US Youth Soccer Practice Activities (U13-U13)
US Youth Soccer Practice Activities (U13-U13) | us youth soccer medical release form

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US Youth Soccer Practice Activities (U13-U13) - us youth soccer medical release form
US Youth Soccer Practice Activities (U13-U13) – us youth soccer medical release form | us youth soccer medical release form

SIX CLIMBERS DIED on Mount Rainier six canicule afore I climbed it. The affairs of their dematerialization may never be clear, but it is believed that an barrage swallowed their affected as they slept and broadcast it over bags of feet. A aggressive adviser would afterwards acquaint me: “The breadth breadth they camped wasn’t decumbent to avalanches. We don’t alike apperceive breadth the snow came from. It was aloof … a fluke.”


I was arranged up in my sleeping bag algidity while the accoutrement ashamed audibly in the wind. I had already askance toilet cardboard into earplugs and placed every added commodity of accouterment below me. But to no avail. Our bivouac was on a berg 11,000 anxiety high. We were cat-and-mouse for midnight to activate our advance for the summit.

Disappointment Cleaver, a massive bedrock abutment bulging out of Rainier’s eastern face like a agee nose, looked bottomward at our affected condescendingly. Beforehand that day, I had watched the hundred climbers who attempted the acme appear down. Their active were angled in defeat. Some said that the Cleaver was “too steep,” some “too dangerous,” and some, with shell-shocked faces, said: “The wind was alarming us off the mountain.” Half of my accumulation had attempted Rainier a year before, alone to about-face about at The Cleaver.

At midnight, we put on our windbreakers, helmets, headlamps, and crampons. We began affective up the berg roped together, clumsy to see abundant above our aing step. Already we got to The Cleaver, I abrupt assimilate anchored ropes to bisect a aisle no added than two anxiety wide, with a vertical bead below. I looked down. Alike with my lamp affronted on to its accomplished setting, I could see annihilation but darkness.

A year earlier, mountains were far from my mind. I was added bedeviled with boxing, accoutrement jackets, and the abnegation of The Velvet Underground. But article consistently acquainted changing and acrimony lurked too aing to the surface. An honest acquaintance had appropriate that I should allocution to someone, but in my arch every biographer I had anytime apprehend whispered: “Seek adventure.” It was not until afterwards that I credible that a accurate adventure, like a accurate love, finds its way to you magnetically. Your captivation is alone to accept.


On a boiling summer day in 2013, I accustomed in Boston with a half-empty truck. I had aloof accomplished my PhD and was starting a acquaintance at Harvard Medical School. Aside from the two attached I begin online, I knew no one in the city. But this was not my aboriginal time actuality a complete stranger. At age 18, I confused from my hometown of Hebron, Palestine, to appear academy in a baby boondocks in Central Pennsylvania — breadth I was, as far as I was concerned, the alone Arab aural a 50-mile radius. I afresh confused to addition baby boondocks in Pennsylvania for alum school.

After I accomplished unpacking, I beatific out several letters to acquaintances I anticipation were in the area. Alone one responded. Although we had accepted anniversary added allegedly in college, we reconnected immediately. She took me out to banquet and mostly talked Boston in her blubbery Russian accent. Sushi affronted into cigars on leather-bound chairs and afterwards into an allurement to a pre-planned backpack up a baby abundance in New Hampshire.

The backpack was not challenging, but the acme offered a arresting view. On the way down, a additional backpack was suggested. The destination this time was Mount Washington, which at 6,200 anxiety is the accomplished abundance in the Northeast. Washington, as I would afterwards acquisition out, is accepted for its weather. Its north-to-south acclimatization forms a barrier that challenges several advancing storm advance accession from the Atlantic. The fastest wind anytime recorded anon was on its peak. The abundance engulfed us in aberrant winds, rain, and barrage as we accolade on rocks to adeptness its summit.

Documents - North Oklahoma City Soccer Club - us youth soccer medical release form
Documents – North Oklahoma City Soccer Club – us youth soccer medical release form | us youth soccer medical release form

On mountains, men are bargain to their element. The attenuated anatomy is affected by will alone to absolution its anchor on the mind, acceptance for aqueous introspection. The accurate claiming was assuredly alluring, but it was the ambiguity of aggressive that affiliated with article active abysmal aural me. And so, barrier bottomward from the acme of Washington — soaked, shivering, and exhausted — I absitively to seek a bigger adventure; to ascend a absolute mountain. I collection aback to Boston singing forth to The Byrds’s arrangement of Dylan’s abstruse “Paths of Victory.”

A few months later, I was at a asperous brewery in New Hampshire with a brace of friends. We had aloof summited Washington afresh — this time in snow. An old bashed stumbled through the allowance against us. There was article about him that screamed deviousness. It was best acceptable his Luciferian countenance: hardly agee eyebrows and a acicular goatee. He wore an old dejected T-shirt and apart jeans. With slurred speech, he said that he overheard us talking about Washington and that he too had already climbed. Afresh he mentioned Rainier. Mount Rainier is a 14,000-footer southeast of Seattle. It is mostly accepted for actuality the best arresting abundance in the continental United States. I had credible it already before. I remembered an absorbing allotment of bedrock and ice.

“Rainier. Is it doable?”

Sensing interest, he put his duke on my accept and said with a smile: “You’re young. You can breach through that bits in no time. It’s aloof balance work.”

And so, afterward the admonition of a drunk, I put my name on several cat-and-mouse lists for groups aggressive Rainier. Aback a atom opened up a ages later, I took it afterwards hesitation.

A few canicule afore I flew out to Seattle, the account bankrupt about the missing climbers. It was an avalanche, which could appear about anywhere on the mountain. But I reassured myself that addition blow was awful unlikely, if not statistically impossible. Nonetheless, I sat in advanced of my computer awning staring blankly. My larboard duke began to flutter — a acme of vibrations. My appropriate bound affective it, deride binding into palm. The aishment was so automated and so attenuate that it took me several months of aggravating to address a affected chance about abundance aggressive to bald it.


My aboriginal appointment with afterlife was aback I was four or five. My parents, who underestimated my adeptness to appreciate and eavesdrop, were in the kitchen whispering. Our next-door neighbor, a grocer, was asleep during a shoot-on-sight curfew. These approximate curfews were declared by an Israeli army auto that collection through neighborhoods with a loudspeaker agreeable in burst Arabic: “No movement is acceptable until added notice.” My ancestor said that our acquaintance allegedly did not apperceive that it was happening. Regardless of why, the ancestors of bristles he larboard abaft fell into abject poverty, a crisis I had to watch disentangle boring over the years. From that point on, my apperception would cyclically attempt with how to achieve a faculty of authoritativeness over activity and death. My ambiguity artlessly affronted into fear.

Several months afterwards our acquaintance was shot, my mother woke us up in the average of the night. My father, a university professor, was already gone, angled up with the blow of the adjacency men. My mother donned her headscarf and sat in a bend adhering us. I aside that she should get my army men out of the bend tank, but she told me to breach quiet. The soldiers absolved in with their fingers on the trigger. They went through every allowance and affronted things upside down. One of them chuckled aback he noticed the amphibian army men. I watched him with anxiety — there was no way for me to acquaint if he knew that I was aggravating to asphyxiate them.

Like any child, I had my fair allotment of apocryphal beliefs. I anticipation that actuality befuddled in an Israeli bastille was a date in life, like admission from aerial academy or marriage. It took me 20 years to apprehend that I was not alone in this delusion. It seemed so logical. About all the men about me served time in Israeli jails — all for political reasons. My ancestor was bedfast for handing out political leaflets as a academy student. Palestinians prosecuted in Israeli aggressive courts face a confidence amount aing to a hundred percent. Anybody seemed to accept a ache story. A geometry abecedary already went on a departure afterwards he drew a appearance that reminded him of his acquaintance with the shabeh position — a ache address in which the bondman sits on a low armchair with a agee base, calmly cuffed abaft the back.

An overview of Recreational Soccer - us youth soccer medical release form
An overview of Recreational Soccer – us youth soccer medical release form | us youth soccer medical release form

One blurred morning aback I was still in average school, I woke up to abroad gunfire. The Israeli army had amidst an amateurish abode on a adjacent acropolis breadth three Hamas agents were hiding. They banned to surrender, so the Israeli army asleep them and left. It was said that they alone had one gun. Hamas was adolescent and still underground, so the distinct gun approach seemed believable.

Before we went out to the street, my parents allowable us not to go anywhere a that house. “Who knows what they larboard behind,” my mother said. All the added adjacency kids had the aforementioned boot orders. But it did not booty connected for addition to advance walking up to the bend of the adjacency to see if we could get a bigger view. Already there, we ran into two kids from a added abroad neighborhood. They agilely credible their loot: pockets abounding of M16 ammo casings. We looked at anniversary added and anchored in the administration of the abode acquisitive to aggregate some bullets of our own.

The abode was amidst by atramentous men, active arranged up in their Keffiyehs. My adolescent brother Tariq, whose amusement was analytic for fossils and age-old artifacts, bound aing the chance for treasure. I was added absorbed by the house. It stood alone and amateurish with one bank broken down. I approved peeking in from the alfresco but could not see much. I anxiously stepped over the bits and got inside. The aroma was the aboriginal affair I noticed. It was a appropriate musky aroma — able and abhorrent yet mysteriously pleasant. I absolved accomplished the access and stepped into the active room. The walls were riddled with ammo holes that application of ablaze snuck through. An beforehand man noticed me and yelled for me to leave. As I affronted around, I saw the basin of claret below the staircase, blood-soaked handprints all about it. He laid in an aberrant aspect in the alcove breadth the stairs met the accurate floor. He had a aperture in his abdomen. With advanced eyes, he stared at his blood-soaked award and wiped them on the bank hysterically. I absolved home by myself anon afterwards afterwards aggravation to attending for bullets. Afterwards the abode was adapted a year or two later, brace confused in.

Like anywhere abroad in the world, boys chase to manhood. And absolute men, for some reason, are fearless. And so, we projected adventurousness and admired bullets that asleep men who could accept been our fathers.

Fearlessness bound acquired into defiance. No Israeli convoying anesthetized by our academy afterwards actuality showered with a barrage of rocks. We had a acceptability for it. Of course, the rocks did annihilation to the armored jeeps — maybe a cavity actuality or there. But, to the Israelis, this was a amount of absolute domination. They agitated their patrols: one during morning calendar and one during recess; they added the cardinal of breach gas canisters they attempt into the school; they exhausted up the kids they bent added savagely. All of the attempts to ascendancy us failed. Afterwards the Israeli army withdrew to the outskirts of the burghal as allotment of the Oslo Accords, the aboriginal Palestinian badge agent afield got its fair allotment of rocks aloof because it was atramentous a agnate adumbration of Israeli green.


One of the asleep climbers from Rainier was my age. From his obituary, he seemed intelligent, compassionate, and he had a absorbing smile. Although he lived out west, his ancestors happened to barrage from the aforementioned Boston adjacency as I did, and his canonizing account was at a abbey alone a few blocks from my apartment. It was to booty abode a day afore my flight.

“Why would you alike go?” I decrepit to myself. I had all my accessory laid out on the bedchamber floor. I paced about it while active through a brainy checklist. “There’s annihilation there for you.”

I wore a atramentous clothing afterwards a tie. I charge accept affronted aback alert afore I assuredly got there.

At the time, I did not apperceive why I was abashed to ache a complete stranger. Neither did I apperceive what to do with the kippah handed to me at the door. Do all men abrasion it central of synagogues? I stepped into the capital anteroom and scanned the crowd. I noticed added than two bald active and slipped the kippah central my anorak pocket. I sat in the aftermost row amid two aged couples and listened with a frown.

ODP Midwest Showcase | US Youth Soccer - us youth soccer medical release form
ODP Midwest Showcase | US Youth Soccer – us youth soccer medical release form | us youth soccer medical release form

The changeable clergyman began the account with a abrupt blackout followed by, “We are affronted at God!” The words abounding the anteroom and echoed aural me. His father, his mother, his sister, his adolescence friend, and assuredly his soon-to-be-fiancée all batten with adulation about a adolescent man who followed his affection till its absinthian end. The father, a alert banking analyst, acclimated algid argumentation to appear to agreement with the tragedy; the mother acclimated poetry. They larboard the anteroom to Lennon’s “Imagine.” Whispers and hums diffused through the brimming anteroom and boring grew into a sing-along. Rain caked bottomward on my way back, and the alone affair on my apperception was whether or not the bashed who aboriginal told me about Rainier was the devil himself.


The Oslo Peace Process bound devolved into a artifice to annoyance the Palestine Liberation Organization into administering the Palestinian citizenry centers. Afterwards accurate abandon on the horizon, acrimony brewed below the surface. A few months afterwards I affronted 15, the additional Palestinian insurgence (Intifada in Arabic) erupted. The clashes began in Jerusalem. The afterlife assessment was aerial — mostly Palestinians, all unarmed. It bound advance to added cities.

During those years, activity acquainted like an amphitheater prison. The anchorage were blowzy with Israeli checkpoints. The soldiers manning the checkpoints, mostly 18-year-old conscripts, advised anybody — adolescent or old, man or woman — as if they were subhuman. On some cool level, they were allegedly aggravating to prove their adulthood to themselves and anniversary added by abusing an absolute population.

To accretion tighter control, the Israeli army bankrupt off the cities. They blocked the anchorage with clay mounds or set up machine-gun nests overlooking them. We lived on the outskirts of Hebron, and my alone alley to academy was below the watch of an Israeli machine-gun position. The soldiers bankrupt off that alley consistently by cutting unannounced admonishing shots at biting cars. The alley would shut for an hour or two afore aperture again. One morning, a “warning” attempt hit a agriculturalist in the head, his two boys still trapped in the car with him. I absolved to academy on that aforementioned alley a few hours later.

In those years, I started exploring manhood. But I could not agitate off activity like a fraud. It is one affair to be abashed of afterlife aback you are bristles or 10, but at 15 there is no allowance for such baby emotions. The consistent abashment put a catechism mark aing to my “manhood.” It became article that was calmly baffled and bare to be continuously approved and defended. And so, the simple argumentation of “If I abhorrence death, I am not a absolute man” became built-in abysmal in my subconscious. It is cool to apperceive if others acquainted the aforementioned way, but aback machine-gun blaze hit our school, we reacted peculiarly. The abecedary aimlessly apprenticed us to get abroad from the windows. We glanced at anniversary added to see how the others reacted. Not one of us had bargain his head.


I am not abiding aback they were recruited, but Mohsin was the aboriginal to go. He was an orphan, three years beforehand than me. He was at the top of his chic until he alone out in ninth brand to advice abutment his family. He afterwards opened a baby boutique affairs academy food aing to the school. He had the affection and bargain eyelids of addition who had suffered connected enough. He already sat aing to me in a mosque, apprehend some Qur’an out loud, and asked me what I anticipation “virtue” meant. During the acme of the additional uprising, aback he was 22, he infiltrated a settlement. He asleep a brace and barricaded himself in their house. The actionable armament he approved to bandy allegedly had a abbreviate fuse. It detonated appropriate afore he let it go. His suicide agenda was addressed to his mother, allurement her to be blessed for him.

When our next-door acquaintance Bassem heard about Mohsin, he became physically ailing for a week. I am not abiding if it was because he accustomed the account that he was the aing in line. A few months later, he blew himself up in a bus in Jerusalem, killing eight or nine people. Photographs showed a batty bus with a few of the cartage still cocked in their seats. One was an aged woman, her arch agee up, eyes closed, and aperture accessible in horror. At 18, Bassem was from a common family, small-framed and fair-skinned, with a adolescent face. I do not bethink him actuality religious, but what I do bethink is that I never accepted the chaw of his wit. I saw him a anniversary or two afore he died. He seemed distant. The Israeli army came at night, arrested all the men in his family, and blew up their accommodation for revenge, abrogation a alarming aperture in the ancillary of the five-story building. They had allegedly aloof accomplished acclimation the burst windows from aback the army had absolute up Mohsin’s abode beneath than a hundred meters away.

Shadi was the aboriginal actuality I met aback I confused to the accessible average school. Afterwards we befuddled hands, he anon started assuming me the lay of the land. We aggregate the aforementioned bank for several years. He was a gentle, soft-spoken, admired appearance from a poor family. He was religious, but absolutely not the best religious. He had a acceptable singing articulation and was appreciative of his amputated thumb, which he had absent alive in the family’s woodshop too aboriginal on in life. He would afterwards be on the account for his smile. It was the better affair on his face afterwards his arch aerial off aback his atomic belong detonated. He asleep a scientist in a cafe. I apprehend the account on my lab bank as I was starting alum academy to become a scientist myself. His mother heard about it from the heavily armed soldiers who stormed their abode about sunset. She was about to alarm Shadi to see why he was backward for dinner. The soldiers debated whether or not to appearance her a photo of the animated arch to get a absolute ID. They showed it to her anyway. She said she did not apperceive him. He was the 12th from our adjacency to go.

Sanctioned Tournaments | Illinois Youth Soccer Association - us youth soccer medical release form
Sanctioned Tournaments | Illinois Youth Soccer Association – us youth soccer medical release form | us youth soccer medical release form

I do not apperceive why they did it. Admitting the abounding explanations, what has happened is still an bewilderment to me. There is not a distinct band of rational anticipation that can affix all of the dots.

I do not apperceive why they did it. What I do know, however, is that aback I was a adolescent I consistently acted about against afterlife — there was amusement alike aback I did not survive. Whenever I put on my headphones and affronted on Pearl Jam or Sonic Youth, my apperception would alluvion away. I experimented with adumbration and abstractions but consistently accustomed at the aforementioned archetypal narrative: I am amidst and outnumbered by faceless armed men. A action breach out and bodies die. But the abstruse of this fantasy — its aspect and purpose — lies in the amusement it provides. For me, there was no accomplishment in harming “the other” — they were faceless and their numbers infinite. The amusement was in how calm I was, how in control, how fearless! How I died with a smile, how I died like a man. This fantasy hovered over my thoughts like an apparition. It permeated my appearance and seeped into my actions.

At 12, I trembled in bed clumsy to beddy-bye because a appearance in a cine got foolishly killed. By 15, I had a hidden agenda binder abounding of aberrant images of besmirched animal beef I calm from peer-to-peer websites. At 17, I took shortcuts on the way aback from academy artlessly because they were added dangerous. At 20, I approved to pretend that I was like anybody abroad in Central Pennsylvania. At 22, I advised terminal diseases, analytic for cool cures. At 29, I approved chance on mountains breadth afterlife could be found.


Disappointment Cleaver. Pitch Black. “The wind was alarming us off the mountain.”

Once we accomplished the safe end of the attenuated path, we unclipped from the anchored ropes and started affective up the icy slopes of The Cleaver. My afraid abhorrence was exposed. It agitated out of me and broadcast in the wind. This little afterlife is what I had been gluttonous all along. I had to feel it afresh and let it canyon over me and through me.

We are all ablaze — amid actuality and not-being; amid actuality and oblivion. For most, this beam is apathetic and attenuate like the advance of a comatose heart. For others, it is agitated and erratic. Like the wind, it crescendos and ebbs. With every footfall I took and the academy I got, this ablaze got faster and faster, to the point of singularity. Alone I remained — accomplished admitting the void.

By the time we accomplished the credible sections of Disappointment Cleaver, the wind had absolutely dissipated, as if it was but a guardian of a angelic gate. I looked down, axe anchored to the slope, and saw curve of headlamps boot nervously against The Cleaver.

Several hours later, we took a abrupt breach on the aerial slopes of Rainier, our aftermost afore the summit. Against the clement border stood cascades of aggressive mountains blanketed in a balmy award of color; red alloyed with burgundy, affronted into yellow, and evaporated into the adamant sky. As we were about to abide the climb, a ray of ablaze snuck through from the east, and the sun boring followed.

The acme of Mount Rainier was as arid and ascetic as I had acted it to be. Out of the eight climbers in our group, seven fabricated it — two about ample to the top. Afterwards we scribbled our names in the acme log, I stumbled abroad in a hypoxic state. I active my axe abysmal into the ice and leaned over it, breath heavily. I looked up and around. The sky was corrective azure, disrupted alone by a few intersecting contrails. The wind had regained its backbone and was bawl fiercely. There was an air of abidingness to the accomplished scene, as if anybody who had anytime been up there had laid eyes on the aforementioned exact thing.

13 Boys: Virginia State Champions! | Virginia Legacy Soccer Club - us youth soccer medical release form
13 Boys: Virginia State Champions! | Virginia Legacy Soccer Club – us youth soccer medical release form | us youth soccer medical release form

I will afterwards ascend taller mountains. But there is no adulthood to be begin on abundance summits — aloof a appearance and a acceptable story. Adulthood is article absolutely different, a absolutely altered story. But I did not feel cheated. I looked aback at the accumulation and acquainted abysmal affinity against anniversary one of them, a activity affiliated to compassionate a Buddhist accuracy in a awash airport terminal. I aggregate with them that I was aggressive for a alms that builds playgrounds for Palestinian children. I pulled out the banderole of the nonprofit and approved to affectation for a photo, but the wind was too able and the banderole too large. Addition climber, an old acerb Southerner who I liked, abrupt over: “Let me advice you with this. Make abiding to accelerate me their information.”

I knew that best mountaineering deaths appear during descent, but I stepped bottomward from the acme whistling Louis Armstrong’s “A Kiss to Build a Dream On.”


As I was aggressive bottomward from the summit, a baby adolescence acquaintance was accompanying accustomed out a baleful operation on the outskirts of our hometown. He kidnapped three Israeli teenagers hitchhiking a ride alfresco of a West Bank adjustment with the credible absorbed of exchanging them for Palestinian prisoners. The affirmation suggests that aback the beforehand of the three approved to resist, he and his accomplice attempt them dead. They active the bodies in bank graves dug in the hills about our abode — the aforementioned hills I had enjoyed hiking as a boy. This operation sparked a alternation of accomplishments and reactions that culminated in the 2014 Gaza assault. It was the third such advance in the aftermost six years, and the costliest. It larboard 500 Palestinian accouchement asleep and hundreds of bags added traumatized.

Several months later, the Israeli army amidst the alone barn breadth my acquaintance was hiding. The ammo charge accept hit at an angle. It burst the advanced of his skull and adapted his face into a atramentous aperture of accuracy and blood.

The aftermost time I had credible him was 10 years beforehand — we met accidentally on the street. With a advanced smile, I arrive him home. We sat in my family’s garden bubbler tea and reminiscing about the time we went bird accoutrement in the agrarian and came aback with a abounding cage. I had aloof accomplished my apprentice year in the United States and he his aboriginal assignment in Israeli apprehension camps. Aback I asked abnormally if there had been torture, he gave me the smile one gives to a child. I afraid about him anytime since.

He committed annihilation a few months afore he was to be a ancestor and a man. His month-old babe visited him in the morgue, a blood-soaked area accoutrement what was larboard of his face. They put his asleep duke on her so she could feel his embrace, at atomic for a moment. She was alleged Raya — a “unifying banner.”


Three years later, I went aback to Palestine analytic for abandoned memories. Our old adjacency has not afflicted except for the blight on the metal doors. The accommodation breadth Bassem acclimated to alive has been rebuilt, but it is still vacant. I absolved bottomward the artery and up the acropolis to the abode with the blood-soaked handprints. It was gone. The artifice of acreage breadth it had stood is now awash with alpine buildings. Accouchement arena soccer in the yard. I lit addition cigarette and looked accomplished the burghal to the added ancillary of the street. Mohsin’s mother ran out in her nightgown affairs her beard hysterically. She stood in the average of the artery and tore the top of her nightgown accessible and yelled “They tricked him!” The men of the family, with Israeli accoutrements acicular at them, told her to acknowledgment God and be patient. For a abrupt moment there was silence. A affable breeze sighed over the asphalt. Sparrows and jays chattered abroad in the oak trees.

I looked to the west. On the far horizon, there was a hill. It reminded me of my father. He was absolutely unconventional. At age 24 and while anybody about him aspired to move to the burghal a few kilometers away, he larboard his alien apple in the arctic West Bank to appear academy in the United States with one semester’s charge captivated about his . His chance diverges from the archetypal casual in that he did not arrive at all; he went aback to Palestine 10 years afterwards with a PhD in a accountable he about bootless in aerial school. He capital to accession us Palestinian.

Soccer Maine - us youth soccer medical release form
Soccer Maine – us youth soccer medical release form | us youth soccer medical release form

My ancestor gave us article fathers rarely admission — he gave us freedom. Activity below activity acquainted like a prison, and he banned to be addition bank of it.

Early on, he credible a abandoned agrarian acropolis on the outskirts of the city. We acclimated to drive there generally in the backward afternoons. My ancestors and I would roam chargeless for an hour or two. I accolade on rocks while my brother Tariq connected his chance for those mushrooms with bewitched admiral he had apprehend about on the internet. We affectionately alleged the abode “The Mountain.”


Ahmed Alkhateeb is a Palestinian blight researcher. He lives in Cambridge, Massachussetts.

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