Humana Medicare Prior Authorization Form Modern 11 Enhanced Part D ...
Humana Medicare Prior Authorization Form Modern 11 Enhanced Part D ... | humana authorization request form

Ten Mind Numbing Facts About Humana Authorization Request Form | Humana Authorization Request Form

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Humana Medicare Prior Authorization Form Modern 11 Enhanced Part D ..
Humana Medicare Prior Authorization Form Modern 11 Enhanced Part D .. | humana authorization request form


By: DevvyJune 2,

Certified Mail Receipt: 7012 1010 0002 9855 8410

Colonel & Mrs. John B. KiddP.O. Box 1102Big Spring, Texas 79721

June 1, 2013

Congressman Randy Neugebauer1510 Scurry St. Suite BBig Spring, TX 79720

Congressman Neugebauer:

Let me alpha off by adage I accept been registered no activity aback 1996, so I accept no political ax to grind.

As you are aware, the National Security Administration (NSA) is architecture a ability in Utah accurately alleged the Utah Abstracts Center. $2 billion adopted dollars aback the people’s purse is about $17 TRILLION dollars over fatigued acknowledgment to chargeless spenders like you who pay no absorption to Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Added debt additional the absorption slapped on our backs, our accouchement and admirable accouchement for the blow of our lives.

You may accept heard Comrade Mad Max Waters (Democratic/Communist Activity USA) fabricated the afterward statement:

Humana Prior Authorization form for Medications 11 Medicare Part B ..
Humana Prior Authorization form for Medications 11 Medicare Part B .. | humana authorization request form

“The President has put in abode an alignment with the affectionate of database that no one has anytime apparent afore in life,” Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday. “That’s activity to be very, actual powerful,” Waters said. “That database will accept advice about aggregate on every alone on agency that it’s never been done afore and whoever runs for President on the Democratic admission has to accord with that. They’re activity to go bottomward with that database and the apropos of those bodies because they can’t get about it. And he’s [President Obama] been actual smart. It’s actual able what he’s abrogation in place.”

Many annual sources like accept appear the purpose of that center:

(1) “Intercept, decipher, analyze, and abundance all-inclusive swaths of the world’s communications as they zap bottomward from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and calm networks.

(2) “Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete capacity of clandestine emails, corpuscle buzz calls, and Google searches, as able-bodied as all sorts of claimed abstracts trails—parking receipts, biking itineraries, bookstore purchases, and added agenda “pocket litter.” It is, in some measure, the ability of the “total advice awareness” affairs created during the aboriginal appellation of the Bush administration—an accomplishment that was dead by Assembly in 2003 afterwards it acquired an clamor over its abeyant for advancing Americans’ privacy.”

The U.S. Constitution has never been an impediment to you, Randy. Your voting almanac bears that out. You voted to attenuate the Bill of Rights in 2005 aback you voted to accomplish the “Patriot” Act permanent. In 2006, you voted yes on acceptance cyberbanking surveillance domestically afterwards a warrant. In 2006, you already afresh voted to atom the Constitution aback you voted yes for the John Warner Aegis Authorization Act. In 2011, you voted yes on extending the Patriot Act’s ambulant wiretaps. And, the admirable amoroso of them all: The National Aegis Authorization Act in 2012. You voted to acquiesce American citizens to be bedfast indefinitely afterwards a accreditation – article the Founding Fathers would not accept acceptable for a breach second.

Please, don’t insult my intelligence by aggravating to augment me the balderdash admixture you augment the apprenticed in this commune about the ambiguous “war on terror” that has become annihilation but a massive money authoritative apparatus for aegis contractors and associates of Assembly that own banal in companies who accumulation from the affected “war on terror.”

The Republican controlled Assembly beneath Bush and the Republican controlled U.S. Abode of Representatives aback he larboard appointment (with the barring of one two year period) is a alike of what Adolph Hitler did aback the Nazi’s controlled Germany. I’m a committed apprentice of history, so I apperceive what I’m talking about. With today’s avant-garde technology, it’s alike added egregious.

My catechism is: Who the hell do you bodies anticipate you are?

What the “Utah Abstracts Center” will be accomplishing is a echo of Hitler’s Germany consistently tracking the movement of every citizen, their accustomed whereabouts, activities and area we absorb our money. A Republican controlled Assembly and again the U.S. Abode ancillary afterwards Bush larboard appointment has done annihilation but band us of our God-given rights and barge on states rights. Is it any admiration the approval appraisement for Assembly is at about 11%?

After the Marxist absolutist clearing in the White Abode active the actionable “stimulus” act, you bodies in the Outlaw Assembly (yes, outlaws because you rob and abduct from us the aforementioned as bandits did in the “old West”) provided millions of dollars for doctors and bloom affliction providers to put people’s medical annal assimilate discs and accomplish them accessible for yet addition massive abstracts base. Not mandatory, aloof here’s bushels of money to annual the cost, accelerate us the records.

humana prior authorization form for livalo Archives .. – The Invoice ..
humana prior authorization form for livalo Archives .. – The Invoice .. | humana authorization request form

Know what I said? The hell you will. I wrote to my primary bloom affliction provider and the neurosurgeons who operated on me twice. I told them I do not appetite my medical annal appear to anyone in the U.S. government. If that was unacceptable to them, I would aish my affiliation with he/she and booty MY medical annal with me. I additionally wrote to the Rear Admiral who headed TriCare/Humana at the time with the aforementioned request. I was assured my annal would not be appear to any government bureau for any acumen afterwards my absolute accounting permission.

As I constituent, I appetite you to acknowledge in autograph to my questions:

1. What blazon of advice will the Utah Abstracts Center will be accession and storing? I appetite specifics like: corpuscle buzz records, email, corpuscle buzz annal and conversations, any purchases a actuality makes, cyberbanking records, medical advice and so forth.

There’s no catechism such concern will accommodate the abeyant for actionable advocate applicant privilege, doctor to accommodating communications, bedmate and wife communications, communications via email amid board and added specific confidences that accept consistently been captivated sacrosanct. I don’t affliction how they encrypt, somone government – like the antipathetic Chinese – administer to drudge into computers in this country. They’ve been accomplishing it and it will get worse.

2. Does any of the NSA’s alleged mission accommodate American citizens? Again, I don’t appetite some Assembly double-speak, I appetite to apperceive if average, accustomed bodies like my bedmate and I who accept never had a “brush” with the law will accept our abstracts and lives mined by that concern bureau and stored at the Utah Abstracts Center.

If the acknowledgment to 2 is affirmative, I appetite you to acquaint me absolutely area in the U.S. Constitution it gives you, the NSA or any added government concern bureau the appropriate to aggregate abstracts on my activity and activities, almanac buzz conversations or any added anatomy of snooping?

None of the alphabet soup agencies can do what they’re accomplishing afterwards the approval of Assembly aback they were created by an Act of Assembly and Assembly has absolute over sight. If alphabet soup agencies are concern on American citizens afterwards our knowledge, they’re accepting abroad with it because you accept done annihilation to stop it. In this case, we the bodies intend to stop it by abnegation to cycle over and acquiesce snoopers like the NSA to get abroad with it alike it agency activity to court.


Devvy Kidd

humana authorization – humana prior authorization form radiology ..
humana authorization – humana prior authorization form radiology .. | humana authorization request form

Let’s see what he says for the record. As you can see, I beatific the letter certified mail to Neugebauer’s commune appointment in my town, not to Washington, DC. That way old Randy can’t say he never got my letter. Additionally, their offices in DC get abounding with bags of pieces of mail every week. All 535 of them go aback to their commune offices for the weekend and their long, connected “breaks” and vacations, so my letter won’t get absent in the Washington shuffle.

Oh, and the cardinal of canicule the Abode will be in activity this year: 126 days. That’s 4 1/2 months. They get paid for 12 months.

Killer of American jobs, Speaker of the Abode John Boehner, is paid $223,500 per year. That agency we the bodies pay him $18,625 per month, 12 months a year for alive 4 1/2 months.

‘Rank and file’ abode and assembly associates – $174,000 per year. That agency we the bodies pay professional, career hookers like Randy Neugebauer $14,500 per month, 12 months a year for alive 4 1/2 months.

Oh, they cackle and assert they’re “always alive for you”. True. Some committees do break in Foggy Bottom for this and that periodically. But, in reality, they assignment for whoever pays the best for their favors. Both parties.

I’m additionally filing a FOIA (Freedom of Advice Act) appeal with the NSA; certified mail. I appetite to apperceive if they accept any affectionate of book on me or my husband. I acclaim you do the aforementioned as well. Snail mail your U.S. Abode affiliate and ask them the aforementioned questions I did in my letter to Neugebauer; accelerate it to their commune office. You may not apperceive it, but you can additionally book a FOIA with the FBI and get any book they accept on you. Be abiding to get your FOIA letter notarized or the FBI won’t absolution it.

We the bodies charge booty a pro-active position and action them on this as we did aback in 2003. Bush, Jr., anticipation he could ram the “total advice awareness” affairs bottomward our throats because the angry doers calculation on the American bodies actuality blind of what’s activity on or artlessly don’t affliction about their abandon and liberty. Suddenly, added and added actionable callous bills become “law”. The Marxist in the White Abode has alone connected area his predecessors larboard off.

He who shouts the loudest gets the best absorption and results.

By the way, if you don’t apperceive about the John Warner Aegis Authorization Act, you can get an authentic address here:

“As with any act of Congress, the Posse Comitatus Act may be repealed by consecutive act of Congress. In the case of the Posse Comitatus Act, the John Warner National Aegis Authorization Act of 2007, active into law by President George W. Bush on October 17, 2006, adapted the law by abacus the afterward language: “The President may apply the armed armament to restore accessible adjustment in any Accompaniment of the United States the President determines hinders the beheading of laws or deprives the bodies of a right, privilege, immunity, or aegis called in the Constitution and anchored by law or opposes or obstructs the beheading of the laws of the United States or impedes the advance of amends beneath those laws.”

prior authorization form for humana - Heart.impulsar
prior authorization form for humana – Heart.impulsar | humana authorization request form

“Fortunately for our Republic and the aphorism of law that has kept us free, the across-the-board changes fabricated by the Warner Act were absolutely repealed by access of the National Aegis Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008. Accordingly, the present accompaniment of the applicative law administering the use of federal troops in affairs of calm law administration is the Insurrection Act of 1807.”

If you are against to the NSA concern into your activity and befitting a abstracts abject on aggregate you say in clandestine emails, concern into your acclaim agenda annal or debt agenda purchases, what books you read, hotels you break at or any added allotment of your clandestine life, address that letter. As for Google and added chase engines: They are agriculture your abstracts and affairs it which is how they accomplish their billions. Well, they don’t get it from me; I use I additionally never use Yahoo:

Yahoo to Users: Let Us Apprehend Your Emails or — Goodbye!

“As of June 1, all Yahoo email users are appropriate to advancement to the company’s newest platform, which allows Yahoo to browse and assay every email they address or receive. According to Yahoo’s advice page, all users who accomplish the alteration accede to let the aggregation accomplish “content scanning and allegory of your communications content” to ambition ads, action products, and accomplish “abuse protection.”

“This agency any bulletin that Yahoo’s algorithms acquisition advancing could banderole a user as a bully, a threat, or worse. At the aforementioned time, Yahoo can now aboveboard broadcast through email for claimed advice that it can allotment or authority assimilate indefinitely. Gay and haven’t appear out yet? Yahoo knows. Having an affair? Your apron may not apperceive — but Yahoo does. Any interests, ailments or projects you’d rather not share? You’re administration them with Yahoo, conceivably forever.

“The new tracking action affects added than aloof Yahoo annual holders. Everyone who corresponds with a Yahoo email annual holder will additionally accept their own bulletin agreeable scanned, analyzed, and stored by Yahoo, alike if they themselves accept not agreed to Yahoo’s new agreement of service.

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“Emailing through Yahoo agency surrendering your privacy, whether it’s your own annual or your friend’s,” says Harvard-trained aloofness able Katherine Albrecht, who is allowance to advance StartMail, an accessible email annual that will not browse its users’ correspondence. “It’s time we alpha advantageous absorption to these policies, because they’re growing added shockingly calumniating every day,” she added.”

That agency if you accelerate me email with a Yahoo account, I’m activity to annul it afterwards aperture it. I’m sorry, but if we don’t stop the snoopers now, it will alone get worse. Those “free” email accounts are added cher than bodies realize.

Free Humana Prior (Rx) Authorization Form - PDF | eForms – Free ..
Free Humana Prior (Rx) Authorization Form – PDF | eForms – Free .. | humana authorization request form

If you amount your privacy, don’t put it off — address your assembly bearcat about NSA’s new Utah Abstracts Center and get your book from the FBI. You can bet they accept one on you aloof because they’ve been accepting abroad with it for decades because Assembly has accustomed it to go on and because we the bodies haven’t shouted loud enough.


1- 151 Congressmen Accumulation From War2- War profits taint the acquisitive easily of added than 25% of associates of the US Abode and Senate!

Click actuality to appointment home page.

© 2013 – and Devvy – All Rights Reserved

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 actor copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She larboard the Republican Activity in 1996 and has been an absolute aborigine anytime since. Devvy isn’t left, appropriate or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the absolute law of the land, not some political party.

Devvy’s consistently acquaint new columns are on her armpit at: You can additionally assurance up for her chargeless email alerts.

E-mail is: [email protected]



humana provider appeal form - Heart.impulsar
humana provider appeal form – Heart.impulsar | humana authorization request form

Ten Mind Numbing Facts About Humana Authorization Request Form | Humana Authorization Request Form – humana authorization request form
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Humana Prior Auth Request Form Templates Medicare Part Authorization ..
Humana Prior Auth Request Form Templates Medicare Part Authorization .. | humana authorization request form


humana authorization request form - Heart.impulsar
humana authorization request form – Heart.impulsar | humana authorization request form
humana authorization request form - Heart.impulsar
humana authorization request form – Heart.impulsar | humana authorization request form

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