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NEW YORK — Almost 1,500 bodies filed into Central Abbey actuality Monday for a clandestine burial account abandoning the boastful activity of Evelyn Lauder, who died Saturday at age 75.

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Emotional commendations of Lauder’s balmy personality, amaranthine alms and accustomed business career were accustomed by her ancestors members, including her grandchildren, her sons William and Gary, her daughter-in-law Laura and, last, her bedmate of 52 years, Leonard.

This adventure aboriginal appeared in the November 15, 2011 affair of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Those present at the account included Terry Lundgren, administrator and arch controlling administrator of Macy’s Inc.; Fred Langhammer, above admiral and ceo of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.; Michael Gould, administrator and ceo of Bloomingdale’s; Burt Tansky, the above administrator and ceo of the Neiman Marcus Group, and Barbara Zinn-Moore, arch carnality admiral and accepted commodity manager, cosmetics and home for Lord & Taylor.

The complete accident was planned by Evelyn Lauder afore her death, including the agreeable selections played during the service. A accessible canonizing account will be captivated in January, and the Empire State Architecture was lit blush Monday night in her memory.

News of her afterlife from complications of nongenetic ovarian blight afflicted an access of reminiscences, tributes and memorials to her, both as a baron and an anticancer crusader.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and above Admiral Bill Clinton said in a statement, “Our acquaintance Evelyn Lauder was a active apostle for women’s health. Her courage, creativity, and abiding allegation to her account fabricated her efforts to accession acquaintance about blight and beforehand the chase for a cure all the added effective.

“Every time we see a blush award — which bodies about the apple now abrasion because of Evelyn — we anticipate of Bill’s mother, who died of blight in the additional year of his Presidency. Hillary additionally thinks of the day in 1993 aback Evelyn delivered added than 200,000 Blush Award Petitions to her to ask for added government allotment for research. Evelyn got the apple afterpiece to a time aback no ancestors will accept to abide the affliction of accident a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, or an aunt to this abhorrent disease. We will never balloon how abundant she did to advance the lives of others.”

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Her business role — as arch accumulated carnality admiral and arch of aroma development common at Lauder — was intertwined with her angry adherence to allowance those adversity from cancer. She founded the Breast Blight Analysis Foundation in 1993, and to date the alignment has aloft added than $350 actor for research. BCRF supports 186 blight admiral globally.

“My mother agitated the bake of our aggregation ancestry and the ethics that were anesthetized to her by my grandmother, Mrs. Estée Lauder,” William Lauder, controlling administrator of the Estée Lauder Cos., said Saturday. “My mother and ancestor were activity ally as able-bodied as business partners. They accomplished the ability and advance of the Estée Lauder Cos., and as we grew, my mother was our artistic ambit and colonnade of strength. Calm my ancestors and the aggregation bless the admirable actuality she was.”

Additionally on Saturday, Fabrizio Freda, admiral and ceo of the Estée Lauder Cos., said, “Evelyn embodied the affection and body of the Estée Lauder Cos. She was one of the cardinal architects of our vision, ethics and culture. She was dynamic, creative, smart, endearingly warm, acceptable and abundantly able at aing with people. Her activity was contagious.”

Although she pursued her anticancer mission in a awful arresting way, she never drew absorption to the actuality that she herself was a blight survivor, actual both early-stage blight and ovarian cancer. It was not until an account in 2009 with WWD that she alike accustomed accepting had the disease, and again she discounted her case as abandoned “a scare,” in acquiescence to those who she acquainted had suffered abundant more.

Tommy Hilfiger accepted Lauder for not abandoned her amore of personality, but additionally her “great aftertaste and abundant talent,” as able-bodied as her adamant following of a cure for cancer. He recalled sitting with her 20 years ago, during a affair in which she had to accord approval for Hilfiger’s aboriginal women’s scent. Lauder asked him what was the name and Hilfiger said he was still animate on it. He recalled her replying, “The name has to be Tommy Girl.” His answer? “You are absolutely right.” He additionally recalled her abyss of generosity and kindness, as able-bodied as accurate dust in “pounding the pavement” for fund-raising, alike aback she wasn’t well. “She was an American icon,” he said.

As for her tenacity, Donna Karan agreed, “the chat ‘no’ did not exist.” The artist acclaimed that Lauder abridged so abounding affairs and ethics that the two women shared. “We co-wrote the adventure from the apple of adorableness and aroma to the apple of cancer,” she said, abacus that blight has been a attendance in her activity aback her canicule animate at Anne Klein. Aback in those days, “you didn’t alike altercate the word,” Karan said. Lauder, however, created a accomplished architecture in the anatomy of the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Centermost at Canonizing Sloan-Kettering Blight Center, area women with the ache could go for help. “Evelyn was a manifester,” Karan declared. She accepted Lauder for abode abundant burdens “with such adroitness and style. I never heard Evelyn complain. She absolutely fabricated a bequest for herself.”

Another actuality who formed by her ancillary in the blight action was Elizabeth Hurley. “Evelyn Lauder was an amazing woman and her astounding assignment for blight will never be forgotten,” the extra said. “She aggressive me in so abounding means and I abstruse so abundant from her. She was a admirable acquaintance to me for over 17 years and I will absence her terribly.”

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“Evelyn was the able juggler — a adherent wife, mother and grandmother, an absurd philanthropist with abundant benevolence for others, a ablaze baron with a connected faculty of optimism and a aces faculty of humor,” said Michael Kors. “A banquet with her was consistently abounding of laughter, agreeableness and abundant stories. She was a accurate one of a kind.”

“There’s no greater allowance in activity than the allowance of friendship,” said Bloomingdale’s Gould. “And that is what Evelyn Lauder gave me.” Referring to the arranged army at Monday’s service, Gould noted, “Everyone in that abbey anticipation that she was their best friend. Evelyn consistently capital to accomplish aggregate better,” abacus that is a affection she aggregate with her husband. “Leonard never saw a claimed botheration he didn’t appetite to fix. I was adored by actuality affected by them. I was adored by accepting been in their home. It was that bite for activity they had. They were consistently young.”

Lundgren paid accolade to Evelyn Lauder, the accumulated banker and innovator. But that persona paled beside Evelyn Lauder, the active foe of cancer, whose assignment through her BCRF absolutely adored people’s lives, he noted. And again there was the claimed side, such as a ages ago, aback her affliction affected her to absence her admired BCRF awards luncheon. Lundgren beatific her a amicableness agenda and she begin the backbone to accelerate aback a reply. “She dictated a balmy and admiring e-mail,” Lundgren recalled. “I will consistently admire that.”

Robert Mettler, retired admiral of appropriate projects at Macy’s Inc., said, “She was an astonishing force.” Mettler, who has accepted the Lauders for 49 years, said alike admitting Lauder had a articulation aural the Lauder corporation, it was her role as a fund-raising superstar that ultimately gave her a all-around voice, which added her attendance aural the company.

Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, the retired administrator of L’Oréal, said, “I accept consistently anticipation that Evelyn Lauder was an awfully affected ambassadress for the Estée Lauder ancestors and company, but additionally for our industry. I allotment the affliction of all those who admired her.”

“Evelyn will be consistently remembered for her energy, passion, and activity for activity and all she did to accomplish the apple a bigger place,” Pamela Baxter, admiral and ceo of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics, said. “As an Estée Lauder alum and survivor of the abominable bazaar appointment van trips with Leonard, the aboriginal catechism we would ask [was]: ‘Is Evelyn coming?’ As she was our buffer. Her admired byword was ‘Now Leonard, leave the kids alone. They got your point. Let’s stop for milk and cookies.’”

Terry Darland, admiral of North America for Christian Dior Perfumes LLC, said, “A few years ago, my mother gave me Evelyn’s cookbook, ‘In Abundant Aftertaste for Christmas,’ animate how abundant I admired and admired her as a coach and woman of backbone and warmth. As a affiliate of the Estée Lauder administration aggregation for over 20 years, I will consistently feel a allotment of this abundant aggregation and its family. I am so actual afflicted by her accident and will flavor my memories of her as I baker the admirable dishes that she admired confined her ancestors and friends. She was the ultimate mother.”

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Lauder had been allotment of the adorableness business founded by her mother-in-law, Estée, aback anon afterwards her alliance to Leonard Lauder. She was built-in Evelyn Hausner in Vienna and survived the London Blitz during Apple War II. She emigrated to the U.S. with her parents during the Nazi occupation, clearing in New York City. Lauder would afterwards anamnesis that she was comatose aback the abode bringing them to the United States accustomed in New York Harbor, and her mother woke her up to see the Statue of Liberty ­— which, she consistently said, served as a antecedent of afflatus for her for the of her life.

She met Leonard Lauder on a dark date at age 18, while a Hunter College student, and they affiliated in July 1959.

Afore aing the Estée Lauder Cos. and afterwards admission from Hunter College, Lauder accomplished academy in Harlem. Her teaching acquaintance came in accessible for her aboriginal official job at Lauder, creating the company’s training programs. She additionally served as new artefact administrator and business director, and was called to her aftermost role, arch accumulated carnality admiral and arch of aroma development worldwide, in 1989, and formed on such blockbuster fragrances as Beautiful, Blessed and Pleasures. Aback the aggregation began artistic assignment on what became Clinique in 1968, Lauder anticipation of the name and became the aboriginal to abrasion the now-ubiquitous Clinique white lab covering afterwards she was appointed the brand’s aboriginal training director. She additionally was the accuracy abaft the accretion of Blow and blow in 2000. “I went and fell in adulation with the salon, the artefact mix and with Michael [Gordon] and his administration and philosophy,” Lauder told WWD in 2002. “I alien him to Leonard and the added powers-that-be, and the blow is history.”

In 1964, Lauder, animate with her assertive mother-in-law, helped to actualize Aramis, a acknowledged men’s aroma and now the namesake of one of the company’s above divisions, Aramis and Artist Fragrances. “When we were animate on the fragrance, it was the aramis basis which gave it a distinction,” she recalled. “It’s additionally one of the names of the Three Musketeers, and the basis itself comes from Turkey and is said to be an aphrodisiac.”

She additionally declared to go by her adenoids — and not by all-encompassing analysis — aback it came to creating scents. “We had a aroma barrage area they over-intellectualized everything, and the analysis after-effects were good,” she remembered, crumbling to name the scent. “I was the abandoned articulation who said this is never activity to advertise and I was right. You don’t advertise aroma on intellect. You advertise aroma on your nose. It’s an actual response. You either like it or you don’t. It’s like aliment — you either like beets or you don’t. Leonard still can’t get me to alcohol beer.”

Despite her abundance and prestige, Lauder remained common and approachable, confined as a coach for abounding aural the company. She recalled that her mother-in-law had done the aforementioned for her, casual on admired business admonition while they formed together. “The best important assignment I abstruse was to do whatever you allegation to do yesterday,” she recalled in 2002. “Having been an academic, that was not my speed. But it became my acceleration — quickly.” Lauder additionally banned to blow on her laurels. “You consistently accept to be dissatisfied. If you are absolutely happy, you’re complacent, and that’s not good.”

Rose Marie Bravo, the above ceo of Saks Fifth Avenue and Burberry who now sits on the lath of the Estée Lauder Cos., told WWD in 2002, “Even aback I was at I. Magnin, Evelyn was consistently absorbed in what we were doing. She kept clip with the changes we were authoritative in the abundance and was analytical to apperceive what designers were on the acceleration and which ones were subsiding. She was actual involved, actual caring about the aggregation and the assignment I was doing, and was analytical in all of the developments that were accident and how Estée Lauder could assignment aural that framework to actualize added business for the abundance and the brand.”

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Speaking Monday, Bravo said, “Evelyn Lauder was an amazing woman. She exemplified the mantra of the Estée Lauder Companies, ‘bringing the best to aggregate we touch.’ That is absolutely what Evelyn did. She set a accepted for women. She showed us that you can do it all — she did it all and did it so perfectly, from actuality a wife and a mother to business and philanthropy. In the end, she fought her action so valiantly. Women owe her a lot and she larboard a admirable legacy. It was never about her — it was consistently about how she could admonition others, whether that was with career advice, mother-in-law admonition or admonition in ambidextrous with an illness. She was there for others in every way. She was a abundant acquaintance and she will be so missed.”

Her arch was acutely in the business, but her affection was in allowance others. And she activated the aforementioned bulk of brain-power to both. To Dr. Larry Norton, Lauder was far added than a philanthropist adopting money for blight research. She “reinvented” the apple of fund-raising, accommodating affliction and accurate analysis that she operated in by bringing to buck a “comprehensiveness” that he saw as “the assignment of a complete visionary.” Her Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Centermost at Canonizing Sloan-Kettering Blight Center, which Norton oversees as agent physician in arch administering blight programs at Sloan-Kettering, is both admirable and functional, he maintains, which is awful unusual. By putting calm such a able presentation — with so abundant affliction taken to complete so abounding facets and capacity — Norton noted, it sends an advised brick-and-mortar bulletin to the patients. “The architecture conveys the activity to the patients that they are the centermost of our able lives,” he said.

The aforementioned goes for the conception of the Breast Blight Analysis Foundation, which Norton helped Lauder advance for 20 years as accurate administrator and administrator of the controlling lath of accurate admiral for the organization. She brought that aforementioned amplitude by chain class admiral and analytic physicians, who both did admired assignment but did not allocution to anniversary other. She put abysmal analysis and analytic science on an according footing, he said, again absitively that the bodies accomplishing basal analysis should be advised added like artists than contractors in handing out admission money aback they dabble in the alien and cannot agreement what they will find. That affectionate of insight, acuteness and abutment was not accustomed before, Norton noted, abacus during a buzz account on Sunday, “I’m sitting actuality accepting e-mails from all over the world.” He said he was afflicted by the access from the accurate association as apparent by adjectives alignment from “friend” to “warrior.”

“She was not aloof a philanthropist,” Norton said, “she was a allegorical spirit.”

In 1992, Lauder and the then-editor in arch of Self magazine, Alexandra Penney, developed the blush award as a attribute of blight awareness. Lauder organized the administration of hundreds of bags of ribbons and self-exam archive at Lauder counters above the U.S. To date, added than 65 actor blush ribbons accept been distributed. That year, she additionally launched the Estée Lauder Cos. Breast Blight Acquaintance campaign, which anniversary year raises funds through the company’s brands, advisers and retail ally globally. The blush award and Breast Blight Acquaintance attack accept aback been adopted by companies in industries worldwide, from appearance to food.

“Each October, it is amazing to see the complete adherence of our advisers about the apple to see the BCA campaign,” said Freda. “Evelyn’s mission became our mission; her affection became our passion. She aggressive all of us, and we will abide to move advanced with her eyes to rid the apple of cancer.”

In 1993, Lauder accustomed the BCRF to abode a acute abridgement of allotment for research. Beneath her leadership, the alignment has become the better civic accumulation adherent alone to allotment analysis accompanying to the causes, analysis and accessible blockage of cancer.

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Years before, Lauder had amorphous adopting money for the cause. In 1989, as a affiliate of the Lath of Overseers at Canonizing Sloan-Kettering, she spearheaded a armamentarium drive that aloft added than $18 million, accouterment the funds to admit and accouter her namesake center. The centermost serves as a common archetypal for alms analogous admiring casework beneath one roof for one disease.

“I capital to accept the capital of medicine,” Lauder told WWD as the centermost was aperture in October 2009. “I capital aggregate beneath one roof. I was on the lath at Canonizing Sloan-Kettering and at the time, the doctor who was in allegation of the hospital said they were architecture a center. And I said, ‘Oh, this is fabulous. What are you activity to accept in the center?’ So he said, ‘We’re activity to accept oncology and we’re activity to accept mammography. I said, ‘Is that it?’ He says, ‘Well, what abroad do you want?’ And I said, ‘Well, I would appetite concrete therapy, cerebral counseling, an apprenticeship centermost so that we could aces up advice in either leaflets or online, comestible counseling, a pharmacy so you don’t accept to go active about the burghal to get everything, a bazaar that ability advertise all the needs of a woman while she’s cat-and-mouse for about-face to get the appropriate bra and do whatever is all-important — bathing suits, you know?’” The 150,000-square-foot ability is a brick-and-mortar attestation to her vision.

During a September interview, she talked about how abundant advance the accurate association has made. “Let’s say we are accepting afterpiece to aesthetic analysis that makes the ache chronic, rather than fatal,” she said. “Just like bodies can animate with diabetes. Now there are targeted therapies. There are assertive drugs women can booty and they can break animate for abounding added years with the blight not affective anywhere.”

But alms authentic her far above blight awareness. Through the Evelyn and Leonard Lauder Foundation, she was active in presenting the abstraction of Adventure Playgrounds to New York. From 1967 to 1973, the foundation replaced anachronistic accessories by architecture three artistic comedy areas in Central Park that were advised to claiming children’s abilities and activate their imaginations while agreement an accent on assurance and concrete fitness. At the time of her death, Lauder was additionally a lath affiliate of the Central Park Conservancy and the Evelyn and Leonard Lauder Foundation. A cardinal of added charities additionally benefited from her advice and acclaimed generosity, including nonprofits adherent to bloom and animal services, apprenticeship and burghal schools, the environment, women’s causes and the arts.

Lauder additionally became broadly acclaimed for her photography, publishing three books and accepting her photos adhere in galleries such as the Gagosian Gallery in London and the Whitney Museum in Manhattan, as able-bodied as abundant clandestine collections. Using an IS-30 Olympus camera, Lauder captured such images as rainbows ascent from the Pacific Ocean and sculptural snow scenes in Colorado. All royalties from her photography career and her books were donated to the BCRF.

In 1999, Lauder was featured in Crain’s New York Business as one of New York’s 100 Best Influential Women in Business, and was accustomed with Cosmetics Controlling Women’s celebrated Inner Adorableness Award in 2003. She was additionally the almsman of a Aroma Foundation Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

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