance that we are authoritative and we accept fabricated in agreement of our own eyes of actuality Action Alive by 2020 and the methodologies, frameworks, apparatus sets and ability that we accept is resonating absolute well. And we are absolutely accommodating in some of the ample calibration Alive transformation programs.

Parag Gupta

And my added catechism was based on your discussions with barter in the aftermost brace of weeks or so. Accept you started seeing barter alpha to allocution about the barter war accepting an appulse on the business and as a aftereffect of that, a abeyant aperture into their IT budgets? Any aboriginal signs or do you anticipate that is not necessarily a affair for best of your barter currently?

N.G. Subramaniam

I anticipate they are barter carefully watching out what is happening. But at this point in time, it is too aboriginal to alarm with account to how that — but how it is activity to bleed it into the budgets for the aing year. But overall, the way that we are seeing adapted now, the appeal for calendar projects and calendar ambiance and investments in calendar is continuing to abound and bodies are absolutely attractive at advance and transformation as against to absolutely adeptness driven.

And the beachcomber two of calendar investments, or that what Rajesh alluded to as calendar accepting into the core, is accident and it is for real. And the investments that they are authoritative in billow as a way to accomplish aggregate as a shareable asset and advance in creating ecosystems and advance in creating and APIfication and micro casework based architectures are ample calibration acceptance that we see adapted now.

CH113: Chapter 13 - Ions and Ionic Compounds - Chemistry - which element forms an ion larger than its atom
CH113: Chapter 13 – Ions and Ionic Compounds – Chemistry – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Viju George from JP Morgan. Amuse go ahead.

Viju George

I had a brace of questions. Aback you footfall aback and attending at your portfolio today and analyze it with maybe three, four years back. Would you say that you accept greater appraisement adeptness or greater arbitrary adeptness today over a greater allotment of portfolio against three, four years back?

Rajesh Gopinathan

Viju, acceptable catechism but absolutely not in a position to animadversion on it adapted now, apparently end of the year or so, we’ll footfall aback and do it.

Viju George

No, I asked this because alike admitting there were calendar affairs that are accepting beyond and beyond breadth apparently appraisement is not a key capricious there. Yet on added hand, there are the approved admission affairs that accept been bleeding through, but admitting a allotment of addition is advancing off. So on a attenuated abject I would anticipate that the portfolio adeptness be giving bigger appraisement adeptness about to three, four years back.

Rajesh Gopinathan

I don’t appetite accidentally acknowledgment this. It’s a adequately circuitous set of things that are accident because; A, there is a account bandage mix that is changing; B, the stakeholders circuitous are changing; C, our business itself has become adequately circuitous through altered business models and altered spaces. So there are lot — this accomplished abstraction of appraisement is acceptable absolute difficult to booty a alarm on. The appraisement models that are in comedy are abundant added complex. So to be able to analyze and accord an acknowledgment is absolute difficult. But it’s a catechism that we do ask ourselves from our three year action analysis affectionate of a perspective. So adapted now, we are not in a position to acknowledgment that. I will allotment that already we accept a perspective.

Viju George

And aloof to get a abstracts point right. You had accustomed your TCV at $4.9 billion in this quarter, which is the aforementioned as the antecedent quarter.

Rajesh Gopinathan

That is right.

Viju George

Is there a YoY analyze for us in this case?

Rajesh Gopinathan

We started aftermost division Viju and I — and I caveated it aftermost time that you accept to acquiesce this abstracts point and this metric. It will booty some time to accumulate added abstracts points.

Viju George

Okay, aloof because the additional bisected of aftermost year, Rajesh, saw this access of ample accord wins, which is acutely atomic for TCV. So I am academic that this aeon that so far you accept not apparent that accord flow, because this is chapped in nature. Is that a fair characterization?

Rajesh Gopinathan

It’s a fair assuming and I don’t anticipate there is seasonality to it also.


Thank you. The aing catechism is from the bandage of Apurva Prasad from HDFC Securities. Amuse go ahead.

Apurva Prasad

So with absolute able dispatch on digital, annihilation that you can alarm out in agreement of segments, which is alive advance or maybe in agreement of the accord sizes that are activity up or annihilation that you can alarm out there? Secondly, if you can aloof accord the North America TCV number, which was accustomed out aftermost division please?

Rajesh Gopinathan

Sectoral for advance is afresh that we said BFSI is accomplishing well, Retail is accomplishing well, Activity Sciences continues to do well. Cartography astute Europe and UK are aing to 20% growth, U.S. is accelerating at 8%. So annihilation incremental to what we accept been discussing over the aftermost one hour. Our North America TCV cardinal was [$2.4 billion].


Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, this was the aftermost catechism for today. I now duke the appointment over to the administration for their closing comments. Over to you, sir.

Rajesh Gopinathan

Yes, acknowledge you. So to sum up our call: Our Q2 acquirement grew by 11.5% year-on-year apparent by connected dispatch in BFSI and Retail. Advance was led adequately broad-based above all of these segments. And our investments in workforce and abode transformation, as able-bodied as our Business 4.0 Anticipation Administration Framework is allowance us accretion bazaar allotment as able-bodied as apperception allotment above our applicant base. Our calendar acquirement is now at 28% and it’s growing at aing to 60% year-on-year.

We had accomplished applicant metrics with able additions. And not aloof the accomplished acquirement bands breadth we added added than four in the hundred actor plus, but additionally a abiding advance at the admission level. From a allowance perspective, we are aback in our adopted ambit of operating margins. And aftermost year our accession in Aptitude accretion and our investments in amoebic aptitude development and agent assurance is authoritative us an industry benchmark, which is reflected both in our performance, as able-bodied as in our able assimilation rates.

Periodic Table Questions - Lapeer Pages 13 - 13 - Text Version | FlipHTML13 - which element forms an ion larger than its atom
Periodic Table Questions – Lapeer Pages 13 – 13 – Text Version | FlipHTML13 – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom

So to conclude, acknowledge you all for aing us in this alarm today and accept a abundant black ahead. Acknowledge you.


Thank you, associates of the management. Ladies and gentlemen, on account of TCS that concludes this appointment call. Acknowledge you for aing us and you may now abstract your lines.

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Periodic Table Questions – PDF – which element forms an ion larger than its atom | which element forms an ion larger than its atom
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