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Affiliate One: Airy Adviser Aided Aboriginal Lady’s Chase

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Admiral Clinton and his wife, Hillary, arrive a accumulation of accepted self-help authors to Camp David to admonition them anatomize what had happened in the aboriginal two years of the admiral and to chase for a way aback afterwards the Democrats’ adverse accident to the Republicans in the 1994 aldermanic elections. They met the weekend alpha Friday, Dec. 30, 1994.

Three of the attendees were well-known: Anthony Robbins, columnist of “Awaken the Behemothic Within”; Marianne Williamson, columnist of “A Acknowledgment to Love”; and Stephen R. Covey, columnist of “The Seven Habits of Awful Effective People.” Their names afterwards leaked out about and all three beneath to altercate the actuality of the meeting.

The identities of the two others did not leak, and they were the ones who played a cogent role over the weekend and the year that followed.

The aboriginal was Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Apperception Research, which studies analytic acquaintance and adapted and broadcast consciousness. Houston, afresh 55, the columnist of 14 books, was one of the best high-energy academy leaders in the country. She was a accepter in spirits, allegorical and added access to history and added worlds. Houston believed that her claimed archetypal antecedent was Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. She conducted all-encompassing dialogues with Athena on her computer that she alleged “docking with one’s angel.” Houston wore an age-old Hellenistic bread of Athena set in a brand about her aing all the time.

The added was Mary Catherine Bateson, Houston’s colleague, an anthropology assistant at George Mason University in adjacent Virginia and the babe of acclaimed anthropologist Margaret Mead. Bateson, a admired academic, was the columnist of “Composing a Life,” the adventure of the struggles and frustrations of bristles women on nontraditional action paths. Hillary said “Composing a Life” was one of her admired books.

As the bristles authors sat with the admiral and the aboriginal adult for hours, they asked Clinton to call his best qualities.

“I acquire a acceptable heart,” Clinton said. “I absolutely do. I accomplishment I acquire a adapted mind.” He said that he capital to do the best that he could for the American people.

Clinton accustomed that he was action appealing baffled down. As both Clinton and Hillary declared their lives and the White House, Jean Houston acquainted their abysmal torment. But she saw possibilities in their amazing artlessness about their pain.

The admiral said he was attractive for a way to see the admiral and to allege to the accessible from accession perspective.

There is a “field,” Houston told Clinton, that comes with actuality president. The arrangement brought a accomplished actual beforehand of antecedent presidents, of the country and the struggle. Houston brash that Clinton, as a apprentice of history and biography, booty the actuality of the altered actual affairs of his admiral and go aback to his predecessors and try to autumn their learning. From that the admiral could assemble a eyes of the bigger society, what she alleged “the accessible society.”

Hillary and Houston clicked, abnormally during a altercation of how to use the arrangement for the advancement of society. Houston said Hillary was accustomed the accountability of 5,000 years of history aback women were subservient. The ascent of women to according affiliation with men was the bigger accident in history, Houston said. Hillary represented the “new story.” She was abandoning bags of years of expectation, and was there upfront, apparently added than about any woman in animal history — afar from Joan of Arc. Hillary was a amateur for all women, and as such had a celebrated opportunity.

Houston saw some bitterness, but added affliction in Hillary over her bootless attack to ameliorate the nation’s bloom affliction arrangement and the affiliated claimed attacks she endured, which had affected her to the sidelines of the action and accessible affair debates. Houston acquainted at one point that actuality Hillary was like actuality Mozart with his easily cut off, clumsy to play. Admitting Houston did not bright the angel to Hillary, she acquainted that the aboriginal adult was action through a changeable crucifixion.

Houston told Hillary that she would prevail. Hillary was creating a new arrangement of achievability for women. She had to adhere in there, not accord up. Her time would appear aback she would be in the abode and the role that she could absolutely accurate the adequateness of what she was.

The third year of her husband’s admiral was a difficult time for Hillary. She was consistently actuality aged in the assorted Whitewater investigations. And the complete bounce of her bloom affliction ameliorate plan was added than an accidental setback. It hit anon at the bulk of the analogue of herself as a competent if not abstracted policymaker. The aborticide additionally attenuate the angle of the affiliation she had hoped to acquire with her husband, and the accepted administering of his presidency.

She did not appear the black attack affairs that her bedmate began captivation anniversary anniversary in aboriginal 1995 in the White House residence. She and her bedmate had absitively that her accord would augment suspicions about her role as the hidden duke of the administration. Her thoughts and advice, which were plentiful, would be accustomed to him abandoned in their clandestine time together.

She seemed jerked about by the abashed role of aboriginal lady, as she swung amid New Age feminist and civic housewife. Her faculty of aerial purpose and accomplishing acceptable had been thwarted.

She was all-encompassing out and analytic hard.

Jean Houston and Mary Catherine Bateson had followed up their weekend at Camp David with a alternation of letters, proposals and account on defining her role as aboriginal adult and ascent aloft the criticism and attacks. Houston had acerb encouraged Hillary to abode a book, and Hillary had amorphous one, on children. Hillary arrive Houston and Bateson to the White House; in Hillary’s office, Houston noticed a big account of Eleanor Roosevelt, the aboriginal adult 10 presidents back.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a accurate admired of Hillary’s. In the aboriginal ages of the Clinton presidency, Hillary had said, she about angry to Eleanor Roosevelt for inspiration, captivation abstract discussions with Eleanor. “I anticipation about all the conversations I’ve had in my arch with Mrs. Roosevelt this year, one of the extenuative graces that I acquire afraid on to for baby life,” Hillary said Feb. 21, 1993, at a New York banquet to accession money for an Eleanor Roosevelt statue. Hillary said the questions she put in her arch to Eleanor included, “How did you put up with this?” and “How did you go on day to day, with all the attacks and criticisms that would be hurled your way?”

As a teenager, Houston had met Eleanor Roosevelt about six times, and she anecdotal those encounters to Hillary. Houston and Hillary talked about Eleanor’s lifetime attack on account of the poor, and her action adjoin racism and ism.

“God,” Houston thought, “this is absolutely a austere Eleanor Roosevelt aficionado.” Clearly Eleanor was Hillary’s archetypal, airy partner, abundant as Athena was for Houston. On her arrangement to the White House in aboriginal April 1995, Houston proposed that Hillary dig added for her access to Mrs. Roosevelt. Houston and her assignment were arguable because she believed in alcohol and added worlds, put bodies into trances and acclimated hypnosis, and because in the 1960s she had conducted abstracts with LSD. But she approved to be accurate with Hillary and the president, anxiously alienated any of those techniques.

Houston and Bateson met with Hillary in the solarium, a sun parlor with three abandon of windows perched aloft the White House. It was afternoon and they all sat about a annular table with several assembly of the aboriginal lady’s staff. One was accurate a band recording of the session. The room, which Hillary had redecorated and was her admired abode for important meetings, offered a amazing appearance to the south of the Washington Monument. Fresh fruit, airheaded and pretzels had been set out.

Houston asked Hillary to brainstorm she was accepting a chat with Eleanor. In a able and assured voice, Houston asked Hillary to shut her eyes in adjustment to annihilate the allowance and her surroundings, and to focus her absorption by bringing in as abounding active centralized acoustic images as she could from her all-inclusive ability of Eleanor.

We adore you, said Houston. She was aggravating to actualize an atmosphere of alternate admiration.

Hillary acclimatized aback in her bench and shut her eyes. She had aloof alternate from a 10-day cruise with her daughter, Chelsea, through South Asia, India and Nepal — a cruise Houston, an old Asia duke herself, had encouraged her to make.

You’re walking bottomward a hall, Houston said, and there’s Mrs. Roosevelt. Now let’s call her.

Hillary did. She had a admirable description of Eleanor smiling, outgoing, hardly frumpy, consistently engaged, consistently fighting.

Go there to Mrs. Roosevelt and allocution about the accessible approaching of the children, Houston said.

Hillary gave a affiliated answer. Accouchement were her subject, 25 years of acknowledged and action advancement on their behalf.

Houston asked the aboriginal adult to accessible up herself to Mrs. Roosevelt as a way of attractive at her own capacities and abode in history. Houston admired it as a archetypal technique, accomplished by Machiavelli, who acclimated to allocution to age-old men. What ability Eleanor say? What is your bulletin to her? she asked Hillary.

Hillary addressed Eleanor, absorption on her predecessor’s avidity and determination, her advancement on account of bodies in need, the obstacles, the criticism, the bareness the aloft aboriginal adult felt. Hillary’s identification with Mrs. Roosevelt was acute and personal. They were assembly of an complete club of women who could appreciate the complexity, the ambiguity of their position. It’s hard, Hillary said. Why was there such a allegation in bodies to put added bodies down?

Houston encouraged Hillary to comedy the added part, to acknowledge as Mrs. Roosevelt. The abode with a actuality not there, decidedly a actual bulk in an agnate position, opened up a accomplished afterlife of ideas, Houston felt.

I was misunderstood, Hillary replied, her eyes still shut, speaking as Mrs. Roosevelt. You acquire to do what you anticipate is right. It was acute to set a beforehand and ascendancy to it.

Houston anticipation that in abounding abundant people’s lives a aeon of a and betrayal was followed by their best advantageous years. Attacks fabricated their mission clearer. But Hillary was adverse abundant greater toxicity and negativity than Eleanor had.

Hillary advised assorted attitudes and setbacks she had encountered. Anniversary time Houston asked her: How would you explain this to Mrs. Roosevelt? And what would she respond?

The White House had been a shock, Hillary said. She had not been able for the kinds of absorption she had accustomed for every account or move she made. Unintentionally, her allies about abandoned her as abundant as her opponents, giving acceleration to absurd expectations, agreement the spotlight on every aspect of her words, action and past.

Houston said Hillary bare to see and acquire that Mrs. Roosevelt was not aloof a celebrated bulk but was accession who additionally was aching by all that happened to her. And yet Mrs. Roosevelt went on with her work. Hillary bare to absolve the aforementioned abeyant in herself. In affliction she bare to acquisition the seeds of beforehand and transformation. It afresh would become accessible to accede from these allegorical or celebrated figures, and to achieve self-healing.

Bateson, who was watching added than accommodating in the session, advised the action a affectionate of meditation, absorption or alike prayer.

Next, Houston asked Hillary to backpack on a chat with Mahatma Gandhi, the Hindu leader, a able attribute of aloof self-denial. Allocution to him, Houston said. What would you say and what would you ask?

Hillary bidding admiration and account for Gandhi’s action and works, about cartoon his and her own action calm with her words, aperture herself up wide, acknowledging the akin of his exertion, empathizing with his persecution. She said he too was greatly misunderstood, aback all he capital to do was to admonition others and achieve peace. It was a able claimed access — basic therapy, and abnormal in advanced of a ample group.

Allocution with Jesus Christ, Houston proposed next. Jesus was the apotheosis of the wounded, betrayed and isolated.

That would be too personal, Hillary said, crumbling to abode Jesus.

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Afterwards about an hour, the affair was over. Chelsea had alleged her mother beforehand and had complained of an agitated stomach. Hillary capital to go see her daughter.

Houston and Bateson said they would be accessible to accommodated with Hillary at any time in the future. Of course, they would not allegation the government or Hillary for their casework but they wondered if it was accessible for Houston to get a bargain government airfare from her home in New York state. It angry out not to be possible.

Best bodies in the White House did not apperceive about Hillary’s sessions with Houston and Bateson. To some of those who did, the affairs could activate politically damaging comparisons to Nancy Reagan’s use of astrology, which had heavily afflicted if not bent the calendar of her husband, Admiral Ronald Reagan. Astrometry alone afflicted timing, and it was a affectionate of pseudoscience that could be fun or account a laugh. Yet the Reagans had been ridiculed. Hillary’s sessions with Houston reflected a austere aing agitation that she had not resolved.

Hillary affiliated her affairs and all-embracing discussions with Houston and Bateson. Houston was autograph her 15th book, a affectionate of adventures alleged “A Allegorical Life.” She beatific one affiliate to Hillary that was alleged “The Road of Trials.” Hillary said it absolutely s barter home for her. The affiliate was congenital on Sophocles’ angle of “wisdom through suffering.” The sufferings, or “woundings,” as Houston alleged them, were all-important for beforehand and could be adapted to opportunity.

Hillary told Houston she was confused by the chapter. The aboriginal adult additionally said that she and the admiral had apprehend Houston’s book, “Manual for the Peacemaker: An Iroquois Legend to Heal Self and Society.”

Houston had at atomic one added deep, cogitating brainwork session, in which Hillary bankrupt her eyes and agitated on an abstract altercation with Eleanor Roosevelt. Houston’s purpose was to move advanced so Hillary could put her “wounding” in the average of her story, catastrophe with the bearing of a new grace.

Houston admired this as acutely difficult. Hillary was not there yet.

In 1995, this bright woman of abundant intelligence, talent, backbone and 18-carat caring seemed not to apperceive what beforehand she was on or area she was heading.

In accessible she kept up a acceptable front, declaring that she acquainted no abashing or pain. She laughed, giggled and absolved best suggestions or questions about her credible setbacks and difficulties.

Hillary spent a lot of time cerebration about Vince Foster, the agent White House admonition who had committed suicide in 1993. Foster was from Hope, Ark., alternating with Bill Clinton, and afterwards had been Hillary’s law partner. In the Arkansas years she would acquire ranked Foster as amid the three best calm bodies she knew. “From the alfresco it aloof looked like he was absolutely rooted, connected,” Hillary told an associate. “Suicide is as old as time so there are some things you absolutely can’t avoid, but absolutely aback you anticipate about it, it’s the ultimate archetype of not actuality equipped. For whatever aggregate of reasons, you’ve got to be able to dig abysmal bottomward and you’ve got to be able to apprehend your mother’s voice, your father’s voice, your brother’s voice, you’ve got to be able to apprehend that and you’ve got to be acceptant to that.”

Choir were on Hillary’s mind. Whether the choir of Eleanor Roosevelt or Gandhi in the sessions with Houston and Bateson, or choir from her actual ancestors or her own past, the aboriginal adult seemed to be abrupt to apprehend them.

She affiliated to her associate, about as if she were giving herself a pep talk. “Part of actuality able is to apperceive yourself able-bodied abundant because of the inputs you’ve gotten from added people, starting with your parents, to be able to achieve adjustments, to be able to say delay a minute, this is not working, this is not adapted for me, how do I get myself out of this?”

Hillary remarked that she was abiding that acceptable habits were the key to survival. “I absolutely acquire you can change the way you feel and anticipate if you conduct yourself. You know, there’s that abundant phrase, I anticipate it’s in Alcoholics Anonymous, that somebody already told me, `Fake it till you achieve it.’ “

“Life throws a lot of applesauce at you,” Hillary said. “When the assured applesauce comes, which it will in anybody’s life, and not aloof already but several times, that there is a beanbag of accommodation there, and there is a anatomy that gets you up in the morning.”

She added, “The added I see of the world, the added afflicted I am that the all-inclusive majority of bodies do that every day. You know, it’s amazing to me that bodies absolutely stop at stop signs, that they do augment their children.”

Houston had encouraged Hillary to abode a book about children, but the aboriginal abstract had not annoyed Hillary. So in October and November 1995, Houston about confused into the White House abode for several canicule at a time to help. One aeon was about bristles days, with an interlude, and afresh about accession bristles days. Bateson came to admonition at the end. They were spirit raisers, encouragers, abstraction people. H ouston and Bateson did variations of capacity which Hillary afresh took and rewrote. “It Takes a Village: And Added Acquaint Accouchement Teach Us” was appear in aboriginal 1996 and became a No. 1 New York Times bestseller.

On March 21, 1996, Houston visited the White House and anticipation that Hillary seemed a little down. In her role as spirit lifter, Houston told some jokes and stories.

Maggie Williams, arch of agents to the aboriginal lady, said later, “Oh, Hillary’s ticking. She’s had her `Jean fix.’ “

As Williams saw it, Hillary activate Houston actual acute and colorful, a active personality with a abundant allowance for language. In these toughest of times, Hillary had 10 to 11 confidantes, including Houston and Hillary’s own mother. But Houston was the best dramatic.

Houston sensed the president’s agitation about her, and she was not abiding Clinton admired her. So she asked Hillary whether he did.

“Oh, yes, yeah,” Hillary replied.

“Sometimes he’s uneasy,” Houston said.

“Well, he’s basically a actual bourgeois man,” Hillary said.

Houston wondered what ability appear if her role as adviser and acquaintance to the aboriginal brace became public.

“If I anytime get caught,” Houston asked Hillary, “what should I say?”

“Just acquaint the truth,” Hillary replied, “just acquaint them you’re my friend.”

Aboriginal Saturday morning, Dec. 3, 1994, Sen. Bob Dole absolved agilely through the bottle doors of his office, Allowance 141, on the aboriginal attic of the avant-garde Hart Senate Arrangement Building. Dole, 71, accepted Saturdays. There was abundant beneath pressure, beneath bodies continuing in band to see him, he could abrasion accidental sports clothes. His aboriginal arrangement was at 9 a.m. with his wife, Elizabeth.

“Okay, Bob,” she had said several canicule before, “let’s set a a few quiet hours and let’s aloof attending at some of this in added detail.” They had been affiliated 19 years, and she capital to discuss, systematically and at length, the achievability that he was action to run for admiral a third time.

Dole’s authoritative appearance was elliptical. His agents about alleged it “Dole World.” Dole rarely fabricated a complete decision. He never, never, never fabricated a charge until aboriginal demography little achieve and bottomward hints about area he was heading. The signals would mount: grunts, half-sentences, a bark of displeasure, a thumb-up of approval. He would never appear adapted out and say what he was thinking.

That Saturday, Dole and his wife were alpha the academic action of arch whether he would run. He had aloof been adopted Senate majority baton afterwards the Republican takeover of Congress. Rather than say to him in his own home, okay, you’re on the battlefront line, 20 questions, Elizabeth had abiding an appointment. She capital a Saturday morning affair abroad from the agitate of bodies active in and out, phones and staff.

Elizabeth brought to the affair one of their aing friends, Mari Will, a longtime political and media adviser, and speechwriter for both Doles aback his bootless 1980 presidential campaign. Will, 40, a six-foot adaptation of Elizabeth, was affiliated to columnist George Will. It was crucial, Elizabeth told Will, that her bedmate get a cold, cold appearance of what would be adapted if he absitively to run.

Will had able a announcement that she was action to use as an outline for the credibility she capital to achieve anon to Dole. Advancement in the 1990s was absolutely different, Will said. The media ambiance was agrarian and chaotic. That meant bulletin conduct was absolutely essential. Dole would acquire to acquisition the capacity of his campaign, and echo them afresh and again, not afloat or sliding off. No added winging it, as he had aback he ran in 1980 and 1988.

Dole said he accepted that he had to change his appearance of communicating, which was contrary and apparent by a addiction to free-associate, about in a alternation of cryptic sentences. He was able to improve, he said.

A attack adjoin Admiral Clinton would be actual negative. “The alone way to appear from that with your acceptability complete is to win,” Will said. His complete lifetime of accomplishment would be on the band in that distinct contest. Succeed and he would be remembered for that. Fail and he would be remembered for that.

Will said she anticipation the 1996 acclamation would be about values. A applicant would acquire to be accommodating to allocution about values.

Dole seemed afflictive at the acknowledgment of values.

It is adamantine for you, Will said, because in Kansas (where Dole was raised) bodies didn’t allocution aboveboard about claimed matters. It’s like actuality asked to apprehend balladry aloud or article that you acquire accounting yourself? Will asked.

“Yes,” Dole replied.

Talking about ethics was essential, she said. It was what the country capital to hear, and he would acquire to do it.

Dole said he would do it.

Elizabeth was mostly quiet as Will went through her memo. It was now her turn. She had two axial points. Did her bedmate acquire the two actual altered roles — Senate majority baton and applicant for president? For the aboriginal time in 40 years the Republicans now controlled both the House and Senate. That meant big responsibilities and a big calendar aloof in the circadian mechanics of affective things through the Senate as majority leader. His time would be filled, 12 to 14 hours a day, with accepting that all done.

Then, Elizabeth said in her affable but attention-getting southern accent, he would acquire to about-face gears, about-face that off, go out and run for president, allocution big picture. She knew Bob was not acceptable at axis things off, and his specialty was not the big picture. “Are you certain, are you absolutely bright that those two can be done simultaneously?” she asked. “Because it requires a actual altered approach.”

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Yeah, yeah, Dole said.

“You’ve got an befalling to serve adapted area you are, Bob,” Elizabeth said. “Okay, you’re majority leader. You acquire an befalling to serve there. Now let’s anticipate about whether you can serve bigger from the standpoint of actuality admiral than you can from area you are adapted now.”

Yeah, Dole had anticipation about that plenty.

“How do you feel about that, Bob?” Elizabeth asked. “You apprehend what it’s action to booty to do this?”

Oh, yeah, Dole said. He accepted absolutely what they were saying.

“Let’s apprehend you say, Bob,” Elizabeth pressed, “how you do it simultaneously.”

Dole said he knew what it would entail, he acquainted actual comfortable.

Will and Elizabeth had an added point: It couldn’t be like 1988. There had to be organization, discipline. Dole would acquire to agent authority. He had brought old attack workers to the border of tears with his seat-of-the-pants decision-making. This attack couldn’t about-face out like the rest, couldn’t falter because old mistakes were repeated.

“Is this what we absolutely appetite to do with our lives?” Elizabeth asked her bedmate at one point. “Why do we appetite to do this? If we lose,” Elizabeth said, as Dole afterwards recalled, “we lose everything.”

“I don’t anticipate we lose everything,” Dole replied. The stakes were high. The highest. But would accident beggarly that aggregate would be gone? No, he didn’t anticipate so.

In afterwards interviews, Elizabeth did not bethink putting this catechism about the stakes to him so starkly. She was abiding she hadn’t. His anamnesis had to be absolutely wrong. There had to be some huge misunderstanding. They admired anniversary other, and she capital to be supportive.

That Saturday morning, Dole said he hadn’t fabricated a final accommodation whether to run.

Will acquainted that he was aloof action through his adaptation of the motions. The affair was Dole’s way of blockage off all the boxes, but he was running.

Elizabeth wasn’t sure. There was added to this.

Dole wasn’t abiding he should run. Maybe it wasn’t his time, Dole thought. His analysis that 1988 wasn’t his time had been actual difficult. He capital to get abroad to Florida area he and Elizabeth had a condo, area the buzz didn’t arena and he could focus on the question, “Is this what I absolutely appetite to do?”

A anniversary later, on Saturday morning, Dec. 10, Dole met with best of his -to-be attack aggregation in his Hart office. They had six pages of names of those who ability be recruited to assignment in the campaign, and they capital to acquaintance them.

“No,” Dole said, “I appetite you to wait.”


“No,” Dole said again, “I appetite to delay a anniversary or two but afresh I’ll let you know.”

What? A anniversary or two, still indecision? One abettor afraid that the old Dole was emerging. Accession was dejected.

Afore Christmas, Elizabeth had to accept anaplasty at Massachusetts Accepted Hospital in Boston to bright a blocked avenue in her neck. Bob was actual afraid and worried. He went to Boston and backward in the Holiday Inn aloft from the hospital.

Elizabeth anticipation it would accommodate him what she alleged “quiet, amore anticipate time.” She capital him to absolutely anticipate through whether he was action to run. She acquainted this break in the Boston Holiday Inn would accord him several canicule abroad from the hurly-burly to think.

But Dole didn’t absorb a lot of time cerebration about running, as Elizabeth had hoped. Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, a accepted Republican who was because a run for the admiral himself, arrive Dole for a arrangement on Dec. 20. They did not apperceive anniversary added well. Weld adumbrated that, as a governor little accepted alfresco his state, if he capital to run for admiral he would acquire to activate now. Dole was in a bigger position as the acclaimed Republican leader. “You can allow to wait,” Weld said.

Dole didn’t wait. He told a Boston reporter: “The aing analytic footfall for us is to acquire an basic committee, which doesn’t achieve you but it gets you in position area you alpha adopting money. . . . We haven’t fabricated a final decision, but I anticipate it’s appealing aing to that.” The adventure fabricated the account wires.

So abundant for amore anticipate time at the Holiday Inn.

Well, anticipation Dole’s aides, annihilation like audition there’s action to be a attack from the wires. A fax was accomplished to about 600 people, advertisement Dole’s baby footfall adjoin running.

In the added anniversary of January 1995, Elizabeth Dole alleged Sheila Burke, the arch of her husband’s Senate staff. Elizabeth was actual worried. Bob was advancing his forms, the Account of Alignment and Account of Candidacy, ambience up his presidential basic committee. This was the academic allotment adapted by the Federal Acclamation Commission afore a abeyant applicant could accession money. But instead of aloof bushing out the one-page forms and signing them, he had drafted a added letter, adage that this official allotment did not necessarily beggarly he would be a candidate.

Such a account would accelerate absolutely the amiss signal, Elizabeth said. It would reinforce the appearance that Dole couldn’t achieve up his mind. The basic lath was aloof that — an analysis of the possibility, a acknowledged claim to anticipate accession from adopting and spending money beneath the adumbration of a non-candidacy. She had to get through to Bob, Elizabeth said in exasperation, and hadn’t been able to ability him.

But Dole was still afflictive declaring for admiral aloof a ages afterwards acceptable majority leader. He fabricated it bright it was one aftermost adventitious for him to assure all flanks — he was running, but maybe not.

Elizabeth assuredly accomplished her husband.

“I’m array of inching along,” Dole told his wife.

Yes, she knew. Don’t accommodate that qualification, she said. It will attending like you haven’t fabricated up your mind, that you haven’t decided. Bodies are action to ask: Is he active or not running? Bodies are advantaged to an answer. They appetite to know: Area do I accelerate the money? Things like that, Bob. If the letter is included, the adventure will be: Is Dole running? Kill the suspense, Bob. It had to be one way or the other.

Dole was absolutely disturbing with this decision. He about got what he referred to as one of those Excedrin headaches — intense, able pain. From doubt. “Should I do this?” he said to himself. “Should I do this?” He additionally asked of himself, “Am I aloof accomplishing this because I’m accomplishing it?”

He agreed not to accommodate the added letter with his accepted basic lath and antagonism papers. He active his academic name, Robert J. Dole. Both were hand-delivered to the Federal Acclamation Commission, accession at 11:14 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 12.

In inching along, Dole realized, you array of get to the point area you’re aloof there, you’re running. He had taken abounding baby achieve adjoin the band and aback he was aloft it. He woke up one morning and he was running.

As the attack began to booty appearance in the bounce of 1995, Mari Will alternate afresh to the affair of ethics in her conversations with Dole. “The country absolutely aches to apprehend about values,” she said. And they bare to apprehend anon from him, not in cryptic fractional sentences or Arrggghhh. For Dole, words were about a way of dancing around, alienated confrontations or bath a complete criticism of someone.

Will had spent some time drafting a accent that attacked Hollywood anon on the area of and abandon in movies and accepted music. Dole bare to footfall up in a bull and complete way if he were action to get and absorb attention, decidedly with bourgeois voters, she said. So she injected some high-voltage address into the speech, accusing Hollywood of the “mainstreaming of deviancy.” The plan was to accord it in Los Angeles at a fund-raiser on May 31.

Dole apprehend it and said he admired it. He seemed in a acceptable amore about the speech, alike its directness.

But the campaign’s primary fund-raiser, California oilman John A. Moran, was actual concerned. Admitting best acclaimed Hollywood abstracts were Democrats, there were affluence of Republican big givers in the ball industry who would be in the audience. Moran said he adjoin a action with the money people. The accent was too harsh, too direct, Moran said. The donors wouldn’t like to be fingered.

Dole accomplished it was a actual abundant speech. He anticipation if he took a attempt in the dark, whhhhsssttt, he would get chopped off as had happened before, criticized for demography a bargain shot. So during a Chicago stop the day afore the speech, he started demography some actuality out, putting in some of his own material. Changes were beatific aback to Dole’s attack address in Washington area the adept abstract was actuality accomplished so it could be appear to the account media in advance.

Delivering an black accent in California aback it was 10 p.m. on the East Coast was the media agnate of accomplishing annihilation if it was not appear advanced of time. The accent abstract went aback and forth.

Moran, with Dole in Chicago, had an accession abstract that would achieve about the aforementioned ambition afterwards application what he alleged “inflammatory language.”

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But attack columnist secretary Nelson Warfield argued, “Senator, aggravating to breach the aberration of this is action to aftereffect in a yawn. It could alike be worse.” Warfield capital to see if they could achieve civic account with the speech.

“You know, agreeable these bodies in,” Dole said, “I’m accepting their contributions. I’m action to bang what they may absolutely do for a living.”

The aback and alternating continued. Dole never banged bottomward the gavel and said the lath was dismissed, but rather aloof let the chat aberrate on. In the end, he wouldn’t accredit the Washington address to duke out copies in advance.

Warfield alleged attack administrator Scott Reed to report, “This is not a abiding thing.”

The aing day, Reed accomplished Warfield by buzz on Dole’s alike as it headed to California. “Is he action to accord it?”

“Well, I anticipate he’s action to accord it,” Warfield said. “I anticipate it looks good.”

Reed capital to get on the buzz to reporters to active them, pump up interest, aloft accent coming. Conceivably alike absolution the altercation in Washington that morning. “Is it acquire to do it?” Reed asked.

“We affliction to do it,” Warfield said.

Reed absitively to action and absolution the altercation on his own authority.

Maybe it was generational, Dole figured, but he was actual afflictive with the speech. Maybe the befalling to allocution about ethics aloof wasn’t account it. He advised not giving it.

Agent attack administrator Bill Lacy apprehend the accent anxiously aback he aing Dole in Los Angeles. He capital to analyze the words that Dole ability not like, so they could absorb the time redoing portions or artlessly replacing words. It was a diversionary tactic so that Dole wouldn’t bung out the accomplished speech.

With all the bags of speeches that Dole had accustomed in his career, he had about acquainted acceptable afore giving them. Added times he acquainted acceptable afterwards he had delivered them. And sometimes he wondered why he had accustomed them at all. On this accent he had abounding trepidations.

Soon, however, he was continuing afore the audience, casual about and apprehensive if some would be so affronted that they would get up and leave. Bodies had paid money to apprehend him, and he was action to cut their legs off.

Momentum was about the final decision-maker for Dole, and he was able of giving a abounding extemporaneous speech. Neither Dole nor Lacy knew for abiding what he would do.

Afterwards Dole was introduced, a honking, angrily airy song that articulate like the accomplishments to a video d played as he took the date and stood amid the flags of the United States and the accompaniment of California at a lectern emblazoned “DOLE for President.”

“I acquire the nomination,” he joked, cartoon balmy chuckles from the audience. “Why not?” he added. Dole’s agitation was palpable, and he began to ad-lib.

“I apperceive in California there may be added candidates or at atomic one that I apprehend about, but I would say adapted upfront all these candidates are accompany of mine.”

Lacy could apprehend him stalling.

“I’ve been in California many, abounding times,” Dole continued, off-message, off-text. “Over the years, advancement in acceptable times and bad.” He paused, his eyes darting aback and forth, appraisal the audience. “I’ve met a lot of bodies here, fabricated a lot of accompany over the years and I appear out actuality and I allege a lot and I allocution about the affair and I allocution about what’s happening.”


There was annihilation but the words, on TelePrompTer screens to either ancillary of his face. Dole exhaled deeply.

“But I appetite to allocution about a specific bulk tonight,” he said, beating his lips, demography one added quick attending about the allowance and then, mercifully, action to the text. “I may not win an Oscar, but I’ll allocution about it anyway.”

“It’s acceptable to be aback in California,” he inserted, drifting, aberration sharply. Oh, no. “And John, I do acknowledge you for that introduction,” Dole repeated, apropos to Moran, whom he had already thanked. “And I do acknowledge anybody for actuality actuality tonight.” Slipping, slipping.

But there on the TelePrompTer were the words and assuredly Dole plunged in. “I appetite to allocution to you tonight about the approaching of America — about issues of moral importance, affairs of amusing consequence.” That was the point of no return. He apparently couldn’t aloof achieve it up now. He was assimilate “moral importance” and “social consequence.” Dole looked worried, afraid but in control. Like the accomplished doctor who has bad account for the accommodating but knows it charge be told.

Afresh the bite in the face.

“A band has been aloft — not aloof of taste, but of animal address and decency. . . . About a ability business that makes money from `music’ extolling the pleasures of raping, disturbing and mutilating women; from `songs’ about killing policemen and abnegation law. The mainstreaming of deviancy charge appear to an end.”

Aback Dole finished, abounding in the admirers flocked to him. Boy, that was right, accession said. I’ve got a son at home, said another. Accession abroad mentioned a little girl.

Afterward Dole abounding a clandestine high-dollar fund-raiser in a auberge restaurant. He was pumped up and absolutely afresh some of the curve from the speech. Later, in a baby alike branch bottomward to Orange County, Dole was animated, arise jokes.

The aing day, the beforehand aggregation plopped the morning affidavit in advanced of Dole’s door. It was behemothic news. The appulse was way aloft annihilation in Dole’s complete political history. This was absolutely new territory. Columns, debates, immense amore from Republicans and the adapted wing, and alike abrupt acclaim from abounding Democrats and liberals.

“Ah, went appealing well, didn’t it?” Dole said to Reed.

$9 actor for the campaign.

Erskine Bowles, a agent arch of agents in the White House and the actuality initially assigned to alike with the Clinton campaign, was admiring by the big fund-raising push. It fabricated business sense. “The best time to go fishing is aback you can,” he said. “The alone bigger time is aback they’re biting.”

Now Dick Morris, Clinton’s arch political strategist, had money to absorb for some aboriginal television advertising. Morris was bent to aggrandize Clinton’s communications action as abundant as possible. That meant not aloof absorption and redirecting his statements and accomplishments as president, affective him to the center. Too abounding added bodies — opponents, the account media — were defining Clinton and his ideas. Clinton had to get out advanced and ascertain himself in the best controlled and directed ambiance — and that meant political announcement on TV.

Action on television with ads, Morris believed, would move up Clinton’s poll numbers. Over the able objections of abounding in the White House, who anticipation it was too aboriginal for a aloft ad blitz, Morris abiding Clinton to absorb $2.4 actor to run anti-crime ads in added than 20 aloft television markets in key balloter states for several weeks.

Afterwards the ads ran, Morris was claiming progress. “Moved him 10 points!” Morris said, apropos to some in-market surveys area the ads had run. He compared these analysis after-effects with numbers from areas area the ads were not running.

Abounding on Clinton’s White House agents did not acquire a acting bang in the acclamation was accessible or, if true, had any abiding meaning. This would be an apprenticeship for them, Morris replied. Bigger numbers would accomplish added money from fund-raising which, in turn, would pay for added ads. They would see.

Morris was so afraid for Clinton to acquire as abundant money as accessible for political announcement on television that he proposed that Clinton abandon federal analogous funds of some $15 actor so the admiral would not acquire to accept by the about $30 actor complete on fund-raising during the primary season.

The possibilities would be bottomless — potentially tens of millions of dollars added to absorb on television advertising, conceivably alike $50 actor to $60 actor or added for an unparalleled media blitz.

Morris pitched the abstraction of opting out of the matching-fund straitjacket. Clinton absitively to go adjoin Morris on this one. As applicant and president, Clinton had been on the ancillary of political reform, aggravating to abate the access of money and adapted interests in politics. Operating alfresco of the complete federal acclamation costs system, admitting legal, would accessible him to criticism that he acquainted would be accurate and never-ending.

In August 1995, Morris had new polling abstracts on Medicare, the federal bloom allowance affairs for the elderly. The after-effects showed that voters admired Medicare, trusted it and acquainted it was the one federal affairs that worked. Medicare was like Amusing Aegis — about a third abuse of backroom that agitated the aerial voltage. Politicians did not cartel blow it. And the Republican Congress was proposing reductions in the beforehand of Medicare of $270 billion over seven years.

Morris capital added money from the Clinton-Gore attack to run television announcement emphasizing Clinton’s action of absorption Medicare, not abbreviation its growth. The abomination ads that had run beforehand in the summer had been a behemothic accident hit, Morris was still arguing.

Clinton admired the abstraction and wondered aloud why they were not on the air talking about his agenda.

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Terry McAuliffe argued agilely adjoin spending added attack money on ads. “They’ll be application our adored money,” he said. The money was “precious” because there were acknowledged banned on how abundant they could raise, and the best acknowledged accession was $1,000 for an individual. By law they could accession alone about $30 million, an complete acknowledged ceiling, in accession to the $15 actor in advancing federal analogous funds. Afterwards acknowledged and added acquiescence expenditures, the attack would acquire about $37 actor to absorb during the primary aeon for operations, salaries and advertising.

Clinton capital an ad campaign.

There was alone one added abode to get the money: the Democratic Civic Committee, which was not accountable to the rules and banned that activated to presidential campaigns. The aim of the post-Watergate reforms on presidential attack costs had been to body a absorber of sorts about presidential campaigns, ensuring that what was central was accessible to scrutiny. These laws had four purposes: prohibit corporations from accidental in any form; complete alone contributions to $1,000 per person; crave abounding acknowledgment of the identities of those contributors; and complete the all-embracing bulk for anniversary attack to what in 1996 was action to bulk to about $37 million.

As the arch of the party, Clinton directed the Democratic Civic Committee’s efforts. But the law adapted that the DNC’s advancement be kept technically abstracted from the presidential campaign. The DNC could barrage an announcement assault to highlight and apostle assertive issues — “issues advocacy,” as it was alleged — but Clinton and his attack were not declared to complete the ad effort. And issues advancement ads are not declared to advance the acclamation or defeat of any specific applicant for federal office.

In 1994, the DNC had aloft and spent millions in a adapted accomplishment to televise pro-Clinton bloom affliction ameliorate ads. Opponents of his bloom plan had spent much, abundant added and Clinton had absent the bloom affliction battle. He said he was not action to be drowned out this time. He ordered a new adapted fund-raising effort.

McAuliffe knew that if the admiral was abaft such a fund-raising drive by the party, the money would be raised. Clinton did not achieve the fund-raising calls himself, but Carnality Admiral Gore fabricated about 50 claimed calls alpha in the summer of 1995, and the party’s administrator and complete fund-raising accoutrement were angry loose. Aback the funds would be aloft beneath the advancement of the party, there would be no acknowledged complete — the “soft money” artifice in the law acceptance contributions for accepted affair operations and issues advocacy. A cardinal of ample contributions in the $100,000 ambit were accustomed from both corporations and individuals.

Of course, the acumen amid Clinton-Gore money and Democratic Affair money existed alone in the minds of the bookkeepers and readers of acknowledged accomplished print. It was all actuality aloft and spent by the aforementioned bodies — Clinton, Gore, Morris and the attack apparatus. In all, some $10 actor was aloft in the adapted fund-raising effort, and the Democratic Affair went accession $5 actor to $6 actor in debt — cartoon on its coffer band of acclaim — to accounts what eventually became an antecedent $15 actor announcement assault the aftermost bisected of 1995.

For several months, Morris and Bob Squier, Clinton’s media consultant, had been testing a half-dozen accessible 30-second scripts and television ads a anniversary for accessible use. At account black affairs in the White House, Clinton went through them, offered suggestions and alike edited some of the scripts. He directed the process, aggravating out what he capital to say, what ability work, how he acquainted about it, and what it meant.

Morris jumped in best often, commutual Clinton’s sentences and finishing his thoughts.

Squier could see that the action was arty a conduct on Clinton as he formed to codify the absolute bulletin he capital to convey. The concepts and the emphasis they formed over in the scripts were assuming up in Clinton’s accessible statements.

Squier, whose acquaintance went aback to the 1968 Hubert Humphrey campaign, argued that presidential elections about accordingly got bottomward to clashing arguments over values. That was area the 1996 attack was headed. Clinton bare to adapted the aerial arena on a value-related issue. Absorption the aged at the end of their lives was one of the best admired American values. Clinton bare to body on that. Absorption the aged was the accepted Medicare affairs that the Democrats had created. It was their program, the party’s child. Its grandfathering was Amusing Security, additionally created by the Democrats. The Republicans had been stalking both Amusing Aegis and Medicare aback their creations. Medicare was the Democrats’ birthright, and the Republicans now capital to cut it. Clinton’s altercation had to be to the voters: If you appetite article done about Medicare, you appetite Democrats to do it. Democrats would assure their child.

It was in this ambience that on Aug. 10, Squier and Morris assuredly fabricated the aboriginal 30-second Medicare television ad that would air. It was alleged “Protect.”

The atom opened with a attempt of a hospital amore adviser assuming a advantageous baby — with a comfortable, abating ping, ping, ping.

Voice: “Medicare. Lifeline for our elderly. There is a way to assure Medicare allowances and antithesis the budget.”

Flash to blush footage of Admiral Clinton continuing by the American banderole in the Oval Arrangement account some papers.

Voice: “President Clinton. Cut government waste. Abate balance spending. Slow medical inflation.”

Flash to black-and-white still photo of the Capitol with arch shots of Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich on either ancillary of the dome.

Voice: “The Republicans disagree. They appetite to cut Medicare $270 billion. Charging aged $600 added a year for medical care, $1,700 added for home care. Assure Medicare allowances or cut them?”

Flash to the amore adviser action flat-line and aural an unnerving, loud, abiding heart-stopped crisis alarm.

Voice: “A accommodation that touches us all.”

The aing day, Aug. 11, they followed with an ad that pulled out all the stops. It was appropriately alleged “Moral,” and advised to associate the Medicare bulletin with values.

The 30-second atom opened with a accumulation of accouchement adopting an American flag.

A deep, soothing, accurate macho articulation said: “As Americans, there are some things we do artlessly and alone because they’re moral. Right. And good.”

Flash to an aged agriculturalist alive the fields, an American banderole aerial from the aback of his tractor. About-face to aged patients.

Voice: “We created Medicare not because it was bargain or easy. But because it was the adapted affair to do.”

Flash to the attempt of the Capitol with pictures of Dole and Gingrich.

Voice: “The Republicans are amiss to appetite to cut Medicare benefits.”

Flash to Clinton afresh in the Oval Arrangement by his American flag.

Voice: “And Admiral Clinton is adapted to assure Medicare, adapted to avert our accommodation as a nation, to do what’s moral, acceptable and adapted by our elderly.”

Aing with the fourth attempt of the American flag, which the accouchement acquire assuredly aloft to the top of the flagpole.

“We will defeat them in the air war!” Morris declared. He was delighted. The attack adjoin the Republicans had begun. “Their arena troops will be abashed by the bombing on Medicare,” he said.

The aboriginal beachcomber of Medicare ads was launched in states with abstinent Republican senators — Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington and Missouri. Morris was absorbed on smashing the Republican cohesion, breaking off the moderates. The spots were aired in aloft markets abroad from Washington and New York and Los Angeles in hopes that civic political reporters ability not aces up on what was demography place.

By application the Democratic Civic Lath money for advertising, Clinton’s managers were able to abide to save abundant of the Clinton-Gore attack money. And the Morris-Squier announcement assault was in abounding force. In the fall, the ads advancing the Republican account had covered some 30 percent of all media markets in the nation. The December 30-second commercials followed the pattern, assuming Clinton as best crime-fighter and as the baton gluttonous tax cuts, abundance ameliorate and a counterbalanced account that would assure Medicare, apprenticeship and the environment.

By Christmas, the pro-Clinton ads had been on the air in 42 percent of the civic media markets. The announcement arrangement was advised to activity one affair as atom afterwards atom showed Clinton as a bulk of civic reconciliation, a healer bringing the assorted abandon together, who angled the aciculate edges of the Republicans. Clinton was apparent as a man adequate and aloft the fray, the president-in-office, not as a candidate.

The Democrats’ accurate and nuanced polling showed gains, about 10 to 15 credibility in favorability for Clinton, in the acute markets in primary states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Illinois and Ohio, admitting not Iowa and New Hampshire, the aboriginal conclave and primary states area the Republican candidates were on the air angry it out amid themselves. The Clinton announcement was added almighty because there was no applicant on the added ancillary and little or no announcement directed adjoin Clinton. “Unopposed storytelling,” Squier alleged it.

By the end of the year, $18 actor had been spent on this amazing media campaign. Morris, Squier and the pollsters attributed a cogent allocation of Clinton’s acceleration in the civic acclamation to this effort. Others in the White House disagreed strongly. Clinton and Gore, however, anticipation the announcement was a big plus.

Of course, the adapted Federal Acclamation Commission forms would be filed and the ample expenditures would be disclosed. But that would acceptable be a one-day story. It was ambiguous if anyone would bulk it out. And afresh it would be history. Bodies would acceptable bethink Clinton’s beauteous acceleration in the polls, not one of the accidental affidavit for it.

Clinton affiliated to absorb time best weeks reviewing the spots, honing bottomward what he capital said in 30 seconds. The focused announcement spots affiliated to appoint added and added conduct on the president. Ideas, emphasis and attitudes had converged with the abiding account negotiations. So in the beforehand of his alive day as president, he about ashore to the aforementioned curve and themes. The aftereffect was added consistency. Instead of bulging his ambiguity as he about had in the past, Clinton was blockage on message.

By bounce 1996, Clinton alone had been authoritative tens of millions of dollars’ account of DNC advertising. This enabled him to beat the spending banned and finer rendered the DNC an accessory to his own reelection effort. He was circumventing the accurate post-Watergate reforms that were advised to complete and ascendancy the adopting and spending of money for presidential campaigns. His direct, hands-on captivation was risky, absolutely in abuse of the spirit of the law, and possibly illegal. FEC violations, if proven, commonly aftereffect in civilian penalties, primarily fines adjourned adjoin campaigns.

For applied purposes, Clinton’s ascendancy of the affair announcement — and his advancing use of it action aback to the aboriginal Medicare ads the antecedent August — gave him at atomic $25 actor added money for the primary period. That was in accession to the $37 actor the Clinton-Gore attack was accustomed to absorb beneath the law.

And Clinton did not acquire a primary challenger. In contrast, Dole, who had to action his way through the big-ticket primaries and had no agnate ascendancy over the Republican Civic Lath until the primaries were over, was apprenticed to the $37 actor expenditure. The arena acreage was not level.

In the backward bounce of 1996, afterwards Dole had abundant assembly to ensure acceptable the Republican nomination, his affair additionally began announcement that would account him in the aforementioned way, and with the aforementioned abstention of the banned on his spending.

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But Clinton’s abstention of the limits, abnormally in 1995, no agnosticism had a cogent impact. The all-inclusive television announcement absolutely helped him in the accessible assessment polls, and helped him win accepted abutment for his attitude in the awful advancing account negotiations and government shutdowns in 1995.

Lawrence M. Noble, the accepted admonition of the bipartisan Federal Acclamation Commission, said that no presidential applicant should be acutely complex in his party’s advertising. “We acquire abandoned the acquaint of Watergate,” Noble said.

The FEC consists of six commissioners, three Democrats and three Republicans. Scott E. Thomas, one of the three Democrats and a abettor for the aftermost 10 years, said the law has been actively undermined, and new ameliorate is needed. “The banned and prohibitions are basically out the window,” he said.

“Probably not quite,” he said, absorption on Admiral Gerald Ford’s accommodation to accept him for a active mate.

Did you apprehend that at the time?

“I don’t anticipate so,” Dole said. “I feel abnormally about it now.” He said he apparently should acquire had added acquaintance and he could acquire handled active better. “On a calibration of 1 to 10, I wasn’t a 10.”

What were you?

“I don’t know, maybe a 7. But I was important from the standpoint of agronomics and veterans.” He was afresh 53 and in his added appellation as a Kansas senator.

It was backward December 1995, and he was abiding from a attack cruise to Iowa, area the aboriginal aloft challenge for the Republican choice was beneath than two months away. As I flew aback with him to Washington, we had a two-hour ceaseless interview. We spent abundant of the time talking about how he would aces a carnality admiral if he became the nominee.

What would be his belief for a active mate?

“I’d appetite somebody I apperceive appealing well,” Dole said. “I wouldn’t appetite to pick, you know, go aback to the Nixon canicule and aces somebody that you didn’t absolutely know,” he said, accurately apropos to Spiro Agnew, who had been the Maryland governor aback he was best by Richard Nixon in 1968.

“I appetite somebody I can assignment with,” he said. “Somebody I can absolutely trust, and they assurance me, and they apperceive me, and there are a lot of bodies I anticipate fit that description. We’ve got a crop of abundant governors out there.”

Would you appetite somebody who’s added than a 7 on a calibration of 10?

“Sure,” Dole said. “I’d appetite a 10.” He volunteered that in 1988, George Bush apparently didn’t appetite a 10 because he best Dan Quayle. “I ability acquire been a 10 in 1988,” Dole said, abandoning that Bush did not aces him admitting Dole apparently by afresh had the experience.

What would be the action of selecting a carnality admiral and who would assignment on this decision?

“Mostly me,” he said. “I anticipate I’ll acquire some bodies about to analysis things out but it seems to me that it’s got to be the nominee’s accommodation and not some lath of admiral out there sitting bottomward [weighing everything] geographically and electorally and da-da da-da da-da. There may be article to that but it’s got to be — a partnership.”

He added, “Very frankly, I anticipate Carnality Admiral Gore was appealing able-bodied picked. In fact, I’m afraid at how the carnality admiral interrupts, takes over, alike in the account discussions . . . which I anticipate wouldn’t bother me. I’m acclimated to agents bodies arresting me.”

Accepting witnessed all that history, Dole said he was set on acrimonious a 10. No Agnew, no Quayle, not alike a 1976 Dole.

On Friday, April 19, Dole asked his aing friend, Bob Ellsworth, to appear to his office. Ellsworth, alone three years adolescent than Dole, was aboriginal adopted to Congress from a Kansas commune in 1960, the aforementioned year Dole won a House seat. A tall, congenial, people-smart political operator, Ellsworth had served three agreement in Congress. In Nixon’s 1968 campaign, he was a strategist, and afterwards served as agent secretary of aegis in the Ford administration. He additionally had been amid a scattering of men complex in Nixon’s alternative of Agnew.

Dole trusted Ellsworth added than anyone. Ellsworth had acted as a claimed political adviser to Dole for 36 years. He had been the best man at Bob and Elizabeth’s wedding.

Dole told Ellsworth that he was about to activate the chase for his own active mate, and he capital Ellsworth to act as his all-embracing coordinator. “I don’t appetite anybody abroad to know,” Dole said. It was an advantage to acquire four months afore the August convention, aback he accepted to advertise his decision. He capital Ellsworth to appear up with a account of accessible carnality presidents, and afresh to sit bottomward a with Scott Reed, Dole’s attack manager. They would acquire to acquisition some attorneys to do all-embracing accomplishments checks, access permission from the -to-be candidates to attending at their FBI files, and achieve an appraisal and recommendation.

Dole said that he did not appetite a accessible comedy in the process. He did not appetite accessible candidates abject in for accessible tryouts. “I’m attractive for somebody that I absolutely know,” Dole said, anxiously adding, “or that I would apperceive by assemblage time.” He capital a running-mate accord that would be apparent by absolute candor, accession he could sit with and both could let their beard down.

As Ellsworth got up to leave, Dole said, “What I appetite is that aback this is announced, best anybody who thinks about these things is action to apperceive that we’ve absolutely anticipation about it and it’s somebody who can do it. Won’t be any doubt.”

Afterward, Dole batten with Reed. “This is action to be my decision,” Dole said. “This is the best important accommodation I’ll achieve in this campaign. It should be mine, and I don’t appetite a big lath flopping about with a altered adventure in the cardboard every anniversary about applicant A, B or C.”

First, Ellsworth planned to appoint a arch New York lawyer, apprenticed by a abiding attorney-client privilege, to conduct the accomplishments checks on those actively beneath consideration. That would get it out of Washington, and he hoped to assure the names and advice from surfacing in the account media. Second, Ellsworth asked Ann McLaughlin, the activity secretary in the Reagan administering and the 54-year-old ex-wife of television political allocution appearance host John McLaughlin, to admonition him analysis the -to-be candidates for what Ellsworth alleged “political suitability.” McLaughlin agreed, and Ellsworth swore her to secrecy.

Dole had told Ellsworth that there were abounding Republicans who had helped him through the primaries. “I do owe a lot to some of these guys,” Dole said, abacus that the political debt would be a agency in his accommodation if all abroad was equal. Dole additionally said that he did not appetite to alienate conservatives. “Don’t accord me accession who would accelerate up the conservatives,” Dole said.

By the end of June, Ellsworth hoped to acquire the account bargain to bristles or six, and afresh Dole would access them to see if they would accede to be considered. Ellsworth and Reed agreed to conduct polling in backward July and aboriginal August afore the Republican assemblage to actuate the accessible appulse of the assorted candidates.

“To see who would admonition the most,” Reed said.

No, Ellsworth said. “We’ve got to get accession that would abuse the least.” Carnality presidential candidates commonly did not help. It was a bulk of inflicting the aboriginal damage, he said. Ellsworth believed that occasionally a ablaze aces could be found, such as John Kennedy’s accommodation in 1960 to baddest Sen. Lyndon Johnson. Johnson had helped backpack some key southern states, including his home accompaniment of Texas. But such an befalling for a politically able move was rare.

The ambition would be to accord Dole one or two or alike three candidates that he could accede 10 canicule afore the San Diego convention, the anniversary of Aug. 11. Afresh Dole would acquire time to achieve his accommodation unless circumstance, befalling or call affected him to accept earlier.

Clandestineness was the key, Ellsworth felt, to accord Dole the best action room. “As far as we are concerned, the anatomy doesn’t alike exist,” he told Reed and McLaughlin. They formed agilely for a ages afore Dole about appear May 28 that he had asked Ellsworth to arch the alternative process.

Ellsworth and Reed initially formed up a account of 15 accessible active mates. Ellsworth accomplished it was too long, and independent some clunkers and too abounding Republican governors as well.

At the top of the account of 15 was Colin Powell. Abundant would articulation on Powell’s accomplishments and attitude afore the alternative action got underway. Would he achieve attack appearances with Dole in backward spring? Would he go out on his own for Dole? Would he admonition advance attack positions on civic aegis and aegis issues? Dole planned to set up a clandestine affair with the retired accepted soon.

On cardboard the best able governor on this account was conceivably Pete Wilson of California, but he was damaged appurtenances in his own state, and his fumbled try for the presidential choice fabricated his alternative about impossible. No one could altercate that best of the added governors would be clearly accessible to footfall into the presidency, which was Dole’s aboriginal requirement. None ranked an accessible “10” on Dole’s scale. But there was one remote, sleeper achievability — Tom Ridge, 50, the Republican governor of Pennsylvania. Ridge had accelerating from Harvard and served as an Army baker in Vietnam. He had Washington experience, as a affiliate of the House of Representatives for 12 years, and was a Roman Catholic who accurate aborticide rights and had a tough-on-crime reputation.

The Senate offered two possibles. One was Richard Lugar, 64, the Indiana Republican who had been agent of Indianapolis and had all-encompassing adopted action experience. Admitting Lugar had done ailing in his own bid for the presidential nomination, alluring little absorption or support, he had not ashamed himself. The added was Sen. Connie Mack III, 55, who had won reelection in Florida with 71 percent of the vote in 1994.

Three added possibles — men who could credibly be presented as accessible for the admiral — had fabricated their names in the Republican adopted action establishment. Dick Cheney, the aloft Wyoming agent and Bush secretary of defense, had absitively not to seek the Republican choice in 1996. He had able bourgeois credentials, and had served as Admiral Ford’s White House arch of agents at the age of 34. Cheney had had three amore attacks but in 1988 had undergone a acknowledged quadruple coronary bypass operation.

Accession was Donald H. Rumsfeld, 63, who had one of the arch resumes: aloft Illinois congressman, NATO ambassador, Ford’s White House arch of staff, afterwards secretary of defense, and afresh eight years as arch controlling administrator of the biologic aggregation G.D. Searle.

The third was James A. Baker III, the aloft treasury secretary and secretary of state. Baker, 66, had been Ronald Reagan’s White House arch of staff. He had managed Reagan’s 1984 reelection, Bush’s acknowledged 1988 presidential attack and Bush’s bootless 1992 reelection effort. Admitting Baker was about doubtable in Republican bourgeois circles of actuality a moderate, his identification with Reagan was apparently acceptable to immunize him. No one was Baker’s bout in agreement of accumulated ample government and presidential attack experience. His administration at the centermost of the Reagan and Bush administrations had assertive him he would apperceive what to do as president, and he had told assembly he would adulation to be admiral someday. Baker had accounting Dole a agenda adage he was accessible to do annihilation to admonition him win.

Dole would acquire to accede all the factors, accord them adapted weight in his own mind, and afresh decide. The big decisions were aloof work, he had appear to apprehend added and more.

Excerpted from “The Choice,” by Bob Woodward, (C)1996 by Simon & Schuster.

Karen Alexander contributed to this report.

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